Fiona Keeble image consultant and personal stylist for Lowestoft/Southwold/Beccles

" Colour is a power that directly influences the soul" 

Wassily Kandinsky



My name is Fiona Keeble your Colour Analyst based in North Suffolk, covering the Waveney Valley in Lowestoft, Beccles, Southwold and Halesworth.

My aim is to empower clients to be the best possible version of themselves. Through the power of colour and Style I transform lives. Whether it's getting back to work after children, looking for a new career or adjusting to life after your flock have flown the nest House of Colour is here to help you. I am waiting to take you on a journey of self-discovery, a journey which will release an inner confidence that's just waiting below the surface to shine.

After a Style Class you will no longer need to ask yourself "Does this suit me?" During a Style Class you will look at shapes that flatter your body and affordable styles that capture your personality. Is "unassuming elegance" your style or do you love sparkle and sequins! In a Class we will explore all of these traits which define our individuality. Combining this with your body shape will provide you with the guidelines to follow to ensure that every item of clothing you buy will give you value for money and deliver on clothes you will absolutely love to wear!

Style classes can be conducted virtually or in person, the advantage of having a class virtually is you can be there right next to your wardrobe while we explore who you really are!

A Colour class will teaches you the colours to make your skin glow rather than wash you out. You'll also learn which colours within your Palette will give you the "WOW" factor. There's a "WOW" lurking within us all and at House of Colour it's our job to unlock that inner "WOW". Looking great makes us feel great and when feeling great there's an inner confidence that has the power to carry us to the moon!  I guarantee once you start wearing your "WOW" colours the compliments will start to flow.

Other Virtual Services are also available whether it's an online Wardrobe Edit, Personal Shopping or your own Personal Style Boards, prepared just for you. I am here to help!

Colour Analysis and Style Analysis are the two main steps in our 1,2,3,Programme. Its as easy as 1,2,3 and once you've completed your classes, shopping will become so much easier, no more items lurking at the back of the Wardrobe with tags. Your shopping will be more focused and much more fun!

Investing in Colour and Style Analysis equates to no more expensive wardrobe mistakes, everything in your wardrobe will make you feel terrific and will give you the foundation for an exciting, versatile and innovative wardrobe which will work for you and your lifestyle.

House of Colour, is one of the few companies in the UK to hold the Investors in People Gold award. Consultants have been trained to the highest standard and we are here to help you in so many ways. 

Class Prices 

·      Step 1 Know your style what suits your body shape and personality. (£300 per person on a 1:1 available virtually, discounts for 2 or more subject to Govenrment Guidance)

·      Step 2 Boost your confidence by knowing the very best colours for you (£210 per person on 1:1 discousnt for 2 or more subject to Government Guidance)

·      Step 3 Learn how to wear not only the right amount of make-up, but find the best colours to suit your skin tone for your season. From foundation to blusher, eyeshadow to your perfect lipsticks. (£80 per person)

For Bespoke services contact via email

Make that change and embrace a more confident you!



I made the step to have my colours done!
I’ve seen incredible results on friends and decided I’d like to invest in me!
I am a confident person outwardly- inwardly not so much .... taking time to enjoy the colours that suit my skin and personality was a real internal boost, more than I’d anticipated in fact!
I’m going to look at my style and colour combinations in a totally different respect; with the knowledge that they work for this classic, romantic girl that I am x
I certainly left with the wow-colour factor!
So ladies - if I am ageing I’m prepared to do it in colour style!

Terri Freeman

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