Michelle Marks image consultant and personal stylist for Hammersmith



I’m Michelle,  Star Colour and Style consultant for Hammersmith and Shepherds Bush.

I'm delighted to welcome clients to Colour Analysis, Make-Up and Personal Style classes at my studio in Shepherds Bush, W12.

What Colour Analysis can do for you

Most of us will have a preference for certain colours. But do you really, truly know which colours make you look your best? Are you completely confident when you're choosing clothes in shops or from your wardrobe that you've made the right choice and not just the safe one?


Through a Colour Analysis class:


• Learn which are the right colours for you – those which will always make you look and feel fantastic.

• Become a time efficient shopper; once you know what you're looking for, shopping becomes more of a pleasure and less of a chore.

• Never make another costly mistake; from now on you will only buy what truly suits you.

• Understand how to build a wardrobe of clothes that go together. You'll be able to mix and match your entire wardrobe. Putting your outfits together every day becomes effortless.

• Always look expensive, well put-together and appropriate for every occasion, whatever your budget.

Colour Analysis consultations are for women and men. The class or consultation could be the key to unlocking your inner confidence, that next date or that overdue promotion. But above all, it will save you money by making the right colour choices first time around. Once you have experienced a colour analysis for yourself you'll wonder why you waited so long!

Colour Analysis Classes start from an investment of only £150 - less than one costly shopping mistake...

The benefits of a Make Up class

Wearing the right amount of make up brings you perfectly into focus so that people see you and not the

make-up. In this class we'll find the right makeup to give you three different looks that each work beautifully with your own skin tone and colouring. You will learn how to apply makeup so that you look naturally radiant at all times.

Make Up classes start at £60

Style Classes and Consultations

Having worked out the colours that suit you, the next logical step is to extend this into a review of your style

and clothing personality to bring out the best of you through your clothing choices, whether for daily life or special occasions.

Style classes start from £205.

My Experiences with House of Colour
I first had a Colour Consultation years ago as a client of House of Colour and was immediately struck by the huge difference it made. To be honest, the boldness of my (winter) palette startled me initially but I could not deny what was happening in the mirror before my eyes: these very clear and bright colours were doing something amazing for my face. Wearing the right colours really brings you into focus; your skin and eyes brighten, and you appear fresher, slimmer and more radiant.
I was reminded of this more recently when I returned to House of Colour to have a make- up lesson. Having never worn the right shade of lipstick before, I went home feeling fantastic and found that people on the street kept saying hello to me and that the world was a friendlier place in general. I could feel people reacting to me in a more positive way because of the impact colour was having on my appearance and self- confidence.
I've gained so much from colour analysis and now feel very privileged to be able to share this experience with others.

Please contact me on the above email address or telephone number for more details.


I run classes and consultations on weekdays and weekends.

I just wanted to let you know that I am loving the new knowledge I have which is making my shopping trips so much more efficient and my clothes choices easier in the morning!

I am still getting daily compliments on my new clothes choices and feel great in what I'm wearing.


Mary van der Westhuizen

Colour Analysis with Michelle was fun and extremely informative. I was able to shrink my closet to items with colours that compliment me which helps with tight living space in London.

Knowing what colours work well for me also helps with shopping on the high street. It makes getting dressed effortless. I love all the colours in my closet and on me.

I got a lot of compliments on the lipstick Michelle recommended for me, which is actually not a colour I would choose on my own but it works for me. Thank you, Michelle!

Lina Hsu

Thank you so much for the amazing Colour Analysis and Makeup Class. I feel much more confident and brave in my daily choices and am enjoying experimenting with different colours. It was just what I needed to give my self-esteem a boost.

Thank you for your patience - it was such fun and your enthusiasm is contagious!

Victoria Heyworth-Dunne

I really enjoyed the day with you and can say with confidence that it has changed the way I see my wardrobe and how I shop (yes, I’ve been out already and it was a much more enjoyable experience than bumbling around without a clue!) 

Thank you for everything you’ve done – it feels above and beyond what we were expecting.  Fabulous experience! 

Jessica Wicks