Tash Glasgow image consultant and personal stylist for North Cornwall

Colour Analysis is the start of an exciting journey. This inspiring and revealing session is for you if you want to find out how to discover your own unique blend of colours harmonising with your natural skin tone, hair and eye colour; learn how to use your unique and comprehensive range of colours and develop a capsule wardrobe. I will help you to discover your season and identify your 'wow' colours. It will make your eyes sparkle, brighten your skin tone and help you to look the very best you can.

Experience the confidence of knowing everything you are wearing is making you look great!

The session is for 1 person (or 2 people in the same 'bubble') and lasts 2.5 - 3 hours. The day includes a wallet with your seasonal colour palette (invaluable when shopping), your personal colour ratings within your season, your 90 second make-up, a workbook packed full of colour combination suggestions and make-up information. 

The next step of the journey is the Personal Style Class. This is the part of the journey that brings it all together. This class is all about fitting clothes perfectly for your body shape and in a style that is appropriate for you. No matter what your size or shape, there is a way of dressing that will present you at your best by combining your body proportions and personality traits. Not only that, but your clothing personailty will determine what cut and style of clothes to be looking out for in the shops and how you can incorporate current trends with your timeless style.

Following on from this is the make-up and skincare class. This class will offer you different ideas on how to use your seasonal palette for day and evening wear. Using the exceptional Natural Elements skincare range to prepare your skin first will give you the best base for your make-up. Used regularly, these products will help your skin to be in the best condition.

Combine your seasons colours with your clothing personality and make-up and you have the key to successfully creating a capsule wardrobe that will never let you down.

Other services on offer are:

Wardrobe reviews - It can often just take 2-3 hours to properly go through your wardrobe to sort items that do not fit your season or clothing personality at all; or find items that could be tweaked to make them work. A good wardrobe review will leave you able to 'shop your wardrobe' to make new outfit combinations without having to go shopping. It can also identify areas to focus on for a shopping trip to fill any gaps in a capsule wardrobe.

Shopping trips - Do you have gaps in your capsule wardrobe? Do you have a specific event that you need to dress for? This is the perfect opportunity to have a focused shopping visit with me to help you make informed choices.

Advanced colour - discover new ways of combining the colours in your seasonal palette. Sometimes we can get stuck with a few colours and its time to branch out and explore using the whole range of colours! Let this class be the little nudge you need to embrace them!

Advanced style - much the same as colour, we can become 'samey'. Let this class be the rediscovery of how to get the most variety out of your clothing personality.

If you would like to discuss your options, find out more about a class or enquire about a specific date you have in mind for a class, please do not hesitate to call or email me.

Gift Vouchers and Payment Plan available. 

A bit about me:

I thought I was a busy person but then I became a mum and was introduced to a whole new level of busy! I am so thankful to House of Colour for teaching me the skills on the journey I went on years before having children as I know that everything I have in my wardrobe goes together and choosing an outfit takes no time at all in the morning. It also means I don't often make shopping mistakes so don't waste money and everything in my wardrobe gets worn and earns its place. I'm not the 'finished product' as we are all a work in progress, but going through the House of Colour process really has helped me to know myself better and reflect that in my clothing choices. I would love to help you to gain these insights and skills too.