Sue Roper image consultant and personal stylist for Reigate/Redhill/Horley

Covid Changes

Never thought I’d be away this long.  It feels so good to be starting classes again!  I’ve made changes to the way I operate to comply with current government rules on close contact services and I’ve also taken the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Prevention and Control course which is accredited by the Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists Ltd, the UK trade body for our industry.  Colour Analysis sessions are restarting face to face and Style sessions can be done over Zoom or face to face but will be done in 2 x 3 hour sessions.  At the moment face-to-face Skin Care and Makeup sessions are on hold but Wakeup Your Makeup sessions are available via Zoom.

Is this you?

Have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear?  Wear about 20% of what you own whilst the other 80% makes it difficult to see what you’ve got?  Is it time to start your House of Colour journey and create a wardrobe of co-ordinating clothes that suit you and your lifestyle?


A little about me

I'm a Spring (clear, bright, warm, light and splashy colours suit me best) with a Natural Classic (smart casual is my thing!) clothing personality and have always loved colour and clothes!  As a child I was enthralled by Doris Day movies with her beautiful bright fitted clothes – I’ve always thought she was a Spring too but you cannot tell a person’s season just by looking at them.  I lived through the ‘80s with the vibrant cerise pinks and electric blues and embraced it wondering why some of my school friends looked better in these colours than I did.  I never felt particularly comfortable as a university student as grunge wasn’t my thing but enjoyed starting my professional career and the opportunity to dress up most days.  My love of colour and clothes continued but I had many items that were rarely worn and I didn’t understand why.


In 2014 I had my colours and style done and I finally understood why I didn’t wear a significant amount of my wardrobe.  I don’t need loads of clothes, I just need pieces that suit me and work together!  Shopping became easier, I bought less and wore more and felt more confident and visible.


I decided to leave a rewarding and challenging career in Financial Services to become a House of Colour consultant and help others to discover what colours and styles suit them and see the positive impact this makes on both their professional and personal lives.


All my sessions are welcoming, relaxing and fun.  Scheduled sessions are listed on my Classes page but if the dates don’t work for you or you’re unsure about anything, please call me on 07970 499334 (I like to talk about colour and style!) or email me at  Most services are available for men and women and again please give me a ring if you’re unsure whether it would be suitable.


Current Services

Colour analysis | studio based | 1 to 1 £210

Together we discover your season and the colour palette that works best for you.  You will leave with a season specific booklet and Colour Swatch Wallet and how to make the most of these to ensure you’re making great purchases!


Style | online | group £210 | 1 to 1 £300

Style | studio based | 1 to 1 £300

In a Style session you discover how to dress for who you are on the inside.  This is a truly transformational experience.  You’ll understand why somethings work for you and others don’t and gives you the confidence to dress as the person you truly are. 

Style is split in to 2 sessions.  The first session looks at your body architecture, who you are and your clothing personality.  You then have an opportunity to go away, review your clothing personality and think about the questions you have before we do session 2.  In session 2 we look at your wardrobe, what you've already got, what you need and how-to bring impact to your dressing.


Skincare and makeup | on hold | group class £60 per person | 1 to 1 £90

A Make Up and Skincare class is run with a maximum of 3 people.  We work through a skincare routine for you using perfect natural skincare products and we practise simple and effective make up techniques.  


Wake up  your makeup | online | group class £25 per person

A fun class held over Zoom to get your makeup Autumn/Winter ready.  We’ll go through how to update your look using the products you already have in your makeup bag and cover current season looks for foundation, blusher and lipsticks.


Personal shopping | online | £70 per hour

Online shopping sessions are an excellent way to fill some of your wardrobe gaps or to find an outfit for a special event (hopefully we’ll have more of these in our diaries soon!).  We’ll have an initial chat to talk about your objectives of the session and then we’ll schedule a time to do the session.  It's a fun way to create a great wardrobe.


Wardrobe review | online | £70 per hour

We’ll look at what you’ve already got in your wardrobe, what you love and what you’re not sure about and how these items might be altered to better suit you. We’ll then pull together a few outfits and identify any wardrobe gaps.


Accessorising for impact | online | group class £60 per person

An informative session that will give you the tools you need to be able to accessorise confidently!  We'll cover:

  • why we accessorise
  • the accessories we need for different occasions
  • what suits you including the shapes of bags and belts you need
  • where you need to place accessorise for maximum impact
  • action plan to make the most of what you’ve learnt!

Colour re-rate | studio based | 1 to 1 £90 

It may be some time since you had your colours done, A review lasts approximately 1.5 hours and gets you back on track. Includes a booklet of information and your ratings but excludes Colour Swatch Wallet. 


Colour analysis for children/teenagers up to age 14 | studio based | 1 to 1 £65

Our season doesn’t change as we age so why not invest in a colour analysis session for them, a gift that will last them a lifetime!  A Colour Swatch Wallet isn’t included in the cost of this class, but they are available to purchase separately.

Over the age of 14 we recommend that they attend an adult colour analysis to prepare for school proms and/or interviews.


Gift vouchers available and debit and credit cards accepted for all services.




Colour Class

I had a colour consultation with Sue, it was really amazing. I was surprised at the difference that the right colours made to how my face looked. I now have the confidence to wear red lipstick and really vibrant clothes. Sue is very passionate about what she does and made me feel comfortable, explaining what she was doing every step of the way. I have already recommended her to several friends.

Kate W - 22/08/19

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