Kelly Caira image consultant and personal stylist for Upminster, Brentwood & Shenfield

Welcome to House of Colour Upminster and Brentwood.

I am fully qualified image consultant and personal stylist who offers personal style sessions to help you unlock the real you and show you how to dress to make an impact.

So many of us struggle with clothes. I help my clients to choose clothes with confidence so that they can spend wisely and with certainty that they will look and feel great. The House of Colour experience offers a unique way to reveal not only the colours that are best suited to you, but also your individual clothing style.

Since having my colour and style analysis I have felt more confident and more in tune with myself and a fabulous bonus is that the compliments come flooding in! When you look good and feel good, there is a knock-on effect to everyone around you. Let me help you to find your signature style so that getting dressed is one less thing to worry about.


What happens in a Style Session?

We meet in person at my home studio (or via Zoom if you prefer) to discuss your liefstyle, look at your body shape and get to know the real you.

The style analysis session is an exciting experience for groups or individuals to discover their clothing personality and finally understand why some outfits feel ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. You will learn which patterns and shapes suit you best and learn how to get value from your clothes so that you achieve the best cost per wear from everything you buy.

There has never been a better time to discover your clothing personality. This is a truly liberating and life changing experience! 

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Discover your Colours 

The colour analysis session uses a unique process to determine your perfect colours. This is a friendly and relaxed session where you will hear about the science behind House of Colour’s methods and enjoy the big reveal that will show you which colours truly bring your features to life. You take home a handy colour fan containing your season colours and a booklet to really help you embrace what you have discovered. With these tools you can shop with confidence. These sessions are available as one to one sessions or for groups up to three.

+ FREE access to MyHOCLookBook



During the colour analysis session I will show you quick, 90 second make-up tips for those occasions when time is tight. In addition to this I offer a more in-depth make-up tutorial to show you how to make the best of your features when you really need to make an impact. The session also includes a skincare regime using the wonderful Essentially Yours Natural Elements products.


Personal Shopping

After the style session you will be armed with the knowledge to declutter your wardrobe and create a capsule wardrobe so that every item in there will be worn and loved. You can also choose to supplement this with an assisted wardrobe declutter and/or personal shopping trip (online or real life) if you would like support to really get to grips with working out what you need. Say goodbye to unwise purchases; say hello to nailing your style every time!


Book me in..

Choose a session from the available slots on the classes page or call me/email to arrange a more suitable time. Sessions are usually held 121 but I am also happy to host small groups (maximum of 3).  

Call me on 07986 794171 or email to arrange.


2022 Prices:

Colour analysis: £240 1-2-1 (up to 3 hours) / £185pp group 

Style Analysis: £365 1-2-1 (up to 6 hours including lunch) / £295pp group   

Make-Up: £100 1-2-1 (90 mins) / £70pp group

Confident Accessorising: £90 1-2-1 (2.5 hourshours) / £60pp group 

Fast Track all in one day- Colour/Style/Make up: £650 1-2-1 / £550pp group of two

Wardrobe Review: £85 per hour

Pinterest Board/Online Shopping: £85 per hour

Mens Colour and Style: £550

Mens Colour and Shopping: £450 

Kids Colour: £90 (message me for party rates)

Services such as shopping trips or wardrobe reviews are charged at an hourly rate of £85 per hour.

Other bespoke services available. Please email for details


Kelly Caira

07986 794171


Having grown up as a tomboy, I have still always secretly been interested in fashion and make up but have felt completely out of my depth finding the right colours and fashion style for me. Kelly explained everything very patiently and competently and now I feel a lot more confident in my choices since I don't have to find the right lipstick for me out of 100s but can concentrate on my lovely autumn colours. Much more fun and achievable! 

It spoke to me how Kelly talked about bringing out inner beauty and she spent a lot of time understanding me as a person to ensure her recommendations would bring out what is uniquely me. 

It is clear that Kelly knows a lot about her subject area and she made it very accessible for a relative newbie such as myself. I have come away with lots of new ideas and products to try. 

But above all, it was an incredibly fun and indulgent day, taking time for myself and trying on make up and looking at different dress choices. And seeing the difference of how my colours made my face look radiant was quite exciting, the effect is very noticeable indeed!  


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