Maria Macklin image consultant and personal stylist for Monaghan / Louth Ireland

Image Consultant, Colour Consultant, Colour Analysis, Personal Style Advice, Personal Shopper, Personal Brand Coach, Wedding Style Consultant for House of Colour, Colour Analysis Ireland, IrelandHaving the secret to confidence in ourselves is transformative, and available to everyone; it lies in people knowing who you are at your core, valuing yourself, feeling valued and showing that to the world. Understanding what suits you empowers you and makes you feel confident. It is based on science not fashion. When you connect your inner personality with your outward persona and those are aligned, your personal brand is consistent, impactful and authentic every day.



Style Consultation – either four hours face to face or an online consultation broken down into two x two-hour sessions. This is an eye-opening experience with results that last a lifetime.

·       Wardrobe review – I will assess your wardrobe with you using an online medium, clear out what is not working for you, refresh your style, repurpose items where possible, see where your gaps are. Simplify your life and refresh your style.

·       Outfit building – a great way to utilise what you already have. I’ll make a record of any new outfits and create a list of missing items as we go.

·       Online shopping – following a wardrobe review you'll be clear on what’s missing from your existing wardrobe, I’ll shop to fill the gaps.

Personal shopping – following a wardrobe review you'll be clear on what’s missing from your existing wardrobe, I’ll shop with you to fill the gaps in what is always a learning and rewarding experience.I


Most of us wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time. Imagine how it would be to look into your wardrobe and always have something wonderful to wear. Wouldn’t it be lovely to know that everything you buy suits and perfectly AND works well with all the items you already have? What better than for you to be a more efficient, smart shopper who knows where to look and what investment buys to make so you purchase the best for you. Save Time. Save Money. Save the Environment.

Style Consultation – 4 hour session (€400 per person)

I start with you. I won’t know what to put into or take out of your wardrobe until I know what makes you tick, how you want to be perceived and what you want to say with your clothes.  

I will assess your body architecture and proportions, your lifestyle and your personality to discover your best clothing style. Knowing your optimum lengths, necklines, jacket shapes and clothes details will put the best of you in to your wardrobe. I explore how to add impact, how to put the smart into smart casual and how to match your wardrobe to you.

Leave with the tools and support you need to make shopping easier, saving you time, money and eliminating any indecisiveness you might have had.

With the right knowledge it's easy to choose clothes that will compliment your lifestyle and personality, which means that you always project the image, mood and style you choose to create the impact to suit the occasion.


Colour Consultation – 3 hour session (€275 per person)

Colour has always been important in the world of branding where it is carefully chosen to reflect the values of a product, a service or an organisation. Colour is also used to show status, formality and authority. Read more about colour analysis and how we discover the best colours for you and your brand.

By analysing your skin tone, it is possible to identify the part of the colour spectrum which suits you and thus what colours you should wear to look the best version of yourself. Knowing and wearing your correct colours will make you look healthier, younger, fresher and more dynamic giving you a renewed sense of excitement and confidence. Choosing clothes in the best colours for you ensures your wardrobe will all work together saving you time and money. Nothing should live ‘rent-free’ in your wardrobe. All of your clothes should reflect you and be useful to you. You will understand your authority colours and your impact colours so that you know what proportion of which to wear depending on the situation you are in. Whether it’s business or formal, family or informal you will know how to have the right impact at the right time; always appearing visible and memorable. Have your colours done today and take the guesswork out of your shopping. 

During a colour analysis you will

Cost per person : €275 

 (I am the only House of Colour consultant in Ireland. Colour Analysis Ireland)

The first worry we have when we hear that there’s an upcoming wedding is what to wear. whether you are going for a large dream wedding or a simple pared down event, there are lots of things to consider for the bridal party. The bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen and families will want to look their best on your special day. House of Colour can help plan the best colours and styles for everyone. Look and feel your absolute best. 

Prices vary depending on services required and numbers requiring services.

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I decided to have my colours done as I specifically want to invest in pieces that will suit me; to buy less and have more to wear.

I left the class with much more confidence in how to shop for my Summer colours. I immediately wanted to sort out my wardrobe and I separated out my right from my wrong colours. A couple of days later the compliments began to come. I would highly recommend this service for everyone - whether you think you need it or not.

JMcC, Co Monaghan

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