Katherine Foot image consultant and personal stylist for Rickmanworth/Sarratt/Northwood/Ruislip/Pinner


My name is Katherine Foot and I am your colour analyst, image coach and personal brand stylist for the areas of Sarratt, Rickmansworth, Northwood and Stanmore.

My passion is to make you feel great about the way you look and feel each and every day.  Wearing the right colours and styles will give you confidence in yourself and as a result will make you feel better about yourself and be heard and seen.

As a personal stylist and image coach, I will empower, inspire and enable you to reflect the authentic you. I will do this by showing you how to create your own capsule wardrobe that works for you, whilst saving you money, time & energy. It’s often only a tweak you need to make to your wardrobe but the results will re-energise the way you feel about yourself and how others see you.

We all need to wear clothes. It’s a fact. I want to help you make the best choices for you, whether you are  starting off on your career path, a stay at home parent, a busy career person or a retiree enjoying life after work.

Do you often feel like:

  • ·       you only dress in black or neutral colours
  • ·       You are afraid to wear colour
  • ·       you don’t know what styles suit your body shape
  • ·       you can’t be bothered with your wardrobe
  • ·       you feel frumpy or boring
  • ·       you can’t afford it
  • ·       you cover up the bits you don’t want people to see
  • ·       you don’t wear makeup because you don’t have time or know what suits you
  • ·       you hate shopping
  • ·       you feel as though you have nothing to wear even though your wardrobe is bursting

Do you want to:

·       bring more colour into your wardrobe – colours that suits you?

  • ·       know how to create a capsule wardrobe of clothes?
  • ·       learn how to dress your body shape & personality
  • ·       feel more confident
  • ·       look more ‘effortlessly’ stylish
  • ·       feel more excited about getting dressed
  • ·       learn how to create a quick ‘90 second’ makeup look for everyday
  • ·       spend less money
  • ·       not worry about ‘what am I going to wear today?’

You are not alone if you feel like this. It was how I felt before my journey with House of Colour. So I understand. Many people feel the same as you but the good news is, this is easy to change for you. The key is believing you deserve it.

I speak to many people who say they can’t afford colour analysis or personal styling, but when you stop and think about all the wasted money spent on bad shopping purchases and clothes in your wardrobe you don’t wear – (the average UK women wears only 20% of her wardrobe 80% of the time) - that leaves a lot of wasted money sitting in your wardrobe.

Remember colour analysis lasts a life time. It’s a one-off investment that will keep on saving you money every time you shop, throughout your life.

How can I help you

I offer a 3 Step programme of Colour Analysis, Personal Styling and Makeup Classes for women and a 2 Step programme for men

Step 1:

Book a Colour Analysis class and let me introduce you to the power of colour by demonstrating how wearing the right colour for you unique skin, hair and eye tone will make you look healthier, fresher, more vibrant, younger and more ‘in focus’.

Our precision dyed drapes will show you the effects of how wearing a right or wrong colour can change the way you look. This is an accurate, scientific process that is unique to the House of Colour and can only be done in person.  Having your colours analysed by a photograph will NOT provide an accurate result.

For women, your class also includes a make-over using House of Colour makeup products that have been colour matched to your skin tone in natural daylight. A process not available on the high street

I also offer free ‘Introductory Talks’ for you and friends, if you would like to find out more detail about my colour & style classes before you book.

Class fee: Enjoy a 1:2:1 experience for £280 (including a starter kit of our amazing make up; 3 x lipsticks, dual mineral foundation and a blusher)

(The colour analysis experience takes approximately 2.5 hrs depending on class sizes)

Step 2:

Personal Styling

Follow your colour class with a personal style experience. I will show you how to dress your unique body shape. This involves showing you how to emphasise the parts of your body you like and disguising the parts you feel less confident about by using shapes, patterns, accessories and colour. But more importantly I will look at your personality: who you are on the inside, as this is how you will bring authenticity into your wardrobe. Have you ever wondered why you like slightly different styles and looks to your friends and family? Unfortunately not understanding how to dress your shape and personality is often why you will be making shopping mistakes and also why you can feel uncomfortable or unhappy with some of your clothes.

My style class will enable you to create a wardrobe that suits your lifestyle and budget and will leave you feeling like you, happy, confident and polished.

Class fee: Enjoy a 1:2:1 experience for £300

Add a wardrobe review and/or a personal shopping trip for £60 per hour or an on-line shop for £30 per hour to help you add key items to your wardrobe each season. Whether you have £60 to spend or £600 my personal shopping trips are educational, insightful and money saving.

For bespoke personal styling services please contact me so we can discuss your personal requirements.

Step 3:

Makeup Class

Are you unsure what colours suit you when it comes to applying makeup? Or are you unsure how to apply your makeup correctly? Your makeup class will explore three key looks including:

·       A ’90 second makeover’ – the minimum amount of coloured matched makeup that works with your seasonal colours to give you a very natural and wearable look.

·       Take you look up to a daytime look by building on your ’90 second makeup’ with more eye definition.

·       Learn how to create an evening look exploring different eye colours and lipsticks

Class price: £60

Colour analysis and personal styling IS for everyone regardless of lifestyle or budget. We all need to wear clothes. Understanding how to make the most of your wardrobe to make you feel happy, stylish, and confident while saving money, truly, is life changing and it is an experience which lasts a life time.

Please feel free to contact me for further details or information or to discuss your personal requirements

And finally a bit about my story……

I am a busy mum of two energetic boys and a husband who lives in the Hertfordshire village of Sarratt.

After 20 years working in advertising, I decided to follow my dream to work for myself while bringing up my boys. I pursued my love of colour and creative talents by creating my own jewellery brand www.glowbeads.co.uk which has gone from strength to strength.

But as the only woman in a household of men and having given up my corporate role, I felt I had lost my identity. Working from home meant my wardrobe had changed. I no longer need to dress for business. I felt lost. I wasn’t being seen or heard.

A chance meeting with an old friend who had been through the House of Colour experience was about to change my life for the better. My friend radiated colour & style but was simply dressed in jeans and a top. But she looked amazing and she seemed relaxed and confident. Eager to learn more about her transformation she opened my mind to House of Colour.

Having been through my own colour analysis and personal styling experience I was so impressed by their process and how life changing it had been for me, I decided to train as a colour analyst and personal stylist, so I could help other men and women like me transform.

I work out of my studio, based in Sarratt. If you would like to find out more about how I can help you or you would like to book a class for you or you and your friends please contact me.

Scheduled classes are listed on my website but if these are not suitable for you, just contact me to arrange a mutually convenient date.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you through your House of Colour journey.



07505 973224




Amazing morning - totally inspired and enthused.   So looking forward to the next meeting and continuing this journey of renewal and change. Katherine is wonderful!


Sue, Hertfordshire

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