Sarah Evans image consultant and personal stylist for Northampton


There are many times in our lives when we need a confidence boost, want to dress to impress or find our way back after losing our way.

I am here to help you unlock the real you, show you how to dress your true self in everyday life (without scaring the neighbours!) To feel confidently stylish and comfortable representing who you are on the outside as well as the inside, flattering your body shape and proportions and natural colouring. Not only can I reveal the colours that are best suited to you, but also your individual clothing style.

I will show you how to make your wardrobe work hard for you, saving you time and money

All House of Colour consultants have experienced the colour and style process, all have their own stories to tell, but we are all passionate about the difference it makes to people’s lives, including our own. That is why we are here doing it! We believe in it. We are here for the whole journey with you, for as long as it takes or as long as you want us.

Please get in touch if you can't see what you're looking for on my Classes page. I can be more flexible than the online schedule allows for and my diary is often changing. or 07973799796

**** I have an amazing offer for the first 30 people booking a colour consultation from April 2021. You will receive a mini portrait session with Annie Bee Photography. ( and your favourite image as a fine art print. *****


COLOUR ANALYSIS: studio-based | group £165pp | 1:1 £230

"The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you" Coco Chanel

Colour Analysis discovers which colours work best for YOU. When you are wearing your ‘right' colours your appearance will be enhanced, and your confidence will increase. Wearing the right colours can make you look healthy, vibrant, fresh, and confident; whilst the wrong ones can make you look tired, dull, older, and just not your best.

This colour discovery session will identify your colour palette/season which works best for your individual skin tone (including makeup) making you look and feel fabulous.

To take away at the end of the session you will have your own House of Colour leather wallet with your seasons colour palette and personal colour booklet which includes your double star or wow colours and a newly discovered sense of excitement and self-confidence. We will cover which metal colour is your most flattering and guidance for colouring your hair. Ladies, we will show you a basic ’90 second’ makeup routine for a natural daytime look and the three points of red lipsticks for your colouring.

Allow 2-3 hours. Please note, colour analysis cannot be done online, this service can only be carried out in person in natural light.

PERSONAL STYLE: online / in-studio | group £220pp | 1:1 £330

Discovering your Personal Style

"Fashions fade, style is eternal" Yves Saint Laurent

During a style class we look at your proportions, body shape, your lifestyle and your personality -who you are as a person to discover your best clothing style. We are all individuals and need to express who we are through how we dress, then we will feel comfortable and confident. Sparkles, quirky details, fine tailoring, or sumptuous fabrics these are all details that give clues to who we are (or maybe who we were if we have lost our way).

There is serious substance behind this in-depth and interactive class, with the fundamentals deeply rooted in psychology

We will review some of your existing wardrobe, your lifestyle, shopping habits, budget and more.

I will help you understand what your style needs to be for you. During the session we will explore all these traits which give us our individuality and combining this with your body shape I will provide you with guidelines to follow to ensure that every item of clothing you buy will give you value for money and things that you will want and love to wear! Put this together with your colours and you will have a wardrobe that works for you and your lifestyle.

Allow up to 6 hours. If taken online, sessions can be broken down into 2 hourly sessions and at a time to suit your lifestyle.

WARDROBE EDIT: in your home £70ph | online £65ph:

Learn how to make the most of your existing wardrobe. Create new outfit combinations, identify what's missing and master how to approach shopping for new items wisely. We can also explore current seasonal trends and how to let your personality shine through with your clothing and accessory choices. Minimum 2 hours.

PERSONAL SHOPPING: online | bespoke, from £70:

Perhaps there are specific items or occasions you are struggling to shop for, or maybe you are just short of time. Based on your individual shopping list requirements, you will receive personalised recommendations, based on your style and colour profile, individual lifestyle and budget.

SKIN CARE AND MAKE UP SESSION: in-studio group £60pp / 1:1 £90 | online group £40pp / 1:1 £65:

This session is a pamper treat and tutorial combined, perfect for small groups. Together you will learn new techniques, including how to achieve a fresh, daytime look and make the most of your natural eye shape. You will have a workbook to complete during the session - so you will always know how to replicate the looks you've created. 2 hours.

ACCESSORISING: in-studio / online | group £60pp | 1:1 £85:

This accessorising session is perfect to share with friends. It is great fun, highly interactive and packed with style tips and guidance to help you maximise your impact with accessories. Together, we will review what's working from your existing collection and cover some theory based on your proportions and face shape. You will finish with a completed workbook and an understanding of how to effectively accessorise for every occasion. 3 hours.

FASHION UPDATE: online | group £15pp | 1:1 £70:

What are the latest seasonal trends? Which ones will work for your body shape and personal style and which should you avoid? These sessions are fun and informal but they are also filled with style advice and inspiration. Get ideas on how to restyle existing items from your wardrobe as well as what to look out for in the shops and online. 1.5 hours.

POWER HOUR- Style/Colour : online | 1:1 £65:

Special occasion/event coming up? Big meeting/interview approaching? After a specific style/item of clothing? Need a refresher following your Style class? Book a 60 minute, highly personalised session to help you solve your individual style/colour objectives. 1 hour.


Getting married? Do you know your best shade of white or the perfect wedding dress style to make you look and feel fabulous?

Imagine having your whole wedding coloured and styled in a way that presents you at your very best. I can offer you a complete package of sessions tailored to meet your needs for your special day.

Colour analysis to find your best "white" as well as your best options for your make up, flowers and bridesmaids' dresses. Personal styling to ensure your dress will work for your body shape and personality and ensure you feel confident and glowing as you walk down the aisle.

Mother of the bride/groom, this is a special day for you too, know your best colours and style, look your absolute best and feel amazing. Contact me to discuss your unique requirements and make your wedding day as individual as you are!

Talks and webinars:

I am available for talks, webinars, and interviews, including advice on how to add impact, influence, and authority in virtual meetings - please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Services are available for all. I apologise if you feel excluded or not represented by the language I have used. Please contact me to discuss your requirements

All studio-based sessions will be held on a 1:1 basis or in bubble-buddy groups of up to 3 until social distancing restrictions ease.

All guidelines and working practices regarding Covid 19 will be adhered to.

Let’s talk soon and start your journey.

Sarah x



A warm welcome, truely professional service, personalised and informative! Absolutely loved it and to leave knowing my 'wow' colours is WOW! Thankyou Sarah


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