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Hi, I'm Pauline

I'm the House of Colour consultant for Enfield. Don't worry, I'm not the fashion police. I'm just passionate about inspiring people and helping you to look and feel fabulous.

My journey started over 20 years ago, at my own consultation. I was so impressed with the tools I was given, and how shopping stopped being a chore and actually became fun, that when the time came for me to stop my career in nursing, I knew that this was how I wanted to continue helping people.

Maybe you hate shopping, and you want a shortcut…. Or maybe you absolutely love shopping, but need a bit of a steer towards the best looks for you, so you don't go quite as mad in the sales! Either way, I can help. I'm sure most of us have looked in the wardrobe and found lots of clothes but nothing to wear, I know I have, and I'm here to change that.

If you want to save money, save time, improve your confidence or just treat yourself to a little inspiration, have a look at the services I offer.

What can I do for you? Well, the services I offer fit into 3 main categories:

  • Colour – for women and men, find out your perfect colour combinations. You'll be amazed at how much more alert and healthy you can look when you wear colours that match your skin tone.
  • Style - again, for men or women, find out what shape and style suits your body best. It's not just about your body shape though, making sure your look fits your personality is a big part of giving you confidence.
  • Finishing Touches – accessorising, make-up and even how to tie a scarf, these sessions can really help you boost your overall look and take it to the next level.

I have my own studio, fully equipped with make-up, jewellery, accessories and a range of clothing samples, giving us a calm, professional environment to start your journey. This isn't "What Not to Wear," there's no criticism or humiliation when you come to me – it's all about making you feel fabulous, and giving you the skills to take that further every time you shop.

Visit my Facebook page at where I share even more tips and tricks.

The results can be truly astonishing… In fact, two of my friends recently had their colour and style done; they both got promotions at work within 6 months. New-found confidence, and polished, professional appearance can have unbelievable results.

​Here is a list of my classes:

Payment option plan. Spread the cost of your journey. Call me for details.

  • Colour for Women £130  1:1 - £200
  • Personal Style for Women £175  1:1 £270
  • Make-up and skincare £55  1:1 £75
  • The Complete Journey (discounted price) £330
  • Style Development Days - new classes launched. £80 each.
  • Fast Track Style 1:1 for women £475
  • Colour and Style for Men £305
  • Mens colour class £130
  • Kids colour (under 16's) £50
  • Teen make up parties (price on application)
  • Wake up your make-up £30


Class Description

Colour Analysis Class
Find out what your perfect colour combination is in this truly inspirational and exciting session. Mini makeover using your seasons shades, advice on jewellery and accessories will maximise the "New You" 1/2 to 3/4 day for up to 4 people. Take home beautiful leather wallet containing your seasons swatches. Ring 0208 364 1491 to book your place.

Personal Style Day  

A full day where we discover exactly what shape and style of clothes suit you. Take home work book and notes which will enable you to go shopping for your clothing personality for the rest of your life!

Make up class 

A very interactive 3hr class where we revisit your best lipsticks, and add a load more!!. Advice on skin care and how to achieve a look that suits your individual self is covered in this session. Evening and daytime classes held

The Complete Journey

Colour, Image and Makeup taken at your leisure. Payment option plan applies to all classes offered

Fast Track

All 3 classes (colour, style and make up) taken together in 1 day. Saving time and getting you ready in one go

Just to say how much I enjoyed my HOUSE OF COLOUR experience on Saturday. It has given me a boost of confidence knowing which colours suit me (no more wasting money). I went to Brent Cross on Sunday, it was great to be able to match up my colours instantly with the colour swatch you gave me.


Thank you so much for such a perfectly enjoyable day on Wednesday! I was amazed at how much more I learnt about myself through colour. I'm certainly looking forward to the rest of the journey under your guidance.


I really enjoyed my Image Day. What I learnt, well some of it anyway, was that my body shape, colouring, interests and basically all elements together are best suited to certain types of cuts and designs and not others. Now I know what to look for and what to avoid, which will save time, money and exasperation on future shopping trips. More than all I recommend Pauline. She really is an expert at what she does and she does it in such a diplomatic, friendly way that really works.


My mum had a style day with on Friday, and asked me to please post about how good it was! She said it was both a relaxing and eye-opening day, Pauline was lovely and welcoming, and mum learned a huge amount that has made her see her wardrobe in a whole new light!

In fact, we then went shopping on Saturday and had a great time. Mum usually hates clothes shopping, but by using what she learned from Pauline she tried on things she wouldn't normally consider and actually liked them, found it easier to see when (and why) things wouldn't work, and enjoyed the whole process.

She didn't buy much (a cardigan, top and scarf), but what she did buy she loves, and we put back a few things that were good, but not good enough 

Thank you Pauline! Definitely recommend the style day for anyone who would like to get more pleasure out of their clothes and their shopping trip.


I didn't know what to expect as my consultation was a gift for my birthday. I have to say it was so enjoyable and I'm going to drop huge hints to my husband to treat me to the Style Day!

Pauline was lovely, put me at ease straight away and really impressed me with her knowledge and insight.

I have cleared my wardrobe and look forward to a 'new' colourful life! 


It has been a while since we had our day so sorry for the late up-date on how things have been going. Since we came to yours for that wonderful day I have got a job! And guess what... I went to the interview day in just pink and purple (you'll remember the idea of wearing pink was slightly off-putting for me!) clothes all from Kettlewell. And I felt fantastic! I was of course the most colourful person there that day but I wasn't in the least bit phased. So thank you for introducing me to the idea of wearing pink because I'm sure how good I felt I looked, contributed to me getting the job that day. I have been working now for 4 weeks (gosh that seems so long) and I am still the most colourful person in the office but I also like to think one of the best dressed! Thank you.