Penny Elger image consultant and personal stylist for Bolton / Burnley / Blackburn/ Rawtenstall

Penny Elger,  Colour Analysis and Personal Style Adviser for - Bolton, Blackburn, Burnley, Preston and the Rossendale Valley.

Hello, I am Penny Elger your House of colour stylist. I have been a stylist for over 14 years and hold the star consultant award for 11 years as well as the new double star consutant. I am also the regional manager for the North West and have won the development award. The vidoe explains how House of Colour changed my life and I would love to meet you to help you create positive change in yours.


  • spend less and wear more, look in your wardrobe and not feel downhearted?
  • know what your WOW colours really are?
  • be confident and congruent in the way you present yourself?
  • understand how and why to accessorise?
  • put together the perfect capsule wardrobe for your lifestyle and budget?

If I could wave a magic wand, what would you want?    People leave feeling great after just one day!

See the comments below.


Please check the classes here for more details, call or email Penny for the latest availability or to treat someone special with a personalised gift voucher for any class, product or service.

The aim is to respond as soon as feasible and to be as flexible as possible to fit in with your requirements. As well as the published class dates other dates are always possible, including dates for Individual sessions and mixed groups. Weekdays, weekends and early evening are available and bookings often made at short notice. They can be tailored specifically for you or your group. DO it NOW!!

I am also delighted to give presentations on a number of subjects to your group, at work, the WI, charity event, golf club, PTA events, mothers union, or just your friends,
Call or email for more details.

Penny Elger,  Colour Analysis and Personal Style Adviser for - Bolton, Blackburn, Burnley, Preston and the Rossendale Valley.


Helen Smith, Personal Style and Image Consultant, experienced in Colour Analysis, Skincare and Make-up, Image & Style advice covering Milton Keynes, Newport Pagnall, Buckingham, Olney, Bedford, North Bucks and Bedfordshire villages. - See more at:
Helen Smith, Personal Style and Image Consultant, experienced in Colour Analysis, Skincare and Make-up, Image & Style advice covering Milton Keynes, Newport Pagnall, Buckingham, Olney, Bedford, North Bucks and Bedfordshire villages. - See more at:

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the experience of 'colour analysis'. My daughter (Holly) and I had a fabulous time. Today is the start of big changes, looking the best that we can, savings of needless and endless buying of clothes and make up that don't suit our tones and becoming ruthless with our wardrobes (we need to make space for our new, correct purchases haha, Once again a big thank you for you courteous and easy manner. You made my birthday treat a special one. My son and daughter bought my the vouchers for my birthday in May and I have to say by visiting you today I enjoyed the experience very much. The best present that anyone can give as a gift is 'KNOWLEDGE'.

Christine, Fleetwood

May I say a gigantic thank you for getting my colours done by a fantastic lady like you! I shall say that my grandma Suzanne is dying my nightwear my colour purple right now ! It’s made a gigantic difference ! I’m 100% in style at the moment and my makeup isn’t making me look like I’m sea sick anymore ! Actually, I look nice. Yes quite prettier now it’s made a very big improvement on my life !

Tiffani aged 11

I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday, many thanks.  It was very insightful, not least in terms of my personal style diagnosis!

 I've been reading through the stuff again in the garden this afternoon.  Yep, it all makes sense and it's now much easier to understand why some garments work and others don't.  Worth every penny of the consultation.

Karen, Clitheroe.

It's now around six months since my daughter Nicola and I came to see you for a colour consultation.  I just wanted to let you know that it has made an amazing difference to both of us.

We have had great fun exploring our colour palettes and choosing new clothes - especially with my son's wedding coming up next week.  As for the make up shades - the change is quite remarkable. I absolutely love the House of Colour foundation and have worn it just about every day since we met.  It is so quick and easy to apply.  Both of us use our lipstick colours and can see just how much more "alive" we look as a result of your advice.  It is a bit like re-inventing yourself!

Jeanette, Lytham

We both found it a rewarding day. Your hospitality was second to none. Your warmth and humour created a great atmosphere. An inspirational experience that I would recommend to anyone. I went straight home and rearranged my wardrobe!  Many thanks

Sam, Blackburn

Thank you so much for the colour class on Saturday we had a great time and now feel confident enough to go and play with colour. It was so nice to see my mum get enthusiastic about it too, she has worked 7 days a week for the past 20 years, recently she has retired for her weekend job as a nurse and now has some time to invest in herself... what a great start you have given us.

Tracey, Preston

Thank you for your newsletters - I like to keep up to date. House of Colour has truly revolutionized my wardrobe and cut my clothes shopping time down to an absolute minimum - which I love! But I now have a set of clothes that I love to wear.

Diana, Cumbria

Wonder of wonders - I bought a dress - all on my own - in colours I would never have gone near before! Wore it for a party last Sat night - it went down a storm - I had a brilliant time. Thanks for pushing me (and the rest of us) out of our (incorrect) comfort zones!

Issy xx

I have had really positive comments about my clothes and people think I am looking great!!! You have done wonders for me Penny…Thank you!

Jo, Bolton

Just wanted to say thank you again for all your help with my colours and style. I have been decluttering my wardrobe and getting rid of all those 'wrong' outfits and putting some clothes aside that i could dye! I've even found some old clothes and accessories that I've had from years ago that look great, so i must have just lost my way somewhere. Basically... Thank you for helping me get to know ME again! My outfit may not be something that my friend would wear... but thats cause its MY STYLE with MY COLOURS!!! I feel confident and great!!!

Jenny, Burnley

Well its less than 1 week away from the Wedding and thanks to you I have a stunning outfit ( well 2 actually) one for the day and one for the evening, my daughter commented ( which is unusual for her) mum whatever you have spent on getting your image and colours done it was well worth it!!! a compliment in deed. Once the photo's have been done I will send you one to see the final version. I am pleased with everything that I have bought, and seeing you has made everything so much easier, so a big Thank you Penny for all your hard work on me.r

Hilary, Mancheste

Also its been interesting since I went shopping with you. I have been getting quite a bit of attention from blokes which has never happened before. One very young man even offered to carry my bag. Just shows it works. Cheers,

Jan, Cheshire

Martin and Adrian are changed men and visions in creams and brown! They have really embraced the concept and both look great.

Stella, Lancs

Thank you for the notes, I would also like to take this opportunity to let you know the day has made me feel very positive about my look and the clothes I can buy, it has also helped me to clear my negative emotions around my weight. In the work I do I know that change will have a dramatic effect on my weight loss, thank you.

Christine, Preston

Have been meaning to email you to say thank you so much for a fantastic day and for doing my colours. I'm much happier now and think I've mastered it. I've been asked to give a presentation to the World Health Organisations meeting in January and would have said no but because of my style and colours I've got that confidence to do it.

Clauida, London

The House of Colour concept of wardrobe management is absolultely fantastic, I can't begin to say how much money I have saved by not purchasing unnecessary items and ones in unflattering colours. I am starting to really like my colour palette and my work mates can't understand what has happened to me.

Melissa, Manchester

Just a quick message to thank you very much for my colour and make up class on Saturday. I had a great time and learned so much. When I arrived back home a huge surprise party had been organized, not just the house party I was expecting, so it was great to feel so confident with my new look. As you predicted I received many compliments and really felt like the bell of the ball! People I hadn’t seen for a long time were amazed at how well I looked (I think they thought I look like that all the time!).

Catherine, Worsley

I just thought I will share with you my recent experience. ..I have spent couple of days away with my work colleagues, who don't see me on day to day basis.. and guess what?! They all commented how good and "fresh" I look. I stuck to my colours and did not take any clothing that I just like.. but stuck to your guide! Wow! Thank you for making the difference!