Annette Byman image consultant and personal stylist for Fort Myers, Florida


Hello. My name is Annette Byman and I am a Color & Style Consultant with House of Colour. Color Analysis is a detailed process which requires specific components in order to deliver an accurate analysis. At House of Colour, we utilize natural light (never artificial light) and we always analyze in person to obtain the truest analysis possible. I received my training and certification at the House of Colour Headquarters located in Watford, England and I am quite excited to bring my knowledge and skills to the state of Florida.  

Looking good and feeling great are important lifestyle goals the great majority of people strive for. In today’s fast paced social media world, first impressions are more important than ever. One of the best ways to ensure a positive first impression is by learning which colors of the color spectrum harmonize with your skin color, your eye color and your hair color. Once you’ve identified those colors, I believe you will be amazed as to how much younger and vibrant you look. The correct colors will brighten your eyes, minimize the appearance of wrinkles, produce a clearer looking skin tone and...the best part…the right colors will actually produce a slimming effect. 

I offer my services to men and women of all ages, including children and teenagers. My full time studio is located at 15971 McGregor Blvd. in Ft. Myers, FL, but I also have studio’s in Omaha, NE and Alexandria, MN.  Don’t live close to any of those locations but would like to book a session with me? Please contact me and we will discuss options of how we can make it happen.  

Color Analysis provides you a powerful tool you will use for the rest of your life. I look forward to meeting you and allowing me the privilege of placing that knowledge in your hands!