Rebecca Mitchell image consultant and personal stylist for Harpenden, St Albans

Rebecca Mitchell

St. Albans/Welwyn Garden City/Harpenden/Hatfield


T: 07834484989

2018 Double Star Stylist team

I have always loved colour and enjoy meeting new people. Seeing people blossom into who they were meant to be and to reach their full potential really excites me and is incredibly rewarding. A few years ago, having given up my city legal career to have my children, and once all my three children were in full time school, I was searching to rediscover who I was and to find a new career for myself that would still allow me to play an active part in family life.  I could never have imagined I would find such a rewarding and perfect job as this!

A class with House of Colour will truly have a transformational impact upon your life. Health professionals have listed the following tips for ageing gracefully: 1. To notice our appearance without being critical, 2. to be confident to try new things, 3. to create a sense of purpose and 4. to enrich the lives of those about us. I feel passionately that the skills you learn in our Colour Analysis and Style Development classes can help give you the confidence to achieve all of these 4 things leading to a life of heightened enthusiasm and a spirit of gratitude. You’ll start walking taller and receive confidence boosting compliments just by becoming more visible. Whether it’s in your career, personal life or at home, by learning more about who you are and how you can express this on the outside, you will feel empowered to achieve more, believe in yourself more and feel fully confident to "step into life" and all it has to offer!

From my dedicated studio in Harpenden, I run friendly colour analysis, personal style and skincare/make-up classes to support both men and women to become ‘better versions of themselves’. I provide the practical advice and skills needed to reconnect with our identity and to think differently about how we present ourselves on the outside so that it reflects more of our authentic self within. Through learning these techniques, you will become your own personal stylist!

Being ‘seen’ and ‘visible’ isn’t just important in building our own confidence, and getting ahead in life or business, it also role-models the right behaviours needed for the next generation to get ahead in life too. I am passionate about helping people rediscover their identities and motivations since I believe that it is vital to create visible role-models for our children/pupils/colleagues to look-up to, so that they too might have the confidence to be themselves. 

As we all have to get dressed in the morning, we believe in starting every day the right way – looking good and feeling great about ourselves. It’s an empowering feeling that can lead us to success in everything that we do – not to mention saving us time and money!

So, how do we teach you to become your own Personal Stylist? We use three steps:

  1. Step 1 - Colour Analysis: The first step is to discover what colours ‘bring you to life’ and ‘put you into focus’. In this inspiring and revealing session you will discover the colours that best suit your natural colouring. We will  guide you on how to use your colours to create your own personal look when you get home. At the end of the session you will have a leather wallet containing all of your colours. You will know what works for you and why and so avoid wasting time and money buying the wrong clothes or accessories. The only question you will have after your Colour Analysis is "Why didn't I do this earlier?" Colour Analysis Class structure: 4-5hr sessions of up to 3 people (often friends/family/colleagues enjoying a shared experience) or on your own on a 1:1 basis (c.2 ½hrs). Please scroll down for prices.
  2. Step 2 - Developing Style: Our second step is to understand the best clothing styles to suit your body shape and personality. With the skills you learn you’ll start enjoying successful shopping trips, feeling more confident in your own skin. At last you’ll find choosing what to wear a pleasure…every day. Personal Style Class structure: 5hr sessions of up to 2 people or on your own on a 1:1 basis (c. 4 hrs). Please scroll down for prices.
  3. Step 3 - Skin Care & Make-up: Our third step is to help you establish a long- term nourishing skincare routine and learn quick and easy techniques to applying make-up that suits you to achieve a healthier glow and warmer smile. There is plenty of time to experiment with your colours in this relaxed hands-on workshop. Skin Care & Make-up Class structure: 3 1/2hr sessions of up to 4 people or on your own on a 1:1 basis (c. 2 1/2 hrs). Please scroll down for prices.
  4. Step 3 - Personal Shopping: As an alternative to step 3 above, we offer a personal shopping service for men and women who are time poor and who are seeking to build up a capsule wardrobe or who are looking for specific items.

You can also choose to complete these three stages in one day or over three separate sessions spread across the year. If you choose the latter, by paying for them together you will save money. It is also known as ‘The Journey’ and is the best way to get the most out of your House of Colour learning experience. Please scroll down for prices.

We also offer these same classes for men and couples, plus various bespoke personal styling services which might inlcude personal shopping trips, wardrobe reviews and colour re-rating (for those who have previously had their colours analysed and who feel like a refresh). Please contact us for details.

Find up and coming class dates online or come along to one of free events & talks to find out more.

Hope to see you soon!

Rebecca Mitchell - House of Colour Harpenden

T. 07834 484989 / E.
 House of Colour Harpenden & St Albans 2019 Prices (per person - men or women): 


Step 1: Colour Class = £150 group class (£165 Saturdays) or £210 1:1 session

Step 2: Style Class = £205 group class (£225 Saturdays) or £290 1:1 session 

Step 3: Make-Up Class = £60 group class (£65 Saturdays), £85 1:1 session

OR Pay for all three steps together for only £385 (you will still take the classes separately)

OR Cover all three steps in one day for only £575 (exclusive one day class)


‚Äč Colour Review/Re-Rate = £60 group class

Confident Accessorising = £60 group class

Wardrobe Declutter = £60 per hour (min. 2 hours)

Shopping Trip/Online Shopping = £60 per hour (min. 2 hours) 

Kid's Colour = £50 per child

You may also wish to contact:

Amanda Presswell on 01727 840600 or email


Rachel Kepinska-Smith on T: 07710 412754 or email

Rebecca Mitchell, Colour Analysis and Personal Style for St Albans, Harpenden, Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield




"Fabulous 'teen' session...with my nearly 15 year daughter really enjoyed it...Thank you so much...for giving her the confidence boost she needed!"

Anna P

"I loved my colour sesion today....Rebecca is the perfect combination of warmth, energy and natural gifting as a stylist. I highly recommend a colour session ...especially if you are in a new phase of life. Thank you!"


I would whole heartedly recommend Rebecca’s colour consultation. She’s clearly found her calling. She’s so energetic and passionate about the process and rightly so. It’s a water shed moment when you discover what colours work for you.


Loved my recent style consultation and subsequent shopping trip with Rebecca helping me pick things out. I've never enjoyed shopping before but today I felt delighted with every purchase! Thank you!


Just wanted to take a moment to say "thank you" for today. We had such an amazing time - very uplifting!


[Having only left my colour class an hour ago] I just had a compliment on my lipstick!

Central London

Thank you so much for your colour guidance...It has given me a new lease of life!

St. Albans

I wore the wrong colours for a day or so [having seen you for a colour class] and I looked totally wiped out. It made me see that I barely need make-up with the right colours


Thank you so much Rebecca! ... thank you for your generous time and are so good at what you do - a much needed gift...The whole experience has given me a real boost and ignited my passion for helping people find their true identity and best selves even more!


"Wow! I just wanted to say what a great morning I had...I learnt so much and [you] did a fantatsic analysis on what colours really suit me. You will often see me in blue but now I have a proper understanding of what other colours work (and which don't!). I will now be able to pick out clothes to wear at a much quicker pace rather than trying on absolutely everything!"


"Thank you so much for yesterday, it was so enjoyable ... It was just such a lovely transformation and wow moment"