Anna Gryce image consultant and personal stylist for South East London - SE22, SE23, SE4,SE14, SE15


Anna Gryce Colour Analysis and Personal Style based in East Dulwich

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Hi, I’m Anna Gryce, and I am your House of Colour consultant for the SE London area covering East Dulwich, Peckham, Nunhead, Forest Hill, Honor Oak and New Cross.


From my studio in East Dulwich (SE22 0AH), I run friendly colour analysis, personal style and skincare/make-up classes to support both men and women on a transformational journey to colour confidence and style power. I give the practical advice and skills that provide the life-changing ability to look and feel amazing – effortlessly – very single day.




 How we do it is by teaching you to become your own Personal Stylist in three steps:


  • Step 1: Colour Class: The first step is to discover which colours ‘bring you to life’ and ‘put you into focus’. I will do this in your Colour Analysis Class: 4-5hr sessions of up to 3 people (often friends/family/colleagues enjoying a shared experience) or on your own on a 1:1 basis (c.2 ½hrs). Please scroll down for prices or read more about our Colour Consultations here.


  • Step 2: Style Class: Our second step is to understand the best clothing styles to suit your body shape and personality. This happens in our Style Classes: 5hr sessions of up to 2 people or on your own on a 1:1 basis (c. 4 hrs). Please scroll down for prices or read more about our Style Classes here. With the skills you learn you’ll start enjoying successful shopping trips, feeling slimmer/younger and more confident in your own skin. At last you’ll find choosing what to wear a pleasure - every day.


  • Step 3: Make-up Class: Our third step is to help you establish a long-term nourishing skincare routine and learn quick and easy techniques to applying make-up that suits you. This happens in our Make-up Classes: 3hr sessions of up to 4 people or on your own on a 1:1 basis (c. 2hrs). Please scroll down for prices or read more about our Skincare & Make-up Classes here.


If you are in a hurry, you can also choose to complete these three stages in one day in an exclusive 1:1 class, or a popular choice is to book all three steps together (taking each class separately) to get the Make-up class at half price. Please see prices below.

We also offer these same classes for men and couples, plus personal shopping trips, wardrobe reviews and colour reviews (for those who have had their colours analysed in the past). Please contact me for details (




However you decide to make your journey with House of Colour, right now is the perfect time to be the best version of yourself, more confident and self-expressed from the inside out.  You will have the confidence and knowledge to become your own personal stylist to help you shop wisely and make the right colour and style choices for you.  Learn to be your own expert, saving you time and money.




Don’t waste any more weeks or months in clothes that don’t do you justice; invest in a confidence that will last a lifetime. I guarantee you will have wished you had done it sooner. Find my up and coming class dates online or come along to one of my free events & talks to find out more.

Hope to see you soon.

Anna Gryce

House of Colour SE London 2019 Prices (per person):



  • Step 1: Colour Class - £150 group class or £225 1:1 session
  • Step 2: Style Class - £205 group class or £320 1:1 session 
  • Step 3: Make-Up Class - £60 group class or £100 1:1 session


  • 3-4-2 Package: All three steps for only £342 (classes are taken separately)
  • Express Package: All three steps in a day for only £575 (exclusive one day class)


  • Step 1a: Advanced Colour - £115 group class
  • Step 2a: Advanced Style - £115 group class
  • Step 3a: Advanced Make-Up - £80 group class


  • Colour Review/Re-Rate - £70 group class
  • Confident Accessorising - £60 group class
  • Wardrobe Declutter - £70 per hour (min. 2 hours)
  • Shopping Trip/Online Shopping - £60 per hour (min. 2 hours) 
  • Kid's Colour - £50 per child


Anna Gryce - House of Colour SE London

T07879 644 044

Anna Gryce, Colour Analysis and Personal Style for the SE London Area covering  East Dulwich, Peckham, Nunhead, Forest Hill, Honor Oak and New Cross.

We so enjoyed getting our colours done with Anna! Anna was great fun and very knowledgeable. She talked us through the tones and colours in each of the seasons; and what we learnt was such a surprise! We both found a selection of gorgeous colours, with help from Anna, and she made the day such a pleasure with a delicious lunch and some bubbles! Thank you Anna!



"We had a great day with the wonderful Anna who enthusiastically guided us through our colour consultation. She was really passionate about finding our wow colours and also provided a delicious lunch- we had so much fun with her!"


'Thank you for such an amazing day Anna, this has been such an eye opener for me and a transformation to not only the clothes that I buy but also to the way I wear them.  Everyday I've been looking at my colour wheel to ensure I incorporate my WOW colours and it really feels great to be wearing more colour, even those that I wouldn't have picked myself.'


'What a brilliant day learning about the (unexpected!) colours that best suit my complexion. Anna was such a charming host, her home is beautiful and we throughly enjoyed the whole process, as well as learning so much and laughing lots. It was a blissful day and now I  have the perfect excuse to go shopping for my new wow colours.'

Beth and Fliss - East Dulwich SE22

'Anna was so friendly and helpful during our consultation.  My sister and I both found colours we would never have considered, and it wa a really fun day - delicious lunch, lots of laughter and some great ideas for new colour combinations when we left.  I coudn't recommend Anna More highly.'

Laura Graham - Muswell Hill N10

'Fantastic day! I felt relaxed and excited while discovering the colours that worked for me.  Anna is professional yet friendly, passionate about colour, knowledgeable and supportive which helped me develop my condifence in shopping and wearing the right colours.' 

Yasmin Shutt - Blackheath SE3

'Thank you Anna, for a tremendously fascinating and fun day which I know is changing clothes and make-up dramatically for Deborah.  You were fun, professional and inspiring - Great job!'


Laura Forrester (Deborah's Mum) - Surrey

The makeup session was great, for years I've been trying to find that perfect red lipstick and now I've finally found it. I've received so many lovely comments so clearly it works!  Thank you again for such a great day, you where extremely professional, warm and made me feel really relaxed, and it was super fun!'