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COLOUR ANALYST & IMAGE CONSULTANT BRINGS EUROPEAN TRAINING TO NEW ENGLANDConfidence. Class. Pizzazz. As your Colour Analyst and Image Consultant, I will help you find your personal style. With 200 hours of training at the internationally acclaimed House of Colour in London, England, I offer my clients the highest standard of service.How did I discover House of Colour? It happened about fifteen years ago, when I was working as a physician in Greece. One day at lunch, I met a woman who was so well put together and so self-assured I was awestruck! She told me she had been working with a consultant from the House of Colour. A friend convinced me to have my colors analyzed. I bought a blouse in the colors they suggested and before I had even left the store, people were complimenting me. What services do I provide?In workshops held at my studio in my home in Wilton, New Hampshire, I now offer the same transformation to anyone (men/women)who wants to feel confident about their appearance.