Anna Gryce image consultant and personal stylist for South East London - SE22, SE23, SE4,SE14, SE15

Anna Gryce, Colour Analysis and Personal Stylist based in East Dulwich

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Hi I’m Anna Gryce, your House of Colour Personal Stylist and Colour Consultant for the South East London covering East Dulwich, Nunhead, Peckham, Honor Oak, Forest Hill and New Cross area.


From my dedicated studio based in East Dulwich,  I run fun and friendly colour analysis, personal style and skincare/make-up classes to support both men and women on a transformational journey to colour confidence and style power. I give the practical advice and teach skills that provide the life-changing ability to look and feel amazing - effortlessly - every single day.


My relaxed, enjoyable and motivational classes will inspire you to dress with confidence, shop wisely and make the right colour and style choices for you.  Learn to be your own expert, saving you time and money.


A Life Changing Experience

Perhaps you have an important event coming up, a job interview, wedding, special date, or anniversary. Have you recently had a change of lifestyle or are you just having a wardrobe crisis? Well, I am here to help and I would be delighted to take you on a transformational journey. 

First, let me introduce myself, I have been drawn to the world of colour and style for as long as I can remember. I trained as an interior designer and enjoyed many rewarding years bringing beauty into the homes and lives of my clients.  Along the way, I had the good fortune to work for some of the very best agencies, and was proud to receive industry recognition including the prestigious Colefax and Fowler 'Colour and Style' award.


Putting the Grey Away

As the years passed I began to doubt myself.  Although my confidence in designing fabulous interiors never faltered, I was growing less and less confident about designing - well myself.  My go-to palette of greys, which I had always thought so chic, were draining me.  I wasn't ready to give up on fashion, but the places I used to shop seemed to have left me behind.

In short, I felt the way I looked on the outside just didn't reflect the creative, fun, and adventurous person that I knew was inside. It was during 'the grey years' (as I now affectionately call them) that I was introduced to House of Colour.


Dazzling in a Day

I'm not sure what I expected from the day - perhaps to pick up an idea or two, but the unquestionable expertise of the consultant soon worked through a dazzling spectrum of colours to find my unique palette of WOW colours.

I suddenly looked alive and radiant. And when, for fun, we went back to one of 'my greys', I looked drained and aged ten years in a second... well, that sealed it.  I felt transformed, empowered and was officially converted to living life in colour.


All About You

I hope, reading this, you are as excited as I am about what I can do for you.  Right now is the perfect time for you to be the best version of yourself, and together we will make this happen! My commitment to you is not only making you look fantastic but feel comfortable and self-expressed from the inside out.  I will give you confidence and knowledge to become your own Personal Stylist  in the three easy steps :


1.   Colour Analysis (W1 & M3)

The first step is to discover what colours 'bring you to life'.  Classes are held at my studio for up to three people (5 hours). Often friends, family and colleagues enjoying a shared experience, you can also book a 1:1 consultation (3 hours) if you are short of time and would prefer a quicker session. Read more and book your Colour Analysis here.


2.  Developing Style for Women and Men (W3 & M3)

       The final step of this transformational experience is to understand the best clothing styles that flatter your body shape and reflect your personality and learn the skills for successful shopping trips helping you save both time and money. The class is run at my studio over the course of one day for up to four people (5 hours) or on your own on a 1:1 basis (3 Hours). Read more and book your Developing Style Class here.


2.   Skin Care and Make Up (W2a)

Our second step is to help you establish a long-term nourishing skincare routine and learn quick and easy techniques in applying make-up using your seasonal palette of colour that will make you look naturally radiant. Classes are held at my studio for up to four people (3 hours) or on your own on a 1:1 basis (2 hours). Read more and book your Skin Care and Make Up Class here.

You can also choose to complete these three stages in one day The Transformation Experience in One Day for One  (W11) or over three separate sessions spread across the year The Transformational Experience.  (W10) also known as 'The Journey'

Both these experiences offer the best way to get the most from your House of Colour experience and is cheaper than booking the classes individually, saving you money.

We also offer the same classes for men and couples, as well as personal shopping trips in-store and online, wardrobe reviews and colour classes for children, bridal groups or hen parties and colour re-rating for clients who had their colours analysed more than seven years ago.  Please contact me for details.


Now is the Perfect Time

Don't waste any more weeks or months in clothes that don't do you justice; invest in a confidence that will last a lifetime. Find my up and coming classes online or come along to one of my open or studio events.

I guarantee you will have wished you had done it sooner!

Hope to see you soon.


House of Colour SE London

07879 644 044 / e.


House of Colour SE London 2018 Prices (Per Person)


  •              W1 Colour Analysis for Women £145 group class / £2010 1:1 session
  •              W2A Skin Care & Make-Up £60 group class / £80 1:1 session
  •              W3 Developing Style for Women £199 group class / £280 1:1 session 
  •              W8 Wardrobe Declutter £65 per hour (min 2 hours)
  •              W9 Shopping Trip/Online Shopping £60 per hour (min 2 hours)
  •              W10 The Transformational Experience: Colour, Style & Skin  Care/MakeUp £375 'The Journey' (all three classes bought together but not taken together, saving £29)
  •              W11 The Transformational Experience All-in-One-Day, for One £545 'Fast Track  Style' (as W10 above but on a 1:1 basis)
  •              W12 The Transformational Experience All-in-One-Day, for Two £1,030 for two  'Fast-Track Style for Couples'
  •              W13 Colour Review/Re-Rate £60 group glass
  •              M1 Colour Analysis for Men £145 group class / £210 1:1 session
  •              M2 Developing Style for Men £199 group class / £280 1:1 session
  •              M10 Project Manage your Wardrobe All-in-One-Day for Men £330 (group class combines the Colour and Style classes above)
  •              M11 Project Manage Your Wardrobe All-in-One-Day for Men for One £545 (as M10 but on a 1:1 basis)
  •              M12 Project Manage Your Wardrobe All-in-One-Day for Men for Two £1,030     for two
  •              K1 Kid's Colour £50 per child (swatch wallet £55)


Anna Gryce, Personal Style and Image Consultant, experienced in Colour Analysis, Skincare and Make- Up in South East London covering East Dulwich, Nunhead, Peckham, Honor Oak, Forest Hill and New Cross. 


"Thank you Anna, for a tremendously fascinating and fun day which I know is changing clothes and make-up dramatically for Deborah.  You were fun, professional and inspiring - Great job!"


Laura Forrester (Deborah's Mum) - Bundley Heath, Surrey

"Anna was so friendly and helpful during our consultation.  My sister and I both found colours we would never have considered, and it wa a really fun day - delicious lunch, lots of laughter and some great ideas for new colour combinations when we left.  I coudn't recommend Anna More highly."

Laura Graham - Muswell Hill, London N10

"Fantastic day! I felt relaxed and excited while discovering the colours that worked for me.  Anna is professional yet friendly, passionate about colour, knowledgeable and supportive which helped me develop my condifence in shopping and wearing the right colours." 

Yasmin Shutt - Blackheath, London SE3

"Anna has helped me to change what I wear and the way I shop. I have less clothes in my wardrobe but more outfits to wear.  I now get dressed in the mornings knowing I will good. I am colour happy!" 


Hannah Ellison - East Dulwich SE22