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Empowering through colour and style.

Do you have days when people keep asking if you're okay or saying you look tired? Do you have clothes in your wardrobe that you never wear? Would you love to wear a wider range of colours and styles, but don't know which to choose? Well, you can stop all that happening and look and feel fantastic every day! It doesn't matter whether you're at home or at work, it just feels so much better to know that the colour and style of your clothes and make up complement you, helping you look healthy and vibrant. Add in the bonus of saving time and money by knowing what to look for and what to buy, and what are you waiting for?

Dates for some of the following classes are listed here, but if you would prefer a different date or would like a class or service not listed, please contact me directly.

W1 Colour Analysis for Women. Discover the spectrum of colours that works best for you, giving you the confidence to establish your truly flexible mix and match wardrobe. We also identify your 'wow' colours - the colours that are outstanding on you. Receive a wallet containing swatches of your colours to help you get it right every time you shop.

W2 Wake Up Your Make Up. Learn how to use all the right brushes in all the right places to apply make up that gives you a ‘finished’ rather than made up look. Learn new application techniques and try new colours - be as bold or as natural as you like! 

W3 Developing Style for Women.  Using your body shape, personality and lifestyle, we uncover the shapes, styles, fabrics and patterns that look great and make you feel like you in everything you buy. We also ensure that your cothes do the jobs you need them to, creating the right impression every time.

W10 The Transformational Experience: Colour, Style & Make up - group learning. Receive a discount on the three separate experiences booked in one transaction but taken on different days.

W11 The Transformational Experience all in one day, for one;

W12 The Transformational Experience all in one day, for two. Cover all three experiences in one day either as a one to one or in a pair with your partner, a family member or friend.

At every class, you will receive a work book and personal notes to take away, helping you to implement what you have learned on the day and you are always welcome to contact me if you would like some support.  Refreshments are included as appropriate.

To help you on your way, I offer wardrobe sort/declutter sessions (W8) and shopping trips (W9).  I also give fun and informative presentations to groups and organisations; please contact me for information.

A bit about me:  I had my colours ‘done’ over 25 years ago and have been an enthusiast ever since.  I took the opportunity to train as a consultant in 2012, initially working in the Durham area, and I love it!  I was thinking about moving back to the south when I got the opportunity to become the consultant for the Worthing and Horsham area; needless to say I jumped at it!  Finding the spectrum of colours that make you look great every day is fantastic, many people even say life changing.  Helping someone make that discovery is a privilege.  And the next ‘someone’ could be you! 

There is one little downside to all this though.  You're going to have to break the habit of a lifetime and learn to accept compliments, because believe me, you’re going to get lots of them!  

I would love to meet you and start you off or help you continue on your House of Colour journey.  To book or find out more, give me a call on 07885541742 or email me at Classes are held at my studio in Tarring, Worthing.

I look forward to hearing from you.

“Thank you very much for a thoroughly enjoyable day.  I think I'd stopped looking in the mirror because I assumed that what I was looking at was as good as it was going to get; I suspect today may be just the start... My husband was very impressed; he said I look so much younger!!  In fact he has just told me I look beautiful .... that’ll do nicely.”  


 “I feel more confident knowing that what I'm wearing makes me look good! I know where I'm going now and that the colours that I’m putting together go together, because they are in my palette”. 


“What an amazing day, Kate! Thanks so much, I loved it and can't wait to go shopping!!! Can't stop talking about it!”


“I used to be afraid of wearing red.  Why would I when it looks this good?!”