Gabrielle Elstow image consultant and personal stylist for Marlow / Maidenhead / Henley-on-Thames / Windsor and Eton

Happy New Year and welcome to House of Colour Marlow.

What an exciting moment to start your journey of self-discovery, I'd be delighted to talk to you to arrange a class to suit you rather than booking online or arrange to send you a voucher for a gift so please give me a call on 07762 335771. The Marlow studio is open Monday to Saturday.  I tend to list classes a month in advance on-line but am very happy to put in future dates too.

What better time to begin learning the tools of how to look and feel attractive at home and authentic and professional in business too. Whatever your aim, it's a great time to learn how to make yourself look and feel wonderful, evaluate your wardrobe and consider how we appear to others and what we want to project. For both men and women, these classes are transformational. Perhaps you are dating, returning to work, wanting a promotion, to look younger, more stylish or are just thinking about making changes and learning more about yourself. Colour and Style Consultancy is all about people and how they are different in terms of colour, style and personality - and my passion is to help you understand what works best for you.

These things are incredibly personal and this journey was trully one of the most amazing things I have done that helped me understand how to dress more successfully and feel confident about the way I look. It was great fun to learn and it continues to be fun getting great compliments. As a garden designer in the past, I loved to work with both people and their ideas, plants and colour. Having travelled to unusual places and cultures, my job now helps me put all my knowledge and experiences to good use. It is now my great interest to pass this on to my clients and see their confidence grow too. Helping people as a Style Consultant has been a wonderful job that never ceases to satisfy!

I joined House of Colour over twenty five years ago and am a Star Consultant, hold my Professional Excellence Certificate as well as being part of our Corporate Team - House of Colour in Business (working with both large and small businesses) so you are in safe hands. Today I love to teach new clients, their colleagues, friends and family just as much as I did all those years ago. Colour and Style is part of my life and everything I do reflects it. My particular, most recent contribution to our business has been to design and set up a completely unique dress finder web site that will help you find and purchase the right dresses once you have had your colours done 

What can I do for you? I can change your life! People tell me this all the time and I know it is true for both men and women.  Please get in touch for private/group classes in Marlow from Monday to Saturday on 07762 335771 rather than booking here on-line so that I can find the right date to suit you.

I very much look forward to meeting you and supporting you on this wonderful journey.


"I want to thank you so much for two life changing days.  I would say, because of you, I have had an epiphany!!

I now see why 80% of my wardrobe hangs there unworn for years – these things are for someone else – NOT ME!  I have realised that I do not have to be a Snow Queen AND a Princess AND a Headmistress, I can just be me – Natural Classic.  What a relief! No wonder I struggled to find something to wear on a daily basis, few of my clothes reflected the true me.  I also see that all stylish women are true to their style personality. So what if I can’t wear black, some women can’t wear my luxurious, luscious bronze".

The Style Day helped me understand how to dress for business so much more effectively - I have been promoted twice since!"

"I have spent all my life feeling bad about my appearance and, as a consequence, my physical self-esteem has been very low. As a business woman, my image is important and I began to realise that my appearance wasn't working for me.

Having my colour, image and make-up done by Gabrielle was a revelation. Despite my lack of taste in clothes, she at no time made me feel judged. Instead, she gently showed me what would suit me, displaying sensitivity at all times so that I felt completely safe to be me".

“Colour Analysis changed my life! You may think that’s over the top and before I had it, I would have too, but it’s true. The class has been worth the money ten times over”.

Karen Bott

“I found my session stimulating, educational and fun, and now wonder how I managed for so many years without this knowledge. I recommend it as an enlightening experience”.

Graeme Sewell