Tracey Moys image consultant and personal stylist for Porthleven/West Cornwall

I began my colour journey in January 2015. I emigrated to the UK in the Summer of 2006, whilst pregnant with my first daughter. I had resigned my commission from the US Navy and moved to the Southwest of Cornwall to be a mum and a wife only knowing a handful of people and 3000 miles from my side of the family. In 2009, my second daughter was born. For me, mothering infants and toddlers was an all consuming task but also supremely fulfilling. I turned 40 in October 2014, and like many mothers of young children, I was struggling with my own loss of individual identity, lack of self-confidence, and a sense of fading into the background. I hit a low point and in January 2015 decided to invest in colour analysis. It was exciting, eye opening and life changing. I embraced the fact that I was an Autumn and revelled in all of my beautiful colours. It gave me a new found confidence and a knowledge that this was the start of something exciting. I just had to share the power of knowing my WOW colours with my friends and family.
In March of 2016, a year after my husband's life changing illness and a potentially early retirement, I decided to open a small baking business from home and took a Style Class to figure out the last piece of the puzzle that would help me dress who I am on the inside.
Life has a way of surprising us when we least expect it and I was widowed in March of 2018. As a mother of two young girls, I knew I needed to do something amazing to help support us but also to give me something to be excited about. When the opportunity to become a House of Colour consultant became available, I jumped at the chance to be involved in a wonderful and fulfilling career empowering women (and men) to be the best that they can be and transform their lives.  


It works!

Jake asked me why I am dressed up to go to work today then walked into work for my manager to ask where I was going today looking so glam!

I have a khaki top on that I would call casual and not normally wear to work, a gold chain and my make-up like yesterday - less than I would normally wear to post a letter 😂.

Feeling very good about myself this morning!!  

Leah, a newly discovered Autumn

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