Karina Leacock image consultant and personal stylist for North Sheffield/ Holmfirth/ Horbury/ Wakefield

My name is Karina Leacock and I am your award winning Senior Colour Analyst, Image Consultant and Personal Stylist for North Sheffield, Penistone, Holmfirth and Wakefield. My purpose is to empower and inspire people to be the best version of their physical and authentic self. As a Professional Image Consultant I enable my clients to make better choices, look more attractive, feel more confident and save time and money. When you look good, you feel good, so why not look and feel good every day?

My franchise was established in 2008, and I am now one of the leading consultants in the country, with a wealth of experience in working with individuals from all walks of life.

Have you ever thought:

  • What colours suit me?
  • What colour makeup should I wear?
  • What should I wear with what?
  • How do I accessorise?
  • What styles suit my body shape?
  • How do I project a strong professional image?

Have you ever felt:

  • Invisible, Drab or Frumpy?
  • Overwhelmed by shopping?
  • In need of a boost?
  • Curious about Colour and Style?
  • Style-less?
  • Uncomfortable in the clothes you have bought and/or frustrated by the unworn clothes in your wardrobe?

I could go on and on with the lists above, but rest assured all clients have a common goal of wanting to improve the way they look and feel for whatever reason. As you can imagine, working in this industry I love clothes and makeup, but most of all I love people. I have been privileged to witness the transition of 100's of people that I have now worked with and no-one has ever regretted investing in their Image, and learning the Art of Dressing. Knowing what works and what doesn't is enormously empowering and saves so much time and money by not making all those impulsive (or sometimes well thought through) mistakes.

So a little about me: I'm married to Paul and have two gorgeous children age 9 and 10. I'm not some mythical fashion figure who is 5ft 11 and weighs 8 stone and floats around behind the scenes at London Fashion Week. I'm a very busy working mum and a business woman whose lifestyle is probably very similar to your own.  In my spare time I love powerwalking, pilates, cinema and catching up with friends.  My passions in life have always been fashion and music (I was the lead singer in a band for a few years).  My work background is corporate training and development; specialising primarily in the IT industry. 

When personally I experienced the House of Colour journey as a client, I recognised that I was experiencing personal development through image.  I knew then, that one day I would use my skills as a trainer to coach and develop individuals to be the best version of themselves.   That was 12 years ago, and I've never looked back.

So the next step is to MEET me.

Book a Colour Class, lets chat and get to know each other better. I will then demonstrate how you too can look your best in colours which suit your natural skin colouring. Understanding what colours suit you is the underlying secret to getting your make-up and clothing right. Yes, there really are colours that suit you! Colours that draw out the right contrasts in your eye colour, your hair colour, your skin tone and so much more.Take away your leather wallet containing the swatches of all your colours plus a booklet with personalised notes on how to start building your wardrobe.

Prices per person:

121 appointment Mon to Fri £210
121 appointment Sat £230

Class fee Mon to Fri - £160
Class fee Sat - £180   

Personally I attended my Colour Class 13 years ago and I can still remember my stunned silence by my refection in the mirror at how good I looked in my Winter colours. I've never looked back.

Follow this with a Personal Style Class where we look at your body architecture and how to dress to accentuate your strengths and create those optical illusions around the bits you're not so keen on. Understand your personality and how to express this through your clothes and accessories, so that your look is authentic and polished.

Prices per person:

​121 appointment Mon-Fri - £275
121 appointment Sat - £300

Class price Mon-Fri £210 
Class price Saturday £230

​Personal Stylist time is available in 1 hour slots @ £50 per hour

Stuck in a rut with your makeup?  Unsure how to actually apply eye makeup, or where to apply your blusher and how to contour? Come and spend a couple of hours with me and I'll guide you through creating a day and evening look, including those smokey eyes!! 121 price for 2hours is £80.  

Personal Shopping - Some clients like me to shop with them as their Stylist once they have attended their Colour and Style sessions. This is a very personal service which enables my clients to "see" their "Colour and Style" for real in the High Street. Whether you have £100 or £1000 to spend on your wardrobe, this service is very insightful, rewarding and cost effective. What you will see in 3 hours will take me 1 hour. Time and time again clients say to me "I would never have looked at that item, let alone try it on and buy it." So whether I shop with you as a one off, or each season to top up your wardrobe, this service is a brilliant way to consolidate what you would have learnt from me in your Colour and Style sessions. My hourly rate for Personal Shopping is £50 (Meadowhall), £60 (Leeds/Manchester) subject to a minimum of 2 hours.

Research has proven that the way we dress hugely impacts on the way people perceive and interact with us. Take control of the messages you communicate through your appearance. Increase your success and opportunities in all areas of your life. If you're in a field that demands a powerful, smooth and professional image, or you want to hit the ground running, then I can help you. In this practical and valuable session you discover: Which colours, shapes and styles flatter youHow to create a wardrobe that gives you the edge in any social or business situationHow shopping 'smart' saves time, money and effortHow to communicate a consistently professional image by undertaking dress codes I also offer a personal shopping service to speed up the implementation of all the above and offer you that added layer of assurance.

121 Colour for Men - £200
121 Style for Men - £200

I run classes during the week and most Saturdays from my studio based in Oxspring which is just outside Penistone. Classes are informative, fun and relaxing. Once you've been you will wonder why you didn't come years ago.

So if you'd like any more information, please phone or email me. Scheduled classes are listed, but if these aren't suitable then please suggest an alternative date.I very much look forward to meeting you.


P.S. As Coco Chanel put it: "If a woman is not well-dressed one notices her for her outfit, but if she's impeccably dressed it's her that one notices"



So, how could colour change your life?
Well it has amazingly changed mine, since my colour analysis by Karina Leacock back in January 2015 I've had the confidence to change the colours in my wardrobe and makeup bag getting rid of all those clothes and makeup that never really suited me. Shopping is a real pleasure now something I really hated before and I'm getting a buzz from all the colour combinations I am able to achieve. I know sticking to my colour palate really works and I can spot the colours that best suit me easily, I know they will all work together thus saving me money in the long run. I feel so much more confident, I've joined a college course sorted out a long running family issue and flown to the USA on my own, I truly believe I have achieved this because of the colour changes I have made and the input Karina gave me in how to use them as I feel so much more confident as a person wearing them, it may seem small changing your colour palate but it has made a huge impact on my life and my husband is singing the praises of it too. This was the best investment I have ever made for me.Thank you


Carol Duke

I was bought a Men's colour and style day as a present. I have to admit that I really did not think that this would be for me, but I went for my day with an open mind. To the surprise of my friends and family (and myself !) I found the day both enjoyable and enlightening, gaining a real insight and understanding into the impact of colour and style, in terms of the colours and shapes best suited to my own tones and personality. Having now refreshed my wardrobe based on the learning from the day, I feel confident, smart and stylish in all that I wear, with this reflected back through positive feedback from others. This has certainly made a difference for me, and I have been genuinely surprised and delighted how the learning from one day has had and continues to have such an impact. Thank you Karina.


Brian - Liverpool

After one week of wearing my colours I've had so many compliments I feel so confident.  It's amazing.  Even a child complimented me.  Thank you so much. You really are wonderful, you changed my world.  Will definitely be sending my daughter and daughter in law.  Can't wait to know what season they are. 


Caroline - Penistone

My daughter persuaded my husband to buy me this as a Christmas gift. It was indeed `timely’. I’d entered the phase of `late middle age’ and to be blunt, I’d lost my sartorial compass. I was never what one could call a clothes horse but I’d begun to feel invisible. What did my image say about me? Did I even have an image? Having watched several episodes of What Not to Wear, I was treading a middle ground between boring and tragic. Oh, how I envied those defiant rule breakers who just didn’t care.
Karina was brilliant in that she inspired us all to make the most of our physical attributes and to identify clear steps forward. Style is not to be confused with fashion; style is your personal statement, your signature. Fashion changes but personal style reflects the inner `you’, whatever one’s age. Karina’s objective was to set us on the path to developing a practical & easy set of guidelines. By knowing what to look for when selecting clothing, anyone can feel good about their appearance, thus releasing time and energy to devote to weightier matters.


Anne-Marie, Leeds

I just wanted to tell you how amazing the impact has been for me.  I have had so many compliments from people about how good I look, even from people who don't know I've had my colours done! My husband has got really into it and took me shopping and bought me lots of clothes in my colours.  My confidence has had a real boast, so thanks so much.


Tracy, Penistone

Colour, Style and a Personal Shopping Trip!

After attending Karina’s personal style day, I was instantly clear which clothing shapes not to wear but felt I did not have the confidence to go out and buy what I ought to be wearing in order to look great.  My main aim was to buy some key workwear items. 

I asked Karina to accompany me on a personal shopping trip.  I was a little anxious that she may suggest items that I would not feel comfortable wearing.  However, she has the skills and experience to spot items immediately in terms of the right colour and style and she selected many many items that I should try.  Everything looked great and I could see instantly what Karina could see.  I bought lots of items and came away absolutely delighted with the capsule wardrobe that Karina had created for me.  I now feel smart and modern and am constantly receiving compliments about how smart I look.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Karina’s services. 

I have had successful shopping trips since my day with Karina, as I can now see for myself what she taught me on the day. 


Angie - Penistone

Colour, Style and a Personal Shopping Trip! 

My colour analysis session with Karina helped me to rebuild my confidence after the breakdown of a relationship.  The impact was immediate and I was shocked by how many compliments I received.  After attending the style day I was clear about what shapes and styles I should be wearing but still not entirely confident about what to buy.  I asked Karina to accompany me on a shopping trip.  She was able to immediately spot items I would not have had the confidence to try before.  We had a really fun day and I was thrilled with my new colourful capsule wardrobe Karina created for me. 

I now have much more confidence in my purchases and am now much more willing to try new styles.  Whatever your age and style, I can recommend Karina.  I believe the colour analysis is the best investment I have made and friends have commented how much more confident and happy I am. 

Thank you Karina!


Kate - Penistone