Lesley Wonnacott image consultant and personal stylist for Halifax & Calder Valley

Welcome to House of Colour Halifax and Calder Valley.

My name is Lesley Wonnacott, my journey with House of Colour started over 25 years ago, when the business I was working for invited a House of Colour Consultant to complete a colour analysis and personal style session for a group of managers. What a difference, wearing the right colours to compliment my skin tone and wearing styles to enhance my body shape would have such a benefit and impact. I left my sessions a convert, totally enthused by the whole concept. My confidence grew as the compliments regarding my appearance started to flow. Now I say it’s not what you wear (brand/material etc.) it’s down to the correct colour, style and shape that enhances my appearance.

So, I decided to leave the corporate world and help you recognise, nurture and understand what you need to create your own distinctive look.


Would you like to:

Realise the secrets of looking stylish.

Spend less but have more outfits to wear.

Know what colours suit your skin tone.

Know what styles enhance your body shape and what styles reflect your personality.

Be aware on how to accessorise with confidence.

Create the perfect wardrobe and be dressed for all occasions.


Ideally at the end of your experience you will take away skills to appear younger, slimmer and healthier.

You will know how to create the best look for you. Using your new skills, wearing your new colour spectrum and the styles to compliment your shape and personality with confidence, compliments will flow.

Realising what to buy first and knowing what make up to wear that suits your skin tone.

Knowing this information will save you time and money.


The Benefits:

Always Look Great: -

Learn how your colours, shapes and styles make you look younger, slimmer and healthier in smart and casual clothes.

Gain Confidence:

Knowledgeable that you will always look the part. Gives you renewed self-confidence, self-esteem and allows you to feel comfortable and secure.

Successful Shopping:

Determine the secrets of developing a successful capsule wardrobe and shop with confidence.

Save Money:

Expert Colour and Style analysis helps you make the right decisions and get great value for money, avoiding costly ‘mistakes’. Your investment for the sessions will pay for itself in no time.

Enhance your Career:

Portray a strong professional image. Maximise and enhance your career prospects. Win that all-important interview. Gain promotion and your chances of a healthy pay rise by understanding how best to present yourself.


Learn new and exciting things about yourself and how to use colour, clothes and style to maximum effect in every aspect of your life.

Great Experience or Gift:

A great way to have a fun day out and a lovely experience with your Mum, Friends, Partner or Child.

It also makes the perfect present.


Spread the word and enjoy your process.


I am also available to give presentations to enable you to gain more information.

Organise a presentation for:

Your Local Group

Your Work

The WI Society

Inner Wheel

Ladies Circle

Charity Event

Golf Club

PTA Events

Mothers Union

Or just friends


Call 07488267845 or email for more details.