Erin Christy image consultant and personal stylist for Hook/Hartley Wintney

Do you love the feeling you get when someone compliments you on what you're wearing?  I'm here to help you feel that feeling everyday!

Would you like to learn how to choose colours and styles that you know will flatter you and also work with your lifestyle? I can help you feel confident to choose clothes and accessories that work for you!  Saving you time, money and wasted energy.  Working with me will mean you start to have a wardrobe that works for you everyday effortlessly.

So many of my clients come to me when they are feeling like they need a change or a variety of reasons:

- having had a new baby and needing a sense of identity?

- starting  a new role at work and wanting to start as you mean to go on....?

- having difficulty walking the line between casual and work in our 'new normal'?

- children have all gone to school and now it's time for you?

- looking at a sea of blue and black in the wardrobe knowing there is more but not knowing where to start?

- loads of clothes in the wardobe but wearing the same 5-10 items constantly?

My own colour and style journey started after the birth of my little one.  It was a life changing experience that released me from my wardrobe full of navy and black that had been ill fitting and too loose in an attempt to hide my baby weight. I honestly thought I'd be a summer but I discovered I am a Blue Spring and had a world of colours and styles open up to me that I would have neve considered before, but now make me feel wonderful, true and authentically me. 

I believed in my experience so much that I became the consultant for Hart so I could help women and men find their own WOW moments.  Helping clients to make informed choices when it comes to their wardrobe is such a joy.  When you leave my studio after a colour or style session you will leave with the tools to make informed wardrobe decisions and purchases time and time again. Whether you're daily life is work, play, going out with your partner or friends, the school run or working out, a Colour or Style session can ensure you build a wardrobe that makes you feel fabulous every day (not just on special ocassions).

Services Available:

Some sessions are listed here but I can work around your schedule and be flexible with days, times and which session takes place on which day so please get in touch to discuss your personalised Colour and Style plan.

- Gift Vouchers: available to order directly from me via email (free postage)

- Colour Analysis Consultation (Pair/Group £185pp or £230 for 1:1):  which colours make you look you look amazing, well rested and healthy? Discover your seasonal palette and your own personal 'WOW' colours based on your natural skin tone.

- Style Consultation (Pair/Group £230pp or £340 for 1:1) :  using your natural body proportions and Carl Jung's archetypes we determine what styles of clothing suit you best allowing your personality to shine through.  It's about creating the illusion of proportion and making the most of your features. This is the session that so many of my clients describe as 'life changing'.

- The Transformational All-In-One-Day Experience 1:1 £555: A full day with Colour Analysis in the morning and Style Consulation in the afternoon. Popular with male clients and many female clients this process allows you to take evrything in during one whole day (unfortunately I cannot provide lunch at present).

- Wardrobe Edit (in your own home) £80 per hour for a minimum of 2 hours.​: Learn how to make the most of your existing wardrobe.  Pick out what works for you, create new outfit combinations, identify what's missing and master how to approach shopping for new items wisely.  We'll also explore current seasonal trands and how to let your personality shine through with your clothing and accessory choices.  

- Personal Shopping (online or in person): Perhaps there are specific items or occasions you are struggling to shop for or maybe you're just short of time.  Based on your individual shopping list requirements you'll recieve personalised recommendations based on your style and colour palette, individual lifestyle and budget.

- Bridal services (bespoke): unsure of your perfect shade of white or which wedding dress styles will make you look and feel your absolute best on your special day?  Detailed and bespoke bridal services can include Colour Analysis, Personal Styling for your wedding day/honeymoon and colour/styling recommendations for your wedding party. Get in touch to discuss your unique requirements and make your wedding day as individual as you are!

- Additional services include: Children's Colour analysis, Colour Refresh, Personal Style Refresh

- Talks and Webinars: I am available for talks, webinars and interviews, including advice on how to add impact, influence and authority in virtual meetings - please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Erin is just wonderful!! She is so very passionate about what she does and she has such a confident energy about her which she radiates on to her clients! It’s impossible not to leave feeling totally buzzing and energised about all of the new colour possibilities you didn’t even know about! She’s also great with little ones - my daughter hasn’t stopped talking about her ever since - and clothes shopping just got even more exciting! Highly, highly recommend! 

Sally (Colour and Style Client, Hook)

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