Kate Nicholson image consultant and personal stylist for Worthing/Horsham

Empowering through colour and style.

Do you have clothes that you never wear?

Would you like to wear new colours and styles but don't know which to choose?


Do you have days when people say you look tired, even when you're not?


It's time to call time on your wardrobe woes!


In as little as a day, you'll look more colourful, feel more confident and be more visible. In fact, you'll feel ready to step up and take your place in the world without a backward glance!


Using colour analysis and personal styling, I have worked with clients from 14 to 80 years of age, men and women, to help them find their best image, the one that fits and expresses who they really are.


The best thing is that your image works across all aspects of your life – formal, casual, work, leisure, holidays and hobbies, helping you to establish a wardrobe that gives you what you need to take you through everything you do and everyone you need to be.


You learn to shop so that you love everything you buy, and if you love it, you'll wear it!

No more wasted money hanging there and not going anywhere.

No more spending hours browsing shops and websites only to end up confused and frustrated.

No more being afraid of looking (and feeling) like you're trying to be someone else.


Whether you decide to start with Colour Analysis as your first step, then book your Personal Style and Make-up classes later, or dive in for a Transformational Day (business people and entrepreneurs love this), there is a range of classes available with ways to combine them so they work for you. Click here for information on the classes.


I also offer a VIP package of colour, style, make up, wardrobe de-clutter and shopping trip; an amazing experience to get you completely back on track.


I can be very flexible over when I run classes, so please get in touch to discuss dates that would suit you.


Looking for a speaker? I can also provide fun and interactive talks for groups on a range of topics, including Introduction to Colour & Style, Creating the Best Impression (often delivered for business networks), Making Your Personal Brand Real (university undergraduates), as well as holiday packing, scarf tying, accessorising your look and more. Get in touch for a chat about what I could deliver for your group.


I know that all this works, because it works for me, an Autumn Classic Gamine.

Having grown up near Lewes, I moved north in the early ‘80s. I had my colours done over 25 years ago and loved how I could be bolder in my colour choices, knowing they looked great.


When my partner died suddenly, I lost my confidence and hid myself in dull colours and boring styles. After a couple of years, I looked in the mirror and realised how grey I looked, and, indeed, felt.

I visited the local House of Colour consultant for a colour refresh and everything changed. I bought some clothes in the brighter colours in my season, started wearing make-up again and fell in love with lipsticks that made my eyes sparkle. People noticed the difference and said I looked really well - clearly, I hadn't for some time! They couldn't work out what had changed, but they knew I was coming back and taking my place again.


I began to re-discover myself and look to the future, and I wanted to share with others what House of Colour had done for me. I trained as a consultant and when the opportunity to take the Worthing & Horsham area came up, I grabbed it and moved back to the south!


I love what I do. Finding the spectrum of colours that make you look great every day is fantastic, many people even say life changing, as it was for me.

Helping someone make that discovery is a privilege. And the next ‘someone’ could be you!

I look forward to working with you to find the best version of you!



“Thank you very much for a thoroughly enjoyable day.  I think I'd stopped looking in the mirror because I assumed that what I was looking at was as good as it was going to get; I suspect today may be just the start... My husband was very impressed; he said I look so much younger!!  In fact he has just told me I look beautiful .... that’ll do nicely.”  


 “I feel more confident knowing that what I'm wearing makes me look good! I know where I'm going now and that the colours that I’m putting together go together, because they are in my palette”. 


“What an amazing day, Kate! Thanks so much, I loved it and can't wait to go shopping!!! Can't stop talking about it!”


“I used to be afraid of wearing red.  Why would I when it looks this good?!”