Kirsty Mack image consultant and personal stylist for Stourbridge

Welcome to House of Colour Stourbridge. On this page you will find some information about my services, as well as some of the class/session times that are available. If these times don't work for you please don't hesitate to contact me - we will always find a mutually convenient time for you! I am always happy to have a chat with you before you book - or if you just want to find out more. Drop me an email anytime or give me a call on 07967365174. I look forward to hearing from you x


Personal styling | in person or online | Group £220 | Couple £265| 1:1 £330


My personal styling process places as much importance on you as a person as on your body.  Understanding your body architecture (how you're put together) is important, but more important is making sure that you, your personality, is reflected in the way that you dress.  A client recently described it as 'clothing counselling' which I think sums it up perfectly!

The time we spend together for personal styling is time spent getting to know you: how you live your life; how you feel about your body; how you want to feel.  This is so important because developing your personal style has to be authentic.  It can't be about telling you to dress like someone else, for someone else's life. 

At the end of the style session you will have a detailed understanding of the styles and shapes of clothing that work for you and why - including the best necklines, lengths of skirts, trousers and jackets, size and scale of patterns and accessories, choice of fabrics, and much more.  We will also discuss how to create a capsule wardrobe, set a clothing budget, where and how to invest, and improve your shopping experience - be it online or in store.

Please contact me for more information and full availability 

Colour Analysis | in person | Group £165 | Couple £195 | 1:1 £230

Our colour analysis can only be delivered face to face - natural light is essential to enable us to see the subtle changes in your face that occur with our 144 precision dyed drapes.  

During the session we will discover your best colour palette - colours that enhance your natural skin tone making you look fresher, brighter and healthier.  It is amazing the difference that wearing the right colours can make to the way you look and feel.

For those clients who wish to we will also find your perfect make-up - colours that are perfectly matched to your skin tone and colour pallette.  We will also rate all of the colours in your season so that you know which are your very best 'wow' colours. 

I will give you a 'colour wallet' to take away with you along with a notebook giving you more information about hair colour, make-up, jewellery and colour combinations.  The wallet contains examples of your 36 colours and it will become your best shopping companion! 

The beauty of your colour palette is that all 36 colours will work together - so your whole wardrobe will coordinate but definitely won't be boring!  Whether your best palette is cool and pale, or warm and bright, you will discover new colour combinations and have the confidence to put them together.

Please contact me for more information and full availability 


Additional classes and services:

Personal Shopping | in person £75 per hour | online £60 per hour (both minimum of 2 hours) 

Wardrobe Edit | in person £75 per hour | online £60 per hour (both minimum of 2 hours)

Make-up class | in person or online | Group £60 | 1:1 £75

Personal Styling & Colour Analysis in 1 day | studio based | 1:1 £550

Colour Re-rate | in person | Group £70 | 1:1 £90

Children's Colour Analysis (no wallet) | in person | £65


Wedding services | Bespoke packages tailored to your invididual needs and budget

Choosing a wedding dress can be exciting and overwhelming in equal measure.  Our colour analysis process identifies your best "white" - from the crisp icy whites and silvers of the winter season, to the softer ivories of autumn, and dusky pinks of summer.  Whether you want to wear "white", or a softer neutral, (or go bold!), we will identify the perfect colour for your dress.  We will also find the best colours for your makeup, flowers and bridemaid dresses so that everything works in harmony with you and shows you at your very best.

Our personal styling service will help you to find the perfect dress for your bodyshape and for your personality - so that you feel confident and exactly like you on your wedding day. 

Packages are also available for couples, bridesmaids and mother of the bride/groom.  



After discovering my colours and seeing the amazing impact this could have I was really excited to do my style with Kirsty and it far out reached my expectations  Kirsty is so passionate about wanting to help people find their style and confidence - and that passion is contagious. 

I’ve spent most of my adult life buying clothes that didn’t go with anything else in my wardrobe, or I wore them but just didn’t feel right in them - or worse still I just never wore them and they sat in my wardrobe, tag still on, until they went in bag for the charity shop.

Kirsty has helped me to understand my body shape and more importantly which clothes will compliment it.  Best of all for me though she has helped me to understand how to be comfortable in my own skin!!!

Suddenly I understand what’s going to work for me and why.  I wish I’d known my style before I attended my friend’s wedding last year - I now know what style I should have been looking for to feel confident and happy!

As well as the sessions themselves Kirsty has introduced me to brands I didn’t even know about, making shopping for my style so easy and saving me so much time.

A truly amazing experience and a wonderful way to invest in yourself!

Katy M, Stourbridge

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