Isobel Penny image consultant and personal stylist for Worcester Park & Epsom

Hello. My name is Isobel Penny. I am based in Worcester Park and cover Epsom, Ewell and Banstead area.

Clothes, colour and style have always played a big part in my life. I was hugely influenced by my elegant mum, who was a winter in her colour season, looking as amazing in bright colour as she did in black. She was known for her style, her lipstick and her large collection of hats that she wore whenever the occasion allowed.

Growing up we always ‘dressed up’ for occasions. I always knew what I wanted to wear, what suited me and couldn’t be swayed once I had made up my mind- brown and gold featured heavily in my early wardrobe. Fast forward a few years and I became influenced by peers/ fashion/ mum and went through a ‘black phase’ wondering why I didn’t look as good as my friends or mum in it.

I found out why I didn’t look good in black 26 years ago when, purely by chance I met my House of Colour Consultant. I booked in for my colour analysis very quickly and followed that with makeup, style and image. My colour season is Autumn so warm browns, greens, teal and golds are amongst my best colours. It was the beginning of my journey towards becoming a consultant myself. Everything suddenly made sense, I could see how much better I looked in ‘my colours’. My style and image class and colours gave me the confidence to wear what really suits me and the knowledge that what I wear is a true reflection of me, makes the most of my natural colouring, shape and personality. My enthusiasm and passion for the House of Colour experience has encouraged my family and friends to discover their colours and style too and I was a “consultant in waiting” for a good number of years.

I am excited and proud to be a true representative of House of Colour and excited to be instrumental in enabling everyone to discover their best ‘authentic’ self.

My colours, look and style aren’t necessarily your colours, look and style. Everyone has their own unique combination of colours and an image that works for them.

I can help you discover your season of colours, help and support you as you find the confidence to wear them. When you are ready to complete the journey, I will work with you to discover your clothing personality, body architecture and lifestyle, teach you the best makeup looks and help you to shop to suit who you are.

If you have already discovered your colours we recommend a re-rate every 5-8 years. Our season doesn't change but our WOW colours may and our makeup may need an update so book in to a class or email me and I can create a class to suit your needs.

To start your journey of discovery book in to one of my classes. If there isn’t a date to suit on the website please contact me to arrange a good time.

For Women there are 3 steps to a whole new you:


Women's Colour Analysis Group Class- £155.00. Find out which colour palette suits your skin tone, eye and hair colour and the perfect make up (Foundation, blusher and lipsticks) from your palette that will give you a natural, professionally applied look. The class includes a leather colour swatch wallet (for you to take with you when you shop) and an information booklet to give you the tools to make the right colour choices for clothes and makeup. All make up is available to purchase. The class is 3-6 hours depending on numbers attending with lunch and refreshments as required. One to one sessions are available for £250.00 and last approx 3 hours. 

Step 2

Developing Style for Women Group Class- £210. Discover the confidence to be who you are every time you get dressed. Fnd out which shapes and styles suit your body shape and personality, how and when to wear accessories and how to create a versatile capsule wardrobe for whatever stage in life you find yourself. Includes a workbook to keep your knowledge safe. The class is approximately 5.5 hours and includes lunch and refreshments. If you prefer, a one to one session is available for £300.00 and is approximately 5 hours long.

Step 3.

Skin Care and Make up Class- £60.00 Learn how to take expert care of you skin using natural products that are free from petro chemicals and parabens. The products are ethically sourced and produced. Containing only vital and essential oils, the products are at the forefront of anti- ageing. Learn how to create the right looks for you, apply your make up professionally and using the right colours to make you look fresh, natural and healthy. Includes a workbook to keep your knowledge safe and all products are available to purchase so you can recreate the looks for yourself every day. The class is 2-3 hours long. If you prefer, a one to one session is available for £80.00 and is 2-3 hours long.

Want to book steps 1-3 together and receive a discount?

The Transformational Experience- steps 1,2 & 3 - £365. All of the above for a whole new and empowered you with a £60.00 (the price of the make up class) discount for booking all three at once with our 3 for 2 offer. (Have the day to yourself as a one to one £530)

The Transformational Experience all in one day- £575.00 for a one to one or £495 each for 2. This is the complete package but all in one day.


For Men there are two steps to a whole new you:

Step 1.

M1. Colour Analysis for Men- £155.00 Colours are just as important for men! Colour analysis in a group class (or a one to one for £210) Find out your best colours to make you look your best self for work and in your social life. Discover your best suit colours and what goes with what. 

Step 2. 

M2 Developing Style for Men- £210.00 (£300.00 for one to one) Discover the shapes and styles that suit you best and leave feeling confident about everything you wear. Includes lunch and refreshments as required and lasts approx 5 hours

Want to do it all in one day?

M10 Colour and Style all in one day for Men- £365 Includes lunch and refreshements as required. For a one to one class £575

Childrens/ Teenagers Colour Analysis up to age 14: £65 Colour wallet is not included. Over the age of 14 we recommend that they attend an Adult colour analysis class to prepare for school proms, interview attire etc. The knowledge will last a lifetime.

Once you have completed steps 1 & 2 I can:

Sort your wardrobe- We can sort your clothing into capsule wardrobes, check the colours and styles, help you to mix and match items to create outfits you didn't know you already had and identify what's missing be it individual items or colours from your palette that you are not wearing. Charged at £70 per hour, this is a great thing to do before going on a shopping trip or for just organising your life. 

Shopping Trip- This is a great way to consolidate what you have learnt so far. Let me teach you how to shop for your colours and styles. Firstly I identify what you are shopping for be it for a special occasion, a holiday or an entire new wardrobe. Typically we would go into Kingston and start with John Lewis. We choose everything in your colours and style that might work and then go into the changing rooms to play. Items are then sorted into "yes", "no" and "maybe" groups and it is your decision how much you spend. You may do this once and learn how to shop confidently for yourself or you may want to book me once or twice a year for a wardrobe re-vamp. You will need to have had your colours done and to have completed the Personal Style Class to make the most of this trip. Charged at £75 per hour, this is a really efficient way to get your wardrobe to where you need it to be as well as being a fun and enjoyable personal shopping experience. 


Are you getting married? 

It is important that you feel and look your best and true self on your wedding day. I can offer you a complete package of sessions tailored to meet your needs for your special day (and to suit your budget). A Colour analysis class to find your best "white" as well as your best options for make up, flowers and bridesmaids' dresses. Personal styling will ensure your dress will work for your body shape and personality and ensure you feel confident and glowing as you walk down the aisle. I have lots of experience of organising weddings, choosing the ceremony music, flower arranging, cake making and decorating so I can advise you on all aspects of your wedding to help you achieve the day you have dreamed of. 

Other options:

The Transformational Experience all in one day for couples- £990.00. This is an exclusive day for you and your partner to rediscover yourselves, your colours, your styles and to be confident that you are reflecting your true selves in how you dress and look amazing every day. 

Colour review: £70.00 It may be some time since you had your colours done, A review lasts approx 1 1/2 hours and gets you back on track. Includes a booklet of information and your ratings. Excludes Colour Swatch Wallet. 

Wake up you make up- £25 Designed to help you revamp your look in line with current fashion trends or simply give you a fresh burst of energy and revitalise your make up bag.

Scarf Tying- £25. Discover how to wear scarves effectively to suit your personal style and enjoy the hands on experience of learning how to tie chic knots that make you look effortlessly stylish.

Having your "Colours Done" changes your life. Start your journey with me today! 




I had a wonderful day. What a positive experience. Isobel is a charming and warm person, a credit to your business. 



Sam Storey

A wonderful morning spent discovering I am a winter.

Deborah Williams

An outstanding session, Isobel Penny is absolutely fabulous! She is warm, enthusiastic and just too lovely for words!

I. Hill

I have really enjoyed having my colours done and the whole experience has given me a lot of pleasure and fun.

A. Jacobs

I had a wonderful day with Isobel on my birthday and it was such a revelation to discover which colours work for me! I can't recommend Isobel highly enough- she ensured we were in a comfortable and relaxed environment for our session and her approach was calm and confident. I left feeling empoweredand inspired to start wearing the colours that work best for me. 

R. Bailey

I honestly thought I was beyond help in this department but Isobel helped me to see which colours have the wow factor- I will be shopping very differently in future- thanks Isobel, I cant recommend you highly enough xx

K. Woodward

I just wanted to write to say that my sister and I both loved the session today. We left talking about how much we had learnt and also how lovely your way of running the day was. We both felt very at ease and are looking forward to starting to put some of the ideas into practice. We are excited for the next class.

S. Jeyaseelanayagam

Isobel was fantastic in all ways. Great host and so enthusiastic and helpful. I've been inspired. I feel so positive in how I dress.

P. Pearson

An excellent experience in a lovely welcoming atmosphere. Isobel is a very thoughtful and kind person who kept us on track for the whole session. I am very excited about reviewing my winter wardrobe.

V. Street

Isobel was very welcoming, friendly, inspiring, patient and very very good. I experienced a whole range of feelings and emotions and at the end felt happy, enthused and became a believer!


I had a fabulous day and feel completely shocked and suprised by my results- but TOTALLY INSPIRED! Thank you Isobel!

L. Miller

It was so helpful to have a colour re-rate from Isobel. Her advice on lipstick and makeup was invaluable.

Julie Taylor-Browne

It was exceptionally valuable to have a colour re-rate  (after 25years from original)It has re-awakened my interest and commitment to the whole approach and feels invigorating.

Andrew Taylor-Browne

Money well spent. My stylist was excellent! Very professional, I'm so very pleased I found her! Fantastic afternoon!

P. McNulty

Isobel was very welcoming and made me feel at ease. She was very knowledgeable and engaging to listen to. 


An excellent experience with a lovely consultant who put me at my ease.

B. Stacey

A fantastic experience- I only wish I'd done it years ago. Isobel was lovely and led us through the process in a friendly and supportive way- you can tell she really cares!


I spent a wonderful 4 hours on an exciting adventure discovering my lovely spring colours and shades with a great teacher. She was so caring and understanding of all the colours that brought my poor old face alive again. I can now wear all the lovely colours with confidence thanks to her. 


How special Isobel made me feel. She was so professional and yet very down to earth.


Very much enjoyed the experience of The House of Colour. There was a calm, relaxing atmosphere, informative and fun


An excellent session. My colours have drifted over the years and it was confidence building to find where I am now 

Mr. A. Cottle following a re-rate session

WOW! I had an amazing day with my stylist. I began to feelmore confident before we even started with the colours! A very uplifting experience for me and I am already at the shops.

Julie Robbins

Isobel was professional, warm, friendly. Environment was lovely. Explained everything clearly. I felt good when I left.

Sharon Cottle

An amazing experience I won't forget! Thanks so very much.

VIcky Jones

A very enjoyable and extremely informative session. I will recommend it to friends!

Carolyn Harvey

Isobel was very knowledgeable, very kind and very supportive.

Anne Zilles

A wonderful day spent with Isobel Penny & friends, learning what colours I should be wearing. Thank you so much

Sharon Conway

Thoroughly enjoyed the experience, feltthe delivery was thoughtful and encouraged me to want to use all I have learnt.

Dee Davis

A wonderful day and I learned a lot

Susan Muat

Fantastic experience which has opened up a whole new world of clothes shopping for me! Thank you

Linda Rainbow

So delighted with my colours. I am excatly the season I wanted to be. Isobel was very professional and personable.

Faith Allpress

Isobel was amazing and I got so much out of the session. Looking forward to her on going help.

Fiona Childerstone.