Jane Brook image consultant and personal stylist for Worcester/Droitwich/Birmingham

I offer both face to face and virtusl appointments for all services excluding Colour Analysis which needs to be done in person 
Jo Gaffney and we are on a mission to help the people of Worcestershire feel more confident in colour. After all, clothes aren't optional so make them count!

Does this describe you?

"Even though I look smart wearing greys and blacks ‘I have always done it this way’I haven’t got the confidence to wear colour and don't really know where to start. I don't know what colours suit me so stay away from them for fear of getting it wrong or standing out in the wrong way. Its all just a bit scary as I hold things up to me and don't really know if it suits me so play safe.The idea of anything that makes life easier is great but does it work in practice?"

Would you rather feel?

"What to wear in a morning is no longer a dilemma, giving me one less thing to think about. I can quickly and easily pick out clothes which saves me time and be confident that it is really works for me. It saves me time, money and basically makes my life easier."


Getting endless compliments about your outfits

Feeling comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing

Looking great in photographs

Genuinely enjoying big events and nights out without worrying about how you look.

Personal Colour Analysis Classes

By using a series of precision dyed drapes, we will analyse your skin undertone to see whether you are yellow or blue based and then we will further analyse you to see what season you sit in. We cannot tell by looking at you...that's the magic!  When you actually see what happens to your face in the wrong colours, you will be amazed!

Summer and Winter are blue based and Spring and Autumn are yellow based.

We then complete the look by showing you how wearing the right make up, especially lipstick, can help you to look younger and less tired (even when you are!).  I want everyone to find their perfect lipstick!  Following that we rate each of your 36 colours in terms of what colours are your WOW colours and which colours maybe better as trousers/skirts etc....everyone should know their WOW colours. 

You leave with your personalised booklet, a fan with your 36 swatches in, and lots of information to help you to sort that wardrobe of clothes enabling you to start looking and feeling fabulous!  It is like a training course but lots of fun.

Personal Style Classes

When my clients join me for a Personal Style Class they get the complete picture!  Here I will analyse your body geometrics (your bone structure and your proportions), your individual personality, and discuss your lifestyle to determine what 'Clothing Personality' you are.  This steers you in terms of what style of garments, how you wear them, what to accessorise them with and the material they are made of.

"A Clothing Personality is a style that suits you and helps you look amazing forever, whatever fashion is doing". 

You will leave knowing how to plan your capsule wardrobe and with the confidence to make sure that what you wear looks good not only on YOUR body but also reflects your wonderful personality...and so much more! I find Style truly amazing or as one client said to me 'It's the icing on the cake!'.


Make up and Skincare

This is a hands on workshop where we discover the perfect natural skincare products and we practise simple and effective make up techniques encompassing both a daytime and evening look.  These are done during the week and are a real fun and easy way to spend a couple of hours!  

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Please feel free to call me on 07970 293341 for an confidential, informal chat to see how I can help you personally and professionally.

Best wishes,

Jane xx



After having children, I, like a lot of ladies, got a bit stuck in a rut of wearing boring clothes that were functional rather than attractive, and then losing confidence the break out of the 'black, blue, and white' clothes (t shirt & jeans- every day), but being so bored of my clothes choices, yet not knowing enough to change.

I then started a business with my husband and had to look better (Networking meetings etc.)  and it was there that I met Jane, so bright, so lovely and looking stunning! I booked on her colour analysis class, followed by her personal style class and it changed my life! Honestly!

My confidence has now increased, my wardrobe looks colourful and interesting, I actually enjoy clothes and going shopping!

Also I hardly ever have an 'I have NOTHING to wear' moment 🙂 and I get LOTS of compliments.

I would recommend Jane without reservation, go on, just do it! You won't regret it!


Deborah Rolls

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