Maria Macklin image consultant and personal stylist for Monaghan / Louth Ireland

Image Consultant, Colour Consultant, Colour Analysis, Personal Style Advice, Personal Shopper, Personal Brand Coach, Wedding Style Consultant for House of Colour, Ireland


Most of us wear 20% of our wardrobe over 80% of the time. Imagine how it would be to look into your wardrobe and always have something wonderful to wear. Wouldn't it be lovely to know that everything you buy suits you perfectly AND works well with all the items you already have? What better than for you to be a more efficient, smart shopper who knows where to look and what investment buys to make so you purchase the best for you.

At House of Colour we discover that with you, through our enjoyable and life changing classes.

Colour Analysis discovers which colours work best for you. When you are wearing your right colours you will bein perfect harmony with your eyes, skin and natural hair tones. Your appearance will be enhanced and your confidence will increase.

Style Development looks at your body architecture, your lifestyle and your personality to discover your best clothing style. Put that together with your colours and you will have a wardrobe that works for you and your lifestyle.

Wedding Style Consultant - whether you are going for a large dream wedding or a simple pared down event, there are lots of things to consider for the bridal party. The bride, groom, bridesmaids, grooms men and families will want to look their best on your special day. House of Colour can help plan the best colours and styles for everyone. Look and feel your absolute best. 

I began my journey with House of Colour in 1996 and was amazed at the difference wearing my best colours has made. The compliments came almost immediately and continue to come. I will empower you to have the same experience.

"The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you." Coco Chanel

Colour Analysis is the start of an exciting journey, in which you discover how to create your personal brand. You have a unique skin tone and eye colour, which means some colours make you look great, and some have completely the opposite effect. This inspiring and revealing session is for you if you want to:

  1. Discover your own unique blend of colours harmonising with your natural skin tone, hair and eye colour Learn how to use your unique and comprehensive range of colours
  2. Find out how to add colour to outfits and accessories giving you a wonderful mix and match in your wardrobe
  3. Discover a new sense of excitement and self confidence
  4. Understand the best essential make up colours for you
  5. Learn exactly what to wear and how to look your best for every occasion

Knowing and wearing your correct colours will make you look healthier, younger, fresher and more dynamic giving you a renewed sense of excitement and confidence. Choosing clothes in the best colours for you ensures your wardrobe will all work together saving you time and money and you won't make those 'bargain' purchases that never get worn.

Once you know which colours are yours you will understand what it is about that 15% of your wardrobe that makes them wonderful.

Cost per person in a group class: €180 (Saturday cost is €200)

Cost per person in a 1-2-1 class: €245 (Saturday cost is €260)

"A smile is the best make-up any girl can wear" - Marilyn Monroe

Continue your journey of discovery with your Make-up Class including a pampering skin care session packed with great tips on how to keep your make up current. Whether it's something you've never tried or part of your everyday routine, make up is an important part of life. We wear it to aid communication as well as to make the most of our natural assets, so it's not an optional extra. However most people have never had the opportunity to learn how to take professional care of their skin or how to use simple and foolproof methods for expertly applying make-up. In this hands on and highly enjoyable class, you will learn how to use make-up colours properly for every situation in life from the beach to the boardroom and understand how they will make your eyes sparkle and your skin look alive and fresh.

Cost per person in a group class: €75


Style Development for Women - you and your body shape

"Fashions fade, style is eternal" - Yves Saint Laurent

With a Women's Style Development Day you build on what you learn at your Colour Analysis class, and this is the final stage in your journey of discovery.

Working in a small group, I will take you through a day dedicated to discovering how to build a wardrobe that really works for you, your body shape and your lifestyle. In a relaxed atmosphere I will help you dress your body shape and more.

  1. Discover the clothing silhouettes that best suit your body shape - so you know exactly which clothes make you look great
  2. Learn the language of clothes and the rules of dress so that you have complete control over the impression you create through your personal style
  3. Create your capsule wardrobe - you'll learn about wardrobe planning and management for your budget and lifestyle
  4. Make great decisions when buying clothes - you'll learn how to spend wisely and how to avoid costly mistakes
  5. Choose and use the right accessories - you'll learn the secrets to buying and using accessories

With the right knowledge it's easy to choose clothes that will compliment your lifestyle and personality, which means that you always project the image, mood and style you choose to create the impact to suit the occasion.

Cost per person in a group class: €245 (€260 per person for a Saturday class)

Cost per person in a 1-2-1 class: €350 (€375 per person for a 1-2-1 on a Saturday)

Maria Macklin, Image Consultant, Colour Consultant, Colour Analysis, Personal Style Advice, Personal Shopper, Personal Brand Coach, Wedding Style Consultant for House of Colour, Ireland

I decided to have my colours done as I specifically want to invest in pieces that will suit me; to buy less and have more to wear. And I wanted to treat myself and it was such a treat. What an enjoyable way to spend a morning, in such a warm and friendly atmosphere, having good fun and then being given a lovely lunch. Maria was warm, friendly, enthusiastic and confident in herself and in what she does. She immediately made me feel confident that I was doing the right thing and made me feel very welcome and at home. I left the class with much more confidence in how to shop for my Summer colours. I immediately wanted to sort out my wardrobe and I separated out my right from my wrong colours. A couple of days later the compliments began to come. I would highly recommend this service for everyone - whether you think you need it or not.

JMcC, Co Monaghan

Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for the lovely morning I had recently, getting my image colour assessment. It was a fantastic experience with a welcome result, I am an Autumn Leaf! It was amazing to see the difference the different shades of colour made to my image. Would highly recommend this experience to everyone, well worth it.

AB, Co Monaghan, Ireland

I had my Colour Consultation with House of Colour (Monaghan Louth) recently. Maria is very professional, knowledgeable and enthusiastic and I thoroughly enjoyed my consultation. As I tended to choose the same colours, which I now know were not suitable for me, it was a revelation seeing the huge range of colours I could choose from, being an Autumn Leaf. They say knowledge is power and I bring that knowledge with me, when I now confidently go clothes shopping which I love. Each shop only requires a quick glance as I can see instantly  if they have my colours. Shopping now only takes a quarter of the time it used to and it has yielded some remarkable outfits. I have got numerous compliments from family and friends about my new image.

Maria has been on the end of the line, when I needed advice or a confidence boost, regarding assembling an outfit. I would highly recommend Maria and I left her consultation on a high. It was money well spent and I can't wait to do my personal style consultation!!! 

BA, Co Monaghan

I was given a voucher for House of Colour by a friend who had previously had her colours done. I had recently stopped dyeing my hair and let it go grey, and I found nothing I wore looked quite right. The advice is to wear pinks and purples but no matter what I did it still looked wrong. Maria analysed me as having an autumn colouring and suggested lots of greens, brick red, saffron and heliotrope. I was amazed as I've never worn yellow and didn't think red suited me. However I knew the pinks weren't working so I decided to try it. I found Maria's advice very easy to implement and I've started wearing more tonal colours especially in green. I still find the saffron a bit of a leap! Maria was very friendly and professional. She spent a lot of time with me making sure she got things right and has stayed in touch since to see how I'm getting on. I would recommend Maria as she gives very good advice which helped me out when I was at a complete loss. I've also bought Kettlewell and HOC products through her and the service was excellent.

CF, Co Louth, Ireland

I’m very glad to have had my colours done with you at House of Colour recently.  It was good to be guided by you to see what works and what doesn’t colour-wise. 

I now find clothes shopping much more enjoyable as I can focus on my colours and not waste time looking at everything in the shop.  I’ve been complimented quite a lot recently on looking well and all I’ve done is wear the right colour! It was an afternoon well spent and I would highly recommend it.  

MK, Co Dublin

I am one of those girls who just threw on something from my wardrobe and left. When I was going out for an occasion I stood staring at the wardrobe hoping for inspiration as to what to wear. Then I found a modern day fairy godmother in Maria.  She showed me my best colours, how to team them together, made some make-up choices in my colour season and now I'm a little kinder to myself by just taking that extra little bit of time for me. I have had quite a few events recently and have dressed for them all without breaking into a cold sweat. I've learned how to accessorise and team things together. I can go into a shop now knowing my colours where before I would have been in a tizzy and felt bad. After House of Colour and Maria's help I now have confidence. The compliments range from 'you look amazing, so much younger'  to  'have you lost weight', to 'what have you done tell me your secret'. I know there is no secret - it's just magical how colours can change you. I now enjoy going out and dressing up or just dressing for every day .A big thank you to Maria, Personal Stylist, who was very professional, courteous and always stylish .I would highly recommend this to all and I'm delighted to have done it.

LN, Co Louth, Ireland

Maria conducts herself with great professionalism and the colour analysis is both great fun and very informative. Before my session with Maria I was wearing a lot of colours that naturally suited me but also quite a few that didn't. Her methods of selecting the right colours for the individual made a lot of sense and I could really see what a difference the 'right' colours made to my appearance. I also was introduced to some colours that I had never even considered before that suited me. It makes shopping a whole different experience, less time consuming and less wasteful. Getting dressed in the morning has become easier as all the different pieces that make up my wardrobe now go together! My friends and family definitely noticed the difference and I got loads of lovely comments on my appearance. A session with Maria is definitely money well spent and a great investment - she will save me from making lots of bad choices when it comes to buying clothes in the future!

JP, Co Monaghan

Since getting my colour consultation at House of Colour I now know that certain shades complement my natural colouring more than others. This has made shopping a lot easier & faster! I also learned how to best wear the colours I already had in my wardrobe.  I got great advice on lipstick (which I never wore before) and now I apply it everyday. I've received compliments like "you look great" and "you've lost weight" (I haven't!) and "you look elegant".

I definitely feel more confident now.

Thank you Maria!

KK, Co Cavan

It was a big shock to me finding out I was an Autumn although when I checked my wardrobe I seemed to have a natural tendency to buy some of the greens (maybe that is because of my eye colour!) The reason why it was a shock was because I was told years ago that I should be wearing strong colours ...pinks,purples & BLACK!!! How wrong that was & instinctively I seemed to feel that whites,silver & grays were not great on me. I am convincing myself that in my younger days it was ok!

Anyway to the present now I love the fact that when I go shopping and have my swatch with me, it is so much easier to eliminate colours & immediately go for what I now know looks great on me. What a super year to be an Autumn too with so many of our colours being fashionable.  My daughter and I swapped several of our clothes ... she being Winter...& this was brilliant. 

Also I love the fact that everytime I open my wardrobe I have this beautiful range of shades which work beautifully for coordination and this gives me so much variety in my outfits. Sometimes I  open the wardrobe door just to get that wow feeling of seeing beautiful shades all working together. I have received so many comments from my friends which just proves that the colours do look good on me. What this Colour analysis has done for my confidence is just of the best Birthday presents ever ... thanks to my beautiful daughter.

DC, Co Cavan

I'm really enjoying replacing colours in my wardrobe. The biggest change of all is replacing the black with navy, amazing the difference for me as a Spring.  

Since spending a morning with Maria I am now happier with my colour choices as I now know they suit me. Colours that I would never have considered before are now hanging in my wardrobe and better still I'm wearing them. I now never go shopping without my colour wallet, even the hubby will ask before we leave "have you got your colours with you". I am receiving compliments on my hair and weight (both of which never changed). But my best compliment came from my 17 year old daughter, I was heading out over Christmas with my friends and before I left she said "Mammy that has to be one of your colours". She didn't say I looked great but from a 17 year old I take it as a compliment - they don't come that often! Thanks again Maria for a lovely informative, enjoyable morning. I will be organizing my Personal Style class very soon.

FC, Co Monaghan, Ireland

“My Mother and I spent a day with Maria, Personal Stylist at House of Colour not knowing what to expect, but we had a wonderful experience learning all about what colours suit us.  We both discovered that we are a “Warm Autumn Leaf” which introduced us to colours that we never had considered wearing or even looking at.  Since then we have trusted Maria’s guidance and have bought only our colours which we are delighted to say, is being noticed and complimented by our family and friends.  Both my mother and I understand and can see how the complimentary colours enhance our skin tones. We are now both looking forward to our next visit to House of Colour where Maria is providing us guidance and advice on Makeup and Bra fitting.  

OS, Co Monaghan

I found the colour consultation process fascinating and was really surprised with the final verdict - Winter. Although I soon realised  that some of the colours were ones that I already knew suited me. It eliminated many other colours so it is a great tool for finally weeding out rarely worn clothes from my wardrobe. It makes shopping for clothes so much easier now, as I can sail past any unsuitable colours and make a beeline only for the colours that should flatter. 

MK, Dublin 9

Today I had a unique experience. I had to purchase another Burgundy House of Colour lipstick (L512).  To many people this may not seem like a big deal; but for me it is the first time I have ever had to replace a lipstick due to the fact I have used it all to the end.

Like all women, I had a selection of lipsticks in my makeup bag. In my case they were all barely used - purchased for weddings or nights out but never worn on a day to day basis. I still had a lipstick bought for my debs which was nearly 20 years ago. I’ve never replaced a lipstick before. 

Last summer I went to an Information Evening by Maria, Personal Stylist at House of Colour and to be honest I went to support a friend. I was thinking this colour and style information would be all a lot of rubbish.  I have to admit I was probably the most sceptical person there.  I listened as Maria presented and explained what House of Colour was all about. She explained spring, summer, autumn and winter colours and I sat there not convinced. However, Maria began to talk about Style. She asked us to do an exercise, which showed me that I was underdressed but I was still not convinced. I thought I looked fine. The turning point for me was when we looked up having done the exercise.  I looked at Maria and couldn't work out why she didn't look as well as she had when we first arrived. I couldn't figure out what had changed. She just didn't look as well.  As she talked she explained what she had done to her own appearance while we were busy. She had removed her jewelry, jacket and accessories and then she put them all back on and explained how each can create impact, I thought to myself - there’s the nicely dressed Maria that began the talk.  This was my lightbulb moment when I was convinced that perhaps I should take this seriously after all. 

So in July I went to Maria’s studio and had my colours analysed. I was amazed to learn that I was a winter. What amazed me more was that winter colours were bright.  Maria talked me through all my colours and gave me what I now call my colour bible which lives permanently in my handbag.  It really is amazing how the difference in the colour tones impact how I look.  Maria also introduced me to lipstick. Not that lipstick was new to me; but wearing it every day was.  I started wearing it every day and people actually passed comment on how I looked different. They wondered whether I had got my hair done; I got compliments but they couldn't pin point what was different. I felt that the lipstick was so obvious but to others it looked just right and now I don’t leave the house without it.

The House of Colour process of selecting your colours & style is definitely an experience I would recommend to anyone. In addition, Maria's after service and recommendations are fantastic.  She is always at the end of the phone and is happy to pass comment on outfits.  I have sent her photos while out shopping, from the dressing room, and she has helped guide me on what looks good and has no problem telling me when I’ve got it wrong.

I can honestly say I have gone from an out and out skeptic to 100% believer,. There is logic and reason to your best colours. Wearing the right colour for you will give you the confidence to expand your wardrobe without having to purchase lots of clothes and will give you the ability to look good in minutes whether you have to attend meetings in work or are just popping out to the shop for milk.

House of Colour and Maria’s help has changed the colours I wear and the way I shop. I have less clothes in my wardrobe now than I had before but I have more outfits to wear. I know when I get dressed in the mornings that I look will good for the day ahead.  Thanks Maria!

AG, Co Monaghan, Ireland

"I stopped looking for the light. Decided to become it instead." 

Thankfully I booked a personal colour consultation with Maria Macklin, Personal Stylist at House of Colour which has been a terrific yardstick from day one when selecting and buying new outfits and accessories. It was a very interesting, intensive and informative class. It's amazing how the right colours can affect your mood and appearance.

Knowing  look great leaves me with confidence to carry on with my day ahead. Compliments range from - 'have you lost weight?' to 'did you do something with your hair?'. I've saved money from selective buying and non-impulse purchases. I feel good and look good. I recommend a consultation with Maria with confidence. "One day or day one - you decide."

Maire Ni Mhaiclin, Dublin

I sensed I might be an 'Autumn' before I attended Maria Macklin's (Personal Stylist) colour analysis class. Even so, just what Autumn colours actually were was a quandary. Did it mean orange, ochre, and shades of taupe and brown? Well, yes, perhaps obviously. But it also, I discovered as Maria laid fabric after coloured fabric around my shoulders, meant a wonderful array of warm blues, greens, and reds and yellows. The key is W A R M! Now I know why I hated my bridesmaids dresses many years ago, chosen by my mother. who adored 'apple green'. Apple green is quite a bright shade and much too acidic for an Autumn like me. 

I do refer to my colours when I shop, and I've weeded out all unsuitable shades out of my wardrobe. I drifted through this autumn and winter wearing blissful colours that actually affect my mood: glorious ochres and tangerines paired with creams and browns, reds that don't bleach my palish complexion, but enhance it, and sometimes subtle combinations of warm cream mixed with what I can only call Hickory brown. 

Thanks to House of Colour and Personal Stylist Maria Macklin, I feel more assured in my colour choies and will now take a definite decision if I sense a colour isn't quite for me, no matter how stylish the cut. Colour creates confidence, and makes dressing a pleasurable adventure. I am still drawn to black, of course, and some habits die hard, but even so I make sure to add something softening and warm to mute the severity of my blacks. All of which means, even House of Colour rules can be broken if you have the confidence to pick up the smallest element of 'your' persoal palette!

M O'D; Co Kildare

There is no doubt that after receiving a Voucher from my daughter for a Colour Analysis (& my sixtieth birthday at that ... proving that it is never too late!) a whole new world of fashion experience has opened up for me. I was always interested in clothes but I cringe when I think of the many items I purchased down the years that I now know were not really suitable for me. I was never content to have just 'ordinary' clothes .. always looking for something different and as a result I bought many different shapes & colours.

I will never forget the excitement I felt in November 2015 when I learned that Autumn shades looked brilliant on me, that the greens, browns, golds etc enhanced my eyes & complexion. I soon enjoyed changing over my wardrobe and purchased some wonderful Autumn coloured clothes. I started to hear favourable comments about how I looked & my confidence was boosted big time. 

However, I still felt unsure. While shopping became more of a joy, and quicker too, I knew instinctively that I was struggling to find what I really wanted to wear. My decision to go for Style Development in October 2016 proved to be exactly what I needed. Although I found this class covered an awful lot of information, I struggled for some weeks to absorb what I learned. However,  the end result has been brilliant.

I now feel very confident while shopping, I know exactly what 'look' I am trying to achieve and even though I did spend quite a lot of money on my 'new' Winter Wardrobe I know that every item in it suits me in both colour & style. I have several items that mix & match effortlessly and will work well for many years. Family members are commenting on how well I look. I have been spoken to at least three times recently in local towns by total strangers. I hear comments like .. "I love your colours" .. "you are looking great" .." I noticed you walking out there" ..

So yes, my experience with Maria has been super. I highly recommend not only having a colour analysis and make-up session completed but also you need a Style Development Class. A real 'feel good' confidence booster for everyone.

Doreen, Co Monaghan

Excellent consultation .I can't wait to use my new found knowledge to boost my self-esteem. 

Michele, Co Monaghan

Truly an inspirational experience. Maria took time and answered any questions we asked. We both were overwhelmed by the whole experience and look forward to 'getting it right' when we shop.

Hazel & Ruth, Co Tyrone

An excellent class. Before the course, I thought the fee was expensive. After the course I felt that it was the best money I had spent on myself in recent years. 

Ann. Co Laois

Great fun and inspiring. First day of the rest of my life :-) Thank you!

Trudy, Co Laois

Amazing. Had a fab time with Maria, professional, inspirational, fun, just brilliant. I will be keeping in touch and recommending.

Claire, Co Louth

"There's something about Autumn that wakes up our senses and reminds us to live"

That's what you did for me on that remarkable day in your studio. You were outstanding Maria and the day exceeded all expectations I had, it was a most fantastic journey of learning for me. 

I received 4 compliments on the Monday after and a double glance look on my first day with my 90 second make up look. I did receive 3 more compliments later in the week. Got the loveliest compliment yesterday from my gorgeous husband Sean. I was wearing a top - Brick, with trousers close to lizard grey, 90 second make up and the rust lipstick...

So for me Maria, this has been a very wonderful experience, and almost a life changing one. I guess I felt that I never quite fitted into the model of clothing, shopping, make up thingy. I used to jokingly say that the shopping gene bypassed me! At times I felt quite stressed about it, sometimes a bit weird. Not now,. Now I can be wonderfully weird as an Autumn. Discovering all this in a single day was truly inspiring. You shared and taught me the power of colour.

I have my niche, you have inspired me, given me the freedom to be me. 

Joanne, Co Sligo