Jo Greene image consultant and personal stylist for Totnes, East Devon & Exeter

Please note: I am having renovation work done in my home studio from 1st February 2019, so will be unable to see any clients here in Totnes from this date. This means that sessions will need to take place at your home. I don't charge an additional class fee for one to one sessions in your home, but I do charge mileage at £0.45 per mile. Now, onto the good stuff...

Imagine if getting dressed each morning was a positive, enjoyable experience, rather than a mad dash to grab whatever's clean, frantically holding up half a dozen options in front of the mirror before settling on something that looks and feels, at best, decidedly average, and leaving a discarded pile of even worse clothes on the bed to boot.

A session with a personal stylist sounds a bit indulgent, and perhaps an unecessary expense, but actually spending just a few hours with someone who can help you put together your own style toolkit will help you choose and put together outfits that make you feel amazing for the rest of your life. Worth the price of a few (perhaps badly chosen) extra sweaters, yes?

I can help you figure out what you need to help your wardrobe function for you. Whether it's help decluttering your wardrobe, discovering your best possible palette of colours, identifying your own unique personal style or taking you on the shopping trip of a lifetime, I can help resolve the style dilemmas that are sapping your confidence.

My purpose as a personal stylist is to guide you to confidence and rock solid belief in yourself, by providing the toolkit you need to look and feel amazing every day.

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak" Rachel Zoe

Your journey towards true self confidence can start anywhere, but most of my clients begin with one of two steps - a personal colour analysis, or a wardrobe review and decluttering session.

"The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you" - Coco Chanel

Your personal colour analysis can either take place as part of a group class at my home studio, or as a bespoke one to one session at your home or mine, depending on your preferences and needs. To book into a group class, please see my available classes or contact me to discuss dates. For a personalised one to one session, please contact me by email or phone and I can advise on the package and pricing that best reflects your needs.

Your personal colour analysis will identify the palette of colours that makes you look younger, fresher, healthier, more vibrant and more you. I will also rate your palette to identify your 'wow' colours, and demonstrate a super-slick 90 second make up kit which will enable you to maximise your look with minimal effort.

Prices for colour analysis start at £140

"An overstuffed closet is a trivial thing, yet I find that getting rid of clutter gives a disproportionate boost to happiness" Gretchen Rubin

You may prefer to begin your journey to style and confidence with a wardrobe review and declutter. If you find yourself with a bulging wardrobe but only half a dozen items of clothing in daily rotation, then this step is going to be essential at some stage.

I will descend on your house and help you sift through every last garment, accessory and shoe in your wardrobe. We will chat through your lifestyle and what you want to achieve with your wardrobe, and I will help not only clear the dead weight from your wardrobe, but help you put together an action plan to revitalise what's left and feel joy in your clothes again. And I'll do that not just by sticking to tried and tested capsule wardrobe 'rules', but by challenging you and pushing you just a tiny bit out of your comfort zone so you can find new ways of wearing your clothes and breathe fresh air into your personal style.

Wardrobe decluttering and planning is charged at my hourly rate of £60ph.

"Fashions fade, style is eternal" - Yves Saint Laurent

The third step that most of my clients choose to take is a full personal style analysis. As with colour analysis, this can be undertaken as part of a group class, or as part of your personal bespoke one to one package. To book into a group personal style analysis class, please see the available classes, or contact me to discuss an alternative date.

Discovering your own personal style gives you all the information you need to finally get out of that decade long style rut and back into getting dressed with a grin each morning. Are you an impish Audrey-Hepburn-esque gamine, or a gorgeously ingenue Taylor-Swift-alike? Maybe you've always felt too young or too old or too clumpy or too dainty, or like you would look good in certain styles if only your bust was smaller/your legs were slimmer/you could figure out walking in high heels?

You personal style class isn't about forcing the latest fashions on to you regardless of how you feel, nor is it about declaring that you must only stick to a very strict set of rules and never again open a copy of Vogue. Analysing your personal style is about putting together the unique formula that is made up of your body architecture and personality, world view and lifestyle and coming up with a style that will work for you. We also spend time in this class helping you to interpret your style in a way that adds a ton of impact but is totally, uniquely, you, and figuring out how to blend your existing wardrobe seamlessly into your new style.

Prices for personal style analysis start at £195

"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world" Marilyn Monroe

Personal shopping can form either the icing on the cake of your personal colour, style and wardrobe decluttering journey or the bulk of your bespoke package with me. Either way, it will provide the adrenaline shot that your wardrobe needs to bring it back to life.

Even if you've never thought of yourself as someone who 'should' have a personal shopper, it might be the perfect antidote to your wardrobe woes. I don't care if your budget is H&M or Hérve Léger - my job is to help you find the perfect clothes and accessories to revitalise your wardrobe.

Most personal shopping trips will begin with a quick coffee to discuss your requirements, then your choice of anything from an hour to a full day's shopping to fulfil them.

My Personal shopping rate is £60ph, plus travel, and I generally recommend a trip up to Bristol rather than Exeter if you can manage it - my clients and I often take the train and use the journey there as planning time and the return trip as a debrief.

If you want a quicker, or perhaps a more budget option, I also offer an online shopping service. There are two tiers of online personal shopping:

Online only: We will discuss your requirements and I will put together a Pinterest mood board, and a second board which shows images and links for a selection of recommended garments, available in your size and budget, for you to order. If you've never used Pinterest before, don't panic! I will walk you through the set up steps, as this really is a great visual way to define your style and to shop. This is the most budget friendly way of accessing my personal shopping services.

Bespoke online shopping service: I turn online shopping into your own personal concierge service! After discussing your requirements with you, I will order a selection of garments online for you to try, bring them to you and help you experiment with fitting them into your current wardrobe, then take away any returns and deal with all that tiresome packing up and returning to the post office bit.

Personal shopping is also charged at my hourly rate of £60ph, but can take as little as one to two hours, depending on your requirements.