Tracey Marshall image consultant and personal stylist for Bracknell & Crowthorne

Have you lost your clothing mojo?

Maybe you're looking for a new job? Maybe your kids have started school or left home and you've lost your own identity somewhere along the way? Maybe you're fed up of going un-noticed?

I can help you!

Following the Government’s advice I am delighted to be able to welcome you in to my studio from 4th July. Class sizes are temporarity reduced to accomodate social distancing guidelines. For the latest information on our Coronavirus control approach, please visit the House of Colour Blog.

A little bit about me

My own journey with House of Colour started 9 years ago and to say that it changed my life is not an exaggeration. I transformed from feeling frumpy and trying very hard to be invisible to finally feeling comfortable and confident in my own skin. I realised why some clothes just looked wrong on me. There was nothing the matter with me or the clothes, we just didn't belong together.

The choice I made to invest in myself that day continues to pay dividends and I want nothing more than to do the same for you.

During my colour session with my consultant, we discovered that I am a winter, but there’s so much more to Colour Analysis with House of Colour than just knowing what ‘season’ you are. She then revealed which colours within the winter palette were my WOW colours (the ones that get me the most compliments) and how to combine them with neutrals, or each other, to create the desired look.

But it was my Style Class which had the most profound effect. My Style Consultation helped me to understand how to dress for my body shape, but more importantly, for my personality inside. I finally felt like 'me' and, for the first time in my adult life, I actually liked the woman who looked back at me from the mirror. She looked like someone I wanted to spend more time with!

So what are you waiting for?

1-2-1 Classes allow me to tailor the experience to your individual needs or join one of my Group Classes and learn together.

Contact me for alternate dates, mens classes, larger groups or to enquire about any services listed.

'It made me feel me again after having a baby and had given me so much confidence! I absolutely love it - it’s definitely going to require a change to the way I think and shop but I can’t wait for it. I always feel so lost shopping usually!' 

Jo (Colour Client, Wokingham)

'I now know why they’re called WOW colours. I walked into work today and a lady came up to me and said “wow, you’re looking beautiful today”! I can’t tell you how amazing I felt with my new red lipstick and red scarf!'

Amy (Colour Client, Woodley)

I had always wanted to be a more fashionable young male. But did not have the patience to learn or filter through the mass of mens guides online.

Tracey helped to resolve that problem and end a life time of guesswork and give me an easy to follow man adapted blueprint to use that was easy to understand and follow.

Within a few weeks people noticed the difference and the feedback supported that I had made the right decision.

Her warm and friendly personality make it such a fun day and enjoyable day learning.

Anon (Colour & Style Client)

'I've had an amazing experience with House of Colour Bracknell and am so grateful to Tracey for taking us on such an exciting and useful journey. I've learnt so much about the right colours to wear and I'm so much better equipped to select the right style of clothes for my body type and personality.

I can honestly say it is worth every penny and based on the professionalism and support that Tracey provides, it is very good value for money. I have no hesitation in recommending this to anyone and everyone who is looking to get more out of their wardrobe and their clothes budget.'

Denise (Colour & Style Client, Binfield)

'I’m so glad I did your class- I found it thoroughly enjoyable and interesting and just quite indulgent! .... Your energy and enthusiasm made it so enjoyable.. what a great way to spend an afternoon- worth every penny!' 

Michelle S (Colour Analysis Client)

I enjoyed the experience and I now have 3 different shades of red lipstick in my seasonal colour, something I have always shied away from.  Tracey is so enthusiastic about the job she loves to do that’s it’s easy to go on the colourful journey with her. I am now considering doing the style class with her too.  
I have also attended some of the free classes that Tracey has held online during lockdown, giving many useful hints and tips on dyeing clothes/ shoes and accessories- fabulous !

Ali (Colour Client, Woodley)

'It's really opened my eyes to other options and possibilities that I’d never considered before.'

Caroline (Style Client)

'Now I understand my Colours and Style, I realise why I sometimes used to feel like I was dressing up in someone else's clothes.

I have now reduced the amount of clothes that I own, but strangely seem to have more to wear - it's great!

Thanks so much'

anon (Colour & Style Client)

'I am super happy with what we (well you) found. I would never have picked up those clothes or even looked at them in the shops.
I can't wait to wear my new clothes, feel fantastic...and receive compliments :)'

Hélène (Shopping Trip Client, Farnborough)

'I wasn’t sure what to expect but Tracey was brilliant. It was a very positive experience, focusing on how to be the best and most confident you can be – not a lecture on “you can’t wear X or Y”.'

Tammy (Colour & Make-Up Client, Warfield)