Julie Jackson image consultant and personal stylist for Ringwood/New Milton/New Forest/Bournemouth and Lymington

Image Consultant - Colour Analyst, Personal Brand Coach, Personal Stylist and Wedding Style Coach
Image Consultant based in Bournemouth - Colour Analyst, Personal Brand Coach and Personal Stylist covering Bournemouth, Christchurch, Canford Cliffs, West Parley, Dudsbury, Verwood, Ringwood, Mudeford, Burley, Brockenhurst, Bransgore, New Milton, Barton on Sea, Milford on Sea, Lymington and New Forest.
** Can’t see a date that works for you? Please contact me for more dates as my diary is flexible : Tel 07765 257658 / E Mail julie.jackson@houseofcolour.co.uk** 
Colour is extremely influential, it makes us feel positive, appear healthy and vibrant. Do you want to look and feel fabulous, stand out from the crowd, become more visible, build confidence, credible and be remembered for the right reasons giving you a competitive edge? You will sparkle in a way that will bring you genuine compliments. I love using the Power of Colour and see myself as a catalyst for positive change in how you look and feel. If you're busy, time poor, going for the next step in your career, had a lifestyle change or just need help re-discovering the real you I can help. 
Having worked in the Corporate sector for over 25 years in the UK and Internationally, I'm very aware of how important first impressions are and how others' perceive you. Time to invest in yourself and embark on a transformational journey of self discovery. You will leave feeling uplifted, excited and amazed.
My journey with House of Colour started in 2015 which was a pivotal moment for me personally and very liberating. Having always had a monochrome wardrobe of black suits and neutral tops I was shown I suited bright, cool winter colours. (I'm a Sprinter Winter and Romantic Classic clothing personality). I gained a different sort of confidence in myself making me feel alive, happy and vibrant. This then inspired me to leave my successful Corporate career in London and  become a consultant as I'm passionate about inspiring and empowering others to be the best version of themselves.
My studio is in Bournemouth - car parking available. Group / Individual sessions. I'm available for talks / team building events and if you are looking for a special present for relatives / friends Gift Vouchers are available. (An investment that lasts a lifetime).
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Step 1 - Colour - group men / women £155 pp (Couple classes available); 1:2:1 £200

Step 2 - Style - group men / women £210 pp; 1:2:1 £300

Step 3 - Skin care/Make up £60

3 Steps in one day - £575

Shopping / Wardrobe review - £ 65 per hour 

Step 1a - Advanced Colour - £120

Step 2a - Advanced Style - £120

Step 3a - Advanced Make Up - £85

Kids Colour - no wallet - £60

Colour Re-rate - £65

Confident Accessorising - £65

Wake up your Make-up - £65

Bespoke Wedding Packages - tailored to your requirement.

Bespoke Personal Styling Services tailored to your requirement - Personal Shopping;  Wardrobe edits;  Business ratings; Confident Accessorising.


Just had a House of Colour consultation with Julie and all I can say is...unbelievable! Which is actually what I repeated too many times to mention while I was there. I had no idea what to expect, I was just attracted to have it done because of how fabulous Julie looks and I thought she was a living, breathing advert for what she does.

In a few hours, my whole attitude to the colours I dress in and make up colours I choose has been changed. I knew I liked certain colours, some more than others, and now I know why they make me happy. What I wasn't prepared for was the way some colours made me look. I would never in a million years have chosen a raspberry pink, which is so pretty but not me...except it is me because I discovered I am Summer!

I was so impressed by Julie's knowledge and expertise, and the way she explained everything so well, not being surprised at all when I was completely gobsmacked by the colour choices! She put me at my ease and was just lovely. And she doesn't impose or tell you what to do, she is very encouraging and empowering.

The goody bag you get given at the end in just beautiful and I am now armed with the info and insight to go shopping and revamp my wardrobe and makeup bag with confidence.

I really wish I had done this years ago and one of the biggest compliments I can pay Julie is that she made me, a 57 year old who was really thinking that there was little I could do, feel really pretty.

Highly recommended.

Liz Gordon

Julie welcomes you in with warmth and straight away you are at ease to sit and watch yourself be transformed with the colour scarfs and realise that some of your usual colour choices just don't do it for you, the colours you would not think to wear make you sparkle all before your eyes.

Julie's expertise as a consultant makes it easy to see the right colour that compliments your whole look. Now I know I'm a summer person I can't wait to go out and look for my next outfits. Booking up for make-up and style makeover. Can't wait best money spent. So glad I met Julie.


Sandra Craig

Julie is an amazing person with lots of energy and warmth and it turns out she is a miracle worker with colour too!


I've been buzzing ever since having the HOC consultation because suddenly it all makes sense ... I love the Summer palette and I'm thrilled that so many of my favourite colours are in there. I also feel more confident pairing up shades that I wouldn't have thought of before. I've already had lots of positive feedback from people and it's only been a week! Thanks so much Julie!


Alison Brown

Wish I'd had my colours done years ago!!!! 😎Thank you Julie for the most amazing eye opening session yesterday in your colour studio. 

I was blown away by the difference it made to have a House of Colour consultation. I'm already planning my new wardrobe. 10/10, i would definitely recommend it, it has been the best tonic, fab!.

Maria Perry

At the weekend I had a transformation moment when I discovered my inner me. My personal colour palette should be Autumn , warm and mellow shades but I’ve been dressing to my character and those who know me will recognise this ( black, white, purple, red etc) Strong colours but now I’m very excited to relaunch my packaging starting with make up and going forward from there.

It was not only fun and informative but visually impressive so if you haven’t tried it I suggest you do and discover just how good you can look and the confidence and compliments you will receive.

Janice Mackay

I had such an amazing morning with Julie. Having no idea what to do with regard to what colours suited me for clothes or make up, I now can be completely confident in my choices thanks to the whole process of the colour consultation. Its incredible. I wish I had done it years ago. Julie is professional, friendly and really good fun. Thanks so much Julie !!!

Alice May

Fantastic session with Julie Bramah, fun, insightful, motivating giving me courage to embrace my personality more in clothing and to make an effort ! Inspired a non shopper to get out the very next day and compliments received since . Highly recommend to those unsure how to present themselves to the world !

Master stylist

Hazel Todd

I cannot praise Julie highly enough. I have had an absolutely fantastic morning, full of surprises and totally self indulgent - fabulous! Julie is extremely talented and I strongly recommend you give it a go (including the non-believers). I wish I had done this 20 years ago - it's actually given me so many more colours to wear than I could have imagined... colours I have never dared go for but have always loved are now there for the taking. I also have some great new makeup that actually does something for me. Julie's home is a lovely environment to be in and of course Julie is just fab. I am over the moon and I feel like so much has changed today, a major boost to my confidence. Thank you Julie x

Tracey Rickard

I had my first colour class with Julie today and I loved it!! it was great fun and learnt so much! I now know my colour season is summer and can't wait to put into practice everything Julie has tought me today. I highly recommend having a group class as it's a fun girly experience plus you get to learn a lot more seeing other people finding out what their colour palette is.



Ana Ferrer Ruiz

I had the most amazing afternoon with Julie today - I learned so much and can’t wait to start making some changes - Julie is so nice and easy to talk to - and she makes great coffee - thank you and I will see you again soon x

Harry Harris

Oh WOW!! Julie turned my perspective of myself/clothing upside down, in a great way! I have been getting amazing compliments since my consultations and feel so ALIVE in my colours. This is a must for every woman. Discover your vibrancy! Kettlewell (linked to the recommendations by Julie Bramah), made choosing my initial 'capsule closet' a breeze. YES, YES, and another YES from me!

Wanda Grobler Nowak

"Julie is positively sparkling. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and her warm, caring, professional manner and keen eye quickly puts you at ease.
I'd had my colours done before, (not with HOC), but became intrigued when I read about seasonal sub-types on a Kettlewell blog, and wanted to know more. Julie has given me absolute confidence with my colours,  and best of all I now understand how and where on my body to wear them to best effect. 
With stage 2, Style, Julie does something incredible in drawing out your personality traits, some of which you may have not realised or forgotten,  and intertwines them with your lifestyle and natural body shape to form your personal style. It is such an eye-opener and great fun. Nothing is right or wrong - it's just accepting "you as you".  I think I have been fighting against type most of my life, so 'new me' here I come.
The studio ambiance is charming, positive, light, airy and colourful!   Both stages were good fun, informative, enlightening and very worthwhile. Julie inspires and helps you to be 'the best you', inside and out, each day."

Shirley Salnikov

Julie is amazing at what she does. So knowledgeable. I spent the day with her yesterday at her beautiful studio having my colours, make up and body contours done. It was very exciting and lots of fun. I have a whole new view of myself that I love and I am now confident to go clothes shopping and know I will buy clothes that I love, not clothes that are just ok. 
So here we go embarking on an exciting journey with full make up (not done that before!) and my wallet of colours. I have already picked several items that I love so bring it on!
This is so worth doing and the bonus is you have fun and laughs all day. Thank you Julie Bramah 

Judi Runciman

Julie is an absolute pleasure to spend time with. She is an expert in her field and I do not hesitate to recommend her. Julie did my colours and that was a fantastic experience, I was pleased that many of the colours that I love actually suit me but there were some surprises that I would never have thought of, new colours which I now love wearing.

I had my style session yesterday (5/7) and wow, the plain and simple outfits that I usually wear - even jeans and t shirts can be turned into a fashion statement. Yet again really exciting stuff for me. Julie really knows her craft and makes it all about you. Book a session, you won't regret it!

Tracey Rickard (post Step 2)

I get so many compliments about how great I look. It happens especially when I'm clothes shopping. I always give your name and sing your praises and recommend you.

You have changed the way I look and feel about myself. I have so much confidence in all areas of my life.

Thank You Julie

Julie Biss

It was a pleasure to meet Julie at House of colour, Bournemouth. It was a positive, fun experience. The colour analysis, style and make up sessions were well worth it.

Julie was great fun,she was patient, positive and an inspiration to me to make me think about how I will dress and present myself in the future.

I would like to say a HUGE thank you and would highly recommend Julie to anyone thinking of having this done. It’s a real treat.

Delyth Hill