Jenny Goldsmith image consultant and personal stylist for High Wycombe

My studio is now open for face to face consultations after being closed for 4 months due to Covid19. I’ve been busy throughout the lockdown period offering virtual services via Zoom – Style, online shopping and make up demonstrations, but now I can welcome everyone back personally.

I have been trained in Covid Infection Prevention and Control and have done all the necessary risk assessments.Things will be a little different as we will need to keep our distance where possible and I shall be wearing a visor to carry out the colour analysis to discover my clients Wow! Colours. For the foreseeable future, I shall be seeing clients on a 1-1 basis unless you live with someone or are in a support bubble together. All my equipment will be cleaned and quarantined for 72 hours between sessions. I am still running my virtual sessions if you feel you aren't able to attend the studio:

Style Class - Instead of a 4-5 hour session in my studio, you can now take your Style class over 2 or 3 sessions in the comfort of your own home! With a little bit of prep done by you in advance, we will schedule the sessions to suit your availability spread over several days so you get time to digest each section and have space to ask questions in your next session. You'll have a chance to show me your wardrobe and you'll learn all aspects of your body shape and how to dress it. We'll look at your personality and see how best to reflect this in the way you dress.

Style Review - If you've taken your Style class already, but feel you need a refresh and a reminder to go through some specifics, revisit style principles, delve deeper into colour understanding and ask those questions you might have, then this is the session for you. I charge my hourly rate of £65 which can be booked to suit your time -frame.

Wardrobe Review - This is a great time to get your wardrobe sorted! With a wardrobe review you can learn lots of hints and tips for getting more versatility out of your wardrobe and learning how to make new outfits from what you have already have. Remember, your wardrobe isn't a museum, it's your toolkit.

Online Shopping & Style Look Books - following a wardrobe review you'll be clear on what’s missing from your existing wardrobe so I’ll create a shopping plan and outfit recommendations.


Hi Jenny,

Thank you so much again for my style afternoon. I had such a lovely time!

I'm a changed person now. I wear my 90 second make up every day, I'm wearing dresses at work during weekend dinner services, and I'm a lot more thoughtful about what I wear on the other occasions as well. I've had lots of complements to boot! I was given a John Lewis voucher for my birthday so I'm excited to use that on some new clothes to fill my wardrobe gaps. I've also seen a change at work - my employers have been very complimentary on how well I'm doing, maybe there's change on the horizon, who knows!


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