Erin Christy image consultant and personal stylist for Hook/Hartley Wintney

Now is a great time to invest in YOU!

Do you want to open your wardrobe with excitement? Do you look forward to walking out for the day feeling confident, comfortable and happy in the knowledge that you are wearing something that you look great in whether you are off to work, the school run or a night out with your loved ones?  Do you want to feel confident that when you spend money on a new outfit that it will stand the test of time and see the light of day after the first two wears?  A House of Colour experience with me can help you achieve all of this and more.

Let me help you find your 'WOW' moment. I always do my best to make every experience in my studio amazing, allowing you to learn loads and have lots of fun in the process. 

My own journey with House of Colour has been unforgetable and having my colour and styel consultation after the birth of my daughter was a life changing experience, freeing me from my wardrobe full of navy and black that had been hiding my baby weight.  I found out I was a Blue Spring and discovered colours and styles that I would never would have considered which now made others (and me) say 'WOW'....Coral....who knew.

I belived in my experience so much that I became a consulant withing the House of Colour franchise for Hook, Hertley Wintney, Fleet, Frimley, Camberley, Bagshot and Farnham working from my studio in Hook.

Personal Colour Analysis

A Personal Colour Analysis consultation is a 2.5 hour service designed to discover and celebrate YOU using a sophisticated process and principles of colour science.  First I use our precision drapes to discover your colour palette.  I will then match mineral powder and blusher to your colouring and then help you find YOUR perfect lipsticks!  This very personalised service is part of what we call the 90 Second Makeup Miracle.  The 1:1 price is £210 but we are currently offering a ‘Bring a Bubble Buddy’ scheme where you can bring a family member or friend and the price reduces to £155 per person.  

Personal Style Classes (this session is a real eye-opener!) 

I will help you understand how to create a wardrobe that allows you to look your best every day.  Using Carl Jung’s basic body archetypes, you will discover how your body architecture helps dictate what style of clothing will naturally look better on you.  I will also take YOUR personality into account because authenticity is part of creating a wardrobe that reflects confidence, trustworthiness, authority and beauty for YOU.

At your Style Class you will:
  • find the best cuts, lengths and shapes that work for your proportions and body architecture. It’s brilliant how things like pleats, necklines and fabric drapes can make all the difference. You’ll see how.
  • understand your clothing personality. Many of our clients say this fun exercise is life-changing. They finally get to wear the clothes that reflect who they really are and that feels fantastic.
  • create a wardrobe that works for you. Whether you spend time indoors or out, at work or with friends, your clothes fit in with your lifestyle and give you a confidence boost all day, every day. 


Style classes are now 1:1 and can be done virtually or face to face for £300.  If you where you can bring a family member or friend in your bubble the price reduces to £210 per person. You will leave with a personalised workbook and notes to continue with on your Style journey.  These sessions can also be done virtually over 2-3 sessions so get in touch if you would like a bespoke virtual Style Class.

All classes are listed here and I can be flexible with days, times and which session takes place on which day, so please get in touch to book your preferred time and class if the right combination isn't available on my booking page. 


Thanks Erin, it was a great learning experience.  Now I can shop knowing what will look good, rather than taking a guess.


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