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Our passion is to educate YOU on YOURSELF! Knowing your best House of Colour, a U.K. industry leader since 1985 in Personal Colour and Style analysis has come to Manhattan! Now in our fifth year, the mother/daughter team of Candy and Kate Gould offer classes listed below that are guaranteed to change your life. Our Studio Conveniently located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, our bright, beautiful studio provides perfect natural light for ll Benefit

  • Look and feel your best
  • Increase your confidence to present your Unique Personality and True Potential
  • Simplify your life and save money
  • Reduce CDS (clothing decision stress)
  • De-clutter your wardrobe to create a capsule wardrobe with many more outfit combinations (a must for Manhattanites)
  • Receive regular per person if you bring one to two friends

    A fast paced class in less than an hour for Manhattanites in a rush. We identify your seasonal palette as described below, without rating the individual in your palette and a descriptive booklet.

    Color Analysis

    $325 -Private One-On-One Session 3 hours

    $250 per person if you bring one to two friends (small group rate). 4 hours

    You have a unique skin tone, eye and hair t. In this inspiring session which includes makeup application for women, discover the s Class

    $500 per couple

    Looking for the best gift to share with your partner? Share a Color Analysis Session and enjoy seeing the transformation . Take the guesswork out of buying clothing for each other - holiday shopping just got easier!

    Unique Personal Style Analysis

    $450- Private On-One Session 4 hours

    $400 per person if you bring two to three friends (small group rate). 5 hours - refreshments served.

    Are your clothes making an accurate statement about who you are? When you understand and embrace the elements of your Unique Personal Style you will look great wearing clothing that best suits your body's natural lines, your personality and your individual lifestyle. You will know exactly how to choose the right accessories, patterns and textures to express your Unique Personal Style. Learn how to create a "capsule wardrobe": reduce your wardrobe by one third but have three times more to wear because everything works together!

    Includes Personal Style Workbook and Individual Clothing Personality Notes

    Wake Up Your Make Up

    $75- Private One-On-One Session

    $55 per person if you bring two to three friends

    Please note: If you have not taken for a private one-on-one session

    $625 each for two people

    If you don't have the time for leisurely learning or prefer the intensity of one-on-one coaching, then this fast track session is for you. Includes all the materials from Color Anlysis, Personal Style and Make Up sessions in one life-changing day.(Price adjusted for Color and Style only). Ideal for companies to give as employee gifts or incentives.

    Fast Track For Men (Color Analysis and Personal Style)

    $500 for a half day session 3.5 hours

    House of Colour Manhattan offers you the opportunity to get a personal s also an ideal package for companies to use as corporate gifts or incentive awards for Top Achievers.

    We will provide you with the fashion advice to keep your look current.

    -Learn the differences between the various looks men can wear, understanding which look is appropriate for your work role- whether it is "traditional professional" or "business casual".

    -Discover which per hour

    We bring a full set of drapes to your home to sort your clothes first into your palette and then in your best styles. This can be a two session review - first for per hour

    Need help to find the perfect items? We have the best shops on our doorstep and can help you use your time efficiently.


Always busy with work and concerned that I look ‘professional,’ both in formal and casual business environments, over the years I developed a wardrobe with conservative-styled pieces, most in the same color family. I viewed my clothing as a kind of uniform. As a result, shopping for work clothes and wearing work clothes were never a source of pleasure. One session with Candy changed all of that. My session gave me a new approach to my existing wardrobe, without spending a fortune for a new one. Candy helped me find colors that could beautifully accent the clothing I had to create a more impressive and dynamic appearance. She gave me ideas for (eye catching?) colors that I would never have selected on my own that I could wear comfortably in professional venues. And, it was done within a fun, confidential setting that enabled me to face my long-held personal clothing taboos and receive advice in a non-judgmental, helpful way. There is no question that having a boost in my external image also boosted my confidence and spirit. I would highly recommend Candy and the House of Colour for any professional who wants to enhance his/her image and project a more positive demeanor.

Amy - NYC

Dear Candy and Kate,

The experience you both provided me today was world class. I will never forget it. I am so thankful! This truly will change my life and how I feel about myself. As a mom with a fifteen month old, a husband, a new house and many people to care for in my business, this experience with you is worth the investment. You both made me feel great and confident. I also have clarity on how to go about choosing clothing and shopping. This is invaluable.Thank you again. What a pleasure!

Elina - Mahopac NY

I am a long-time litigation partner at a major firm, and before going to House if Colour I thought I had a pretty good idea of what colors and styles were flattering to me. What I found, however, was that Candy Gould's detailed color assessment helped me see the difference between colors that are only okay for me and those that are most flattering. Her style analysis further helped me understand the type of clothes that look best on me. Taken together, those insights both encouraged me to try some new colors and helped me avoid some expensive mistakes. I now focus my wardrobe and jewelry purchases on those items that really suit me and that I am happy to wear. 


Marjorie - Larchmont, NY.

I cannot thank Kate and Candy enough for their invaluable guidance in the color and style classes that I have taken at House of Colour. The color class opened my eyes as to what colors look best on my skin tone. While I already had some of these colors in my closet, one of the most exciting parts of the class was discovering the colors that looked best on me that I didn't own and that tended to shy away from while shopping. It was also very illuminating to discover the colors that do NOT look best on me - this certainly explained why I never felt great in certain items of clothing that I otherwise liked a lot. The style class helped me to understand what kind of clothes looked best on my body type and also express my personality. This class has proven especially helpful in shopping for clothes for work. Before taking the class, I struggled with choosing work clothes that were appropriate for the office yet also allowed me to feel like myself. Now I'm very happy with what I wear to work and the numerous compliments I receive on my work outfits are a testament to this.

Overall, my classes at the House of Colour have improved my confidence at work in addition to my personal life. I wholeheartedly recommend them to all of my family and friends.

Jasmine - NYC

My wife kept prodding me to go to the House of Colour after she had a session.  Although I was skeptical (and perhaps a little embarrassed), I could see how wonderful she looked after getting advice on what wardrobe colors looked best on her.  So I went, partly as a dutiful husband and partly secretly intrigued by the difference it made with my wife.  It turned out to be fun, interesting and utterly unembarassing. Candy Gould was terrific in helping me determine what clothes' colors looked best on me.  She methodically and professionally advised me, actually illustrating the effects with multiple comparisons so I could see for myself.  My skepticism melted away when I saw how much better I looked in selected colors--opening up colors I might not have thought of before, demonstrating that some colors I  had chosen in the past really didn't help me, and showing me how to coordinate those colors for the best effect.  All in all it was a wonderful experience that I continually benefit from. It has been a real surprise to me that people actually notice and favorably comment! Thank you Candy


Lance - Larchmont, NY.

As a lawyer with over 30 years experience in private practice, I know from first hand experience how important it is to dress appropriately in the work place. First class legal expertise is only part of the story. How one comes across, and that includes how one is dressed, also matters a great deal.

Candy fully understands this. She has the experience and eye to help her clients strike the balance that is right for them and their work environment. And she achieves this in a truly professional but also very enjoyable way.

Rachel - NYC

The environment was perfect for doing the analysis! Candy's candidness, sincerity and knowledge were added bonuses. I feel like I have a solid foundation on which to work with and can move forward in cleaning out my closet, purchasing new clothing, with much more awareness. Because I'm in a transition in my life where I need to bring my style, colors, persona together, Candy helped me to feel more stabilized and directed to my next steps. Thank you thank you thank you!



Judith - NYC

This was such a great experience. Candy is an unquestionable expert at what she does. She's also warm, funny, and interesting. Her color analysis is a worthwhile investment. I can't wait to do the style analysis too!

Cheryl - NYC