Kate Jones image consultant and personal stylist for Basingstoke / Newbury

Kate works from her log cabin studio in Whitchurch and has achieved HoC's coveted 'Star Consultant' award each year since starting up her franchise in 2003, she is one of the top consultants in the country. 

Discover how to look your absolute best every day of your life, it really is easy when you know how...  Learn the colours you can wear defined by your skintone on my COLOUR ANALYSIS CLASS and we're not just talking about clothes - make-up, hair and jewellery also play a huge part. 

Understand how good you can look in clothes which suit your shape and personality on a PERSONAL STYLE DAY by really understanding your natural shape and listening to 'who you are inside'.  Then let me review your wardrobe and take you shopping!  A COLOUR ANALYSIS consultation, PERSONAL STYLE DAY and MAKEUP session will put you 'In Focus', boost your confidence and save you money. You'll look fitter, slimmer, younger & more beautiful - what's not to like!

I have a NEW SERVICE too and am excited to introduce PERSONAL SHOPPING with a CONCEIRGE SERVICE! (I will bring clothes to you) I will carefully handpick clothes you are after and bring them to your house for you to try on in the comfort of your home, there is no obligation to buy and I will take items you don't like away again to return - what could be easier. 

If you are after a perfect and suitable business wardrobe, I also advise on business image and smart casual clothes.

You are always welcome to come along on my open days to see what I do before you decide.You'll spend with me once what you pay your beauty therapist and hairdresser many times.  CAN YOU AFFORD NOT TO DO IT? Consultations with me are not just for the day THEY LAST A LIFETIME! 

If you need a guest speaker for an event then look no further - let me inspire your group, I'll happilly talk at the most formal or informal occasion presenting individual style, colour analysis, the language of clothes and much more no matter who your audience or what their lifestyle.

I also work in the corporate market, so whether you'd like a team building exercise or help with employees' personal branding I can tailor a seminar or training day to suit. I'll be happy to come along, discuss possibilities and give you a short presentation.

Shopping Trips and Wardrobe Reviews available anytime.  All class dates are flexible.

Recently I have been quite ill and felt low: doing your colours day really lifted me and gave me a much needed boost to get myself back on track, so thank you for that.


I had booked a session with Kate two years ago but was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer on the day of my session. The good news is that the cancer is now all cleared, but it left me with a severe lack of confidence and struggling to start a new life as a retired lady. I have always struggled with deciding what the right styles were for me and trying to tone colours. I knew how I wanted to look but not how to achieve it.

Before our session, Kate had asked me to think about my objectives for the sessions and to think about how I would like to look. This was such a valuable task and gave Kate and I a good starting point in our discussions.

Kate was such an inspiration. I felt as if I had known her for years and we really covered so much in the day. I came away knowing not only which colours suit me but with a whole new insight into my body shape and dressing style. Who knew I had a touch of romantic in me!!

Since then I have had such fun sorting out my wardrobe. Shopping for clothes has become a joy, It is now so much easier to head for the colours that I know are going to suit me. All of my clothes now go together and I love getting dressed every morning. My confidence has had such a boost and I now approach new situations with a confidence which I have never felt before.

If you are wondering whether to book a session I would say ‘go for it’! You will love it and be amazed at what you find out about yourself – enjoy!!


Angela Genn

My sister asked if I was actually wearing foundation as I looked so natural and my face had a really healthy glow - then the ground stewardess of all people said "By the way I love your makeup!" I now wear it more often as it is so simple to apply and makes such a difference.


The two teambuilding sessions with Kate resulted in me reviewing and adapting my working wardrobe and casual wardrobe, the jewellery I wear and how I shop now that I’ve found out what suits me. I’m also aware of how important accessories are to achieve a ‘finished’ look, as are hair colour and style. I’ve also gained a new found confidence in presenting myself as best I can at all times.

Kim - Vodafone

I very much enjoyed my House of Colour experience with Kate as I was able to learn about the colours that suited me best and inject some much needed colour to my rather dark wardrobe. Having a relaxed dress policy at work makes it sometimes difficult to know what to wear but now I know the winter colours I can make my casual wardrobe work well for work too with the right colours and accessories. I can also enjoy pulling out a nice dress from time to time for those smarter work occasions. 

Katy Maxwell


I would like to thank Kate for a fabulous colour consultation.  I was surprised and delighted to discover that I am a 'Spring'.  The transformation in trying different colours and tones and the effect they can have was amazing.  I would recommend attending the course with others, as it was really beneficial to see the process on different people; and even though the 3 of us didn't know each other, we celebrated the differences & journey together.

I just wish I'd had it done years ago!