Annette Byman image consultant and personal stylist for Fort Myers, Florida


Hello. My name is Annette Byman and I am a Color & Style Consultant with House of Colour - Florida.  Whether color analysis is a "real thing" is a debate often inquired by people who question its validity, as well as whether it's worth their time, money and energy. Obviously, I believe its a real thing...because I see it...and my clients see it...on a daily basis. Color has been viewed over the centuries by physicists, artists, psychologists, philosophers, mathematicians, etc. and all have discovered their own theories about how colors interact with each other. We've been surrounded by color our entire lives. We can't even imagine a world without color. It affects us on many levels...especially emotionally and energetically. At House of Colour, we delve into the wonderful world of color and discover together where you "belong" on the spectrum of color. God created each of us uniquely...our hair color, skin color and eye color play an important role in determining the colors that harmoize best with our coloring. The process is takes approximately 2 hours per person to complete. We utilize natural light (never artificial light) and we always analyze in person to obtain the truest analysis possible. As we proceed through the session, you clearly see which colors are working for you...and which are working against you.

Looking good and feeling great are important lifestyle goals the great majority of people strive for. In today’s fast paced social media world, first impressions are more important than ever. What we are wearing sends a subliminal message. It's important that message be one that is authentic to you and is flattering. One of the best ways to ensure a positive first impression is by learning which colors of the color spectrum harmonize with your skin color, your eye color and your hair color. Once you’ve identified those colors, I believe you will be amazed as to how much younger and vibrant you look. The correct colors will brighten your eyes, minimize the appearance of wrinkles, produce a clearer looking skin tone and...the best part…the right colors will actually produce a slimming effect. Another service that is unique to House of Colour is our Style Analysis Session. Your body geometrics and personality traits place you somewhere within the six (6) archetypes identified by psychologist, Carl Jung. We take all those factors into consideration during this session and identify the style of clothing that accentuates best who you are. 

House of Colour has also created a make-up line specific to each of the four (4) seasons. Regardless of which color(s) you are wearing from your season's palette, all of the make-up products will work in harmony with each other. You will be able to eliminate the wrong "base" (i.e. yellow base or blue base) of colors quickly and your make-up bag and make-up routine will become minimalized because when you are wearing the colors that harmonize with your unique coloring, you actually need to wear less make-up. 

I offer my services to men and women of all ages, including children and teenagers. My full time studio is located at 15971 McGregor Blvd. in Ft. Myers, FL, but I also have studio’s in Omaha, NE and Alexandria, MN.  Don’t live close to any of those locations but would like to book a session with me? Please contact me and we will discuss options of how we can make it happen.  

Color Analysis provides you a powerful tool you will use for the rest of your life. I look forward to meeting you and allowing me the opportunity to place that knowledge in your hands!  Below are the Services I offer:

Color Analysis = $195 per person for a class size of 2-3

                           $295 for a 1:1

Our hair color, skin tone and eye color places us somewhere on the color wheel. Are you warm based or are you cool based? Do you need bright colors or muted colors to harmonize with your coloring? Are you coloring your hair the correct color? Are you purchasing the right make-up products? Are the colors you're wearing making you look thinner or heavier?  All of these questions, plus many more, are answered with a color analysis session. Price includes a leather color wallet and a personalized booklet specific to your season. This session is for Men, Women and Children of all ages.


Style Analysis = $245 per person for a class size of 2-3

                          $345 for a 1:1

Discover which shapes and styles suit your unique body shape & personality. Learn how to create "points of interest" in your daily outfit. Create a capsule wardrobe for whatever stage in life you find yourself. Show up to life as your best self! Yes, getting dressed each and every day can and should be empowering, liberating and FUN! Includes a workbook to keep your knowledge safe. This class is approximately 8 hours in length. Lunch and Beverages included. This session is for Men or Women...Children should be 16+ years of age.


Wake Up Your Make-Up Class = $55.00

Designed to help you revamp your look in line with current fashion trends or perhaps to give you a fresh burst of energy and revitalization of your make-up bag. Experiment with our full line of ethically sourced products created specifically for your season. Coordinate with a group of 3-5 girlfriends and share the $55 cost! 


Sort Your Wardrobe = $75.00 per hour

You've completed Color & Style class. Are you ready to tackle the sorting and decluttering of your closet? Feeling overwhelmed? My services include checking each item for YOUR right color and style. I assist with creating a capsule wardrobe and teaching you how to mix and match to create many outfits. Allow me to help you create a quality, workable wardrobe you LOVE...and one that LOVES you back!


Shopping Trip = $75.00 per hour

Allow me the opportunity to assist you in creating a wise and efficient process of shopping for the items necessary to complete your capsule wardrobe...or simply assit you in finding fresh, fun new items to enhance your existing wardrobe. No time to shop? Don't like to shop? Prefer I shop alone and save you the hassle? I'm at your beckon call...


Getting Married Soon??

Imagine having your entire wedding colored and styled in a way that presents you at your very best. I assist in identifying your best "white" as well as best color options for make-up, flowers and bridesmaids dresses. Identifying your style personality to ensure your dress works perfectly for your body shape & personality is important.  You deserve to be beautiful and breathtaking as you walk down the aisle. Allow me the opportunity to assist in making your wedding day one you have always dreamed of. Prices begin at $450.00 for a "bride only" Color & Style Analysis Session. Please inquire regarding special package prices for your bridal party.


For the Men & Children in Your Life

Color & Style Analysis is not just for women. Let's be want your man looking his absolute best, right? Think of the huge advantage your children will have as they mature knowing their best colors and style personality. Think of the money that will be saved. Wise shopping habits begin here. Pricing varies dependent upon family size. Please inquire...

I received my training and certification at the House of Colour Headquarters located in Watford, England and stay current in my field by attending training programs on a yearly basis. I am quite excited to bring my knowledge and skills to the state of Florida. It would be my honor to work alongside you. Please contact me today and let's begin your "Color & Style" Journey together!! 402-201-4219

Thank you for an incredible day! We absolutely loved getting to know you, and thought the world of the experience.                                                            


The 3 of us have been raving about HoC since our color analysis and we will definitely be sending people your way! Excited for our Style Session coming up.


This was an adventure my daughter and I will never forget. She can’t stop smiling and she glows like never before. Thank you so much for a wonderful time!


Loving the makeup! So easy and fast. Got rid of pretty much all my other makeup. It's really simplified my process and makeup bag!


I am just so excited about this journey. It is going to be so exciting once I get some key wardrobe pieces. You are so inspiring, and such a professional. I know we will truly benefit from  all your knowledge and help. 


Thank you for your professionalism, kindness and patience. You are so well suited for what you do.



Annette was a pro assisting me in determing the set of colors that are the most approriate for my physical characteristics. As someone who has sold men's clothing, I believe this consultation process would be useful, worthwile and enjoyable for any gentlemen who wants to be the best man they can be and give them the edge they already have within. 


You're never too young to perfect your look! Annette analyzed some of our competition dancers, age 12. Her advice and guidance helped them discover the perfect color to enhance their "WOW" factor on stage.