Adele Martin image consultant and personal stylist for Dundee

'THE SUSTAINABLE STYLIST' - Simplify your life with your best colours + authentic style. Be fabulous without the fast fashion fix!

Empowering busy people to look good and feel great through expert colour analysis and style analysis in Dundee, Tayside and Fife. Build a wardrobe that actually works for you - and the planet! Energise yourself with your most flattering colours. Discover the real you and express yourself authentically!


*Winner of the House of Colour Innovation Award for Sustainability 2020*

Hello! I’m Adele - aka 'The Sustainable Stylist' - at House of Colour Tayside and Fife. As an Image Consultant and Personal Stylist I'm here to help you discover the colours and styles that will help you look and feel great - and as a sustainability advocate I’ll give you the tools to reduce your fashion footprint and help save the planet!

Reset - hit the pause button on shopping and learn how to build a wardrobe that ACTUALLY works for you. Simplify your life and stop wasting time and money. Breakup with fast fashion and sort out your wardrobe for good!

Recharge - energise and uplift yourself with your most flattering colours. Look younger, fresher and feel fabulous! Yesssss!!

Renew - discover the real YOU and learn how to express yourself authentically. Connect your inner personality with your outer persona. Release your inner confidence. Be unapologetically you!



I'll bring you through two key steps with an online style consultation and face to face colour consultation. Following these sessions you'll have a clear and structured process to follow that will underpin your wardrobe decisions.



Online Style Consultation: £330 (3 x 2 hour sessions) or £220 per person

Colour Consultation: £230 (3 - 4 hours) or £165 per person from same household / bubble


New for 2021The Joyful Wardrobe Edit: £75 (1 hour zoom call + workbook)

You deserve a joyful wardrobe!

Need more joy in your wardrobe but don't feel quite ready for a full consultation? Invite me into your wardrobe over zoom for expert one-to-one guidance on how to make your wardrobe work for you!

You'll discover: why a colour palette and clear style direction are a must | how to identify the gaps in your wardrobe | how to make the most of what you've already got | how to organise your wardrobe to give you joy! 

Don't stress about getting dressed...please contact me to start your joyful wardrobe journey today!


Face to face consultations cannot take place in Tier 4 areas (Scotland) or when in lockdown. In Tier 3 or below (Scotland), face to face consultation numbers are reduced to accomodate social distancing guidelines. For the latest information on our COVID-19 control approach, please visit the House of Colour Blog.

To book, or if you have any questions, please contact me or click here to view upcoming consultations.

Call / Whatsapp 07746 645209


You can find my latest news (and sustainable outfits!) on social media at:

Instagram @adele_sustainable_stylist 

Facebook @hocadelemartin 



As a sustainability advocate I’ll give you the tools to reduce your fashion footprint. To get you started, my free Mindful Shopping Guide is available here (or please email for a free wallet size version - available locally). So why not sign up for my latest news today?

Click here to watch the Mindful Shopping Guide Video Series!

I work alongside Shirley Phillips in the House of Colour Tayside and Fife Team. Your House of Colour journey with us will help you save money, time and the environment!

· Build a wardrobe that works for you and the planet

· Look and feel good every day with minimal effort

· Reclaim your wardrobe – and your mind!


Adele has an infectious energy that you just can’t help but be raised by, her passion for her craft and desire to help people feel like their best selves is incredible!
She helped me to find me again after having lost myself in motherhood, ill health, weight gain...all the things that life can throw at you!
I cannot thank her enough, nor recommend her more highly!
This lady knows her stuff and you’ll have a great time through the process too!

Lisa Palmer-Thomson

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