Gabrielle Elstow image consultant and personal stylist for Marlow / Maidenhead / Windsor and Eton

Welcome to House of Colour Marlow, Maidenhead and Windsor.

* Colour Analysis - the most exciting personal discovery with information that lasts a lifetime.  You will learn about make-up, hair colour and accessories too.

* Developing Style - how would you feel knowing exactly which shapes to buy and how to put it all together?  Learn how to build a wardrobe to enhance your business success or social life.

* Make-up - a great workshop to ensure confidence at all times.

* Wardrobe Review - we'll assess your wardrobe together and clear out what you don't need and make a plan for what to look for. It's really supportive, fun and exciting!

* On-line shopping - tell me what you are looking for, or we can work it out together and I can shop for you.

Please get in touch to arrange workshop dates to suit you on 07762 335771 or email:

What a great time to begin learning the tools of how to look and feel your best at home and authentic and professional in business too, especially on Zoom where specific advice can really add to your personal impact.  Whatever your aim, it's a great time to learn how to look and feel wonderful, evaluate your wardrobe and consider how we appear to others and what we want to project. For both men and women, these classes are transformational. Perhaps you are dating, returning to work, seeking new employment, wanting a promotion, to look younger, more stylish or are just thinking about making changes and learning more about yourself. Colour and Style Consultancy is all about people and how they are different in terms of colour, style and personality - and my passion is to help you understand what works best for you.

These things are incredibly personal and this journey was trully one of the most amazing things I have done that helped me understand how to dress more successfully and feel confident about the way I look. It was great fun to learn and it continues to be fun getting great compliments. As a garden designer in the past, I loved to work with both people and their ideas, plants and colour. Having travelled to unusual places and cultures, my job now helps me put all my knowledge and experiences to good use. It is now my great interest to pass this on to my clients and see their confidence grow too. For more than 25 years helping people as a Style Consultant has been a wonderful job that never ceases to satisfy!

I am a Star Consultant, hold my Professional Excellence Certificate as well as being part of our Corporate Team - House of Colour in Business (working with both large and small businesses) so you are in safe hands. Today I love to teach new clients, their colleagues, friends and family just as much as I did all those years ago. Colour and Style is part of my life and everything I do reflects it.

What can I do for you? I can change your life! People tell me this all the time and I know it is true for both men and women.  Please get in touch for private/group classes in Marlow from Monday to Saturday on 07762 335771 rather than booking here on-line so that I can find the right date to suit you.

I very much look forward to meeting you and supporting you on this wonderful journey.


PS  If you already know your colours, you may like to take a look at my on-line shop at where you can find beautiful, unique scarves in all your best colours and styles.


"Your Colour Analysis workshop gave me the tools to feel fantastic every day.  Now my wardrobe is sorted out and easy to find great outfits from all the time.  I love the confidence, not to mention, money saving side that it has brought.  Thank you Gabrielle.  I am in a whole new world!


Anne James

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