Mary Blackhurst Hill image consultant and personal stylist for Huntingdon/East Bedfordshire

I'm Mary, your Colour Analyst and Personal Stylist for the areas of Huntingdon and East Bedfordshire.


We at House of Colour are following safe practise to stop coronavirus spreading.

While my studio is now open for individual consultations, I am also able to offer the following services via video call:

·       Developing Style – our usual full day consultation broken down into three two-hour sessions on a 1:1 basis. This is an eye-opening experience with results that last a lifetime.

·       Wardrobe review – we’ll assess your wardrobe together and clear out what you don’t need to help simplify your life and refresh your style.

·       Outfit building – a great way to utilise what you already have. We’ll make a record of any new outfits and create a list of missing items as we go.

·       Online shopping – tell me what’s missing from your existing wardrobe, or we can work it out together, and I’ll shop to fill the gaps.

Like many others, I’m working from home until further notice and can fit around your current circumstances. Please, don’t be shy! Tell me what you need help with, and I’ll try my best to assist.

To book*, or if you have any questions, please phone me on +44(0)7933 732317 or email me at I'd love to hear from you!

* I do have some published sessions on my classes page, but right now I can be much more flexible and work around your timetable.

Now read on to find out more!

Why do I do this job? Because I want to transform lives. I love to see my clients gain confidence, believe in their own beauty and power and watch them enjoy life and take on new challenges because of what this journey has done for them.

It happened for me twenty years ago. I see it happen to my clients today and it can happen for you too. If you would like to know how, then read on...

Twenty years ago, I felt dumpy, frumpy, plain and uninteresting. And it wasn’t just me – I once got turned down for a job because I was “too boring”. Considering I was an accountant, that says it all!

I dressed in “safe” colours; navy, grey, black and the occasional daring foray into (gasp), mauve. I was constantly being asked if I was tired, or if I felt ill.

That’s when I started my own House of Colour Journey. Like most people, I started with -

Colour. I was stunned to find it was the colours I was wearing that made me look boring! Grey made me look tired and mauve made me look ill.  Instead, bright and warm colours made me look alive and cheerful. 

Style was the next step; with more surprises. My grown-up classic clothes didn't work, but short, sharp and snappy looked great. My waist-length hair was cut into a pixie crop and suddenly my workmates didn’t recognise me (in a totally good way)!

Make-up was a big challenge for me. I didn’t wear make-up – and especially not – dramatic pause – lipstick!  But – from the colour day I could see how the right lipstick made my eyes sparkle and brought my whole face into focus – so I took a deep breath and took on make-up. 

What changed for me as a result?

I changed my job, for a start. I left accountancy and, after a short stint managing a prestigious West End hair salon, became a House of Colour consultant - which was a much better fit. I also met the love of my life at 37, married him and had two children, which I never thought would happen!

Now I help people like you to find their own happy colours, the styles they love and in which they feel totally comfortable; bringing them confidence and a sense of liberation. 

My Promise is that you will look fabulous, and - more importantly - feel fabulous about the way you look! 

 I have18 years experience of working with many clients of all ages and circumstances, and always create a safe, professional and supportive environment. I am passionately committed to building your confidence, empowerment and freedom in my workshops - with lots of fun and laughter along the way.

Imagine how it will feel when:

·       You are constantly told how great you look.

·       You love everything in your wardrobe and are confident everything suits you.

·       You have a mix and match wardrobe full of endless possibilities.

·       Shopping is easy because you know just what to look for.

·       You can enjoy events and parties because you know you look fabulous – in a way that’s perfect for you.



How it all works:

You can either book a one to one appointment or take advantage of my “bring a friend” (or two friends) joint experience. This is a wonderful journey to share with your best friend (as I did all those years ago), or with your sister (sister-in-law?) or mother. I frequently hold sessions for groups of work colleagues or family groups but prefer to keep these to a maximum of four, so you all get the full service.

I don't publish my consultation dates, as my diary is always changing. I work Tuesdays and Fridays, with other days by special arrangement.  Please phone or email to book the date you want. I will always try to work with your diary too.

You can choose to make your Journey in one intensive day or by stages. As all the stages are included in the one day, let’s look at what’s included in the individual sessions first. It may be worth mentioning that this is not just for women. Many men find enormous benefit from this process too and I run sessions for men too.

Colour Analysis - £230 one to one; £165 each if you bring a friend.

This is your First Step – where we discover the full palette of colours that suit your skin tones and colouring and the right basic makeup that perfectly enhances your look. The difference you will see is amazing!  You will learn how to create a look with the right colours for you and discover how to confidently coordinate outfits and accessories for all occasions.

We will cover everything in detail including adding a little make-up to create a natural healthy glow. Lipstick especially is a tricky thing to get right. When it is right, you look younger, your eyes look brighter and we don’t see the lipstick: we see you!

We then look at each of your colours to see which ones are your “WOW” colours and which will be better as separates or pops of colour. Using this information will enable you to become an expert on putting your colours together into outfits that get you compliments every time. 

You will take away with you your Colour Fan containing 36 colour swatches and a personalised booklet containing lots of practical advice to make the changes you need to your wardrobe, so you can start looking and feeling fabulous immediately.

Personal Style - £330 one to one or £220 each if you bring a friend.

This is a workshop all about YOU! I spend time getting to know who you are, how you spend your time, and all the talents and qualities you bring to your life, your work and your relationships. It is against this background I can work with you to analyse your body architecture and proportions, so you can understand the styles, shapes, lengths and details that work best for you.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and self-expressed in your clothes, so I will explore with you how you can create your own individual style which is perfectly "you". One of the things my clients frequently say is how they feel set free to dress the way they always longed to but never dared.


Skincare & Make-Up - £100 one to one 

This is a hands-on tutorial where we will cover a comprehensive skincare routine and you will learn the techniques you need to apply just the right amount of make-up, so you look finished and “polished” rather than “made up”. I don’t think I know anyone who wants to look “made up”, so I specialise in what I call “Invisible Make-up”. But we also cover party make-up too, for when you might need that little bit more glamour. Make-up is a very personal issue, and everyone needs a look that is right for them, which is why I normally conduct this class on a one to one basis.

Advanced Colour - £180 or £130 each if you bring a friend.

Our "graduate" consultation teaches you how to make the most of your colours by putting them together to make them look even better on you. Discover your hardest-working neutrals and how to make even those "tricky" colours in your palette work well for you. Bring a selection of your wardrobe for a practical hands-on tutorial to get you started.

Advanced Style - £180 or £130 each if you bring a friend.

Discover your best necklines and how to make patterns work for you. Review your Style Consultation and fine-tune your look. Explore fabric weights and finishes so your gain even more confidence when shopping and choosing outfits. Bring a selection from your wardrobe so you can see how to make different outfits from your existing clothes and find ways to make even those items you rarely wear look wonderful.



The Bespoke Transformation Day - £600 - is an intensive full day in which we cover everything listed above. This is always a one to one workshop and you can tailor it to your specific needs. You will learn everything you need to know to look and feel confident that you are making exactly the right impression - every time. A day for you that will be inspiring, confidence building, empowering and life-changing.


Individual Colour and Personal Style Course - an exclusive course for men - £575.

If you prefer a bespoke 1:1 service then the Men's course will cover all you need to know to ensure that you always make the right first impression and present yourself at your best. We will identify your most flattering colours, shapes and styles of clothing, covering everything you need to know to dress successfully both personally and professionally.


If none of this is quite what you want or need, then please talk to me so we can plan something together that will be perfect for you. Call me on 07933 732317 or email me at


Additional Services: I am proud to provide ongoing support for my clients. I will help you with shopping, wardrobe decluttering, and I hold regular targeted workshops covering accessorising, a bi-annual current trend update, and send out a monthly newsletter with hints and tips to help you hone your personal look and keep it fresh.



(Ahem...) Some Testimonials.

Judith - Huntingdon: "Mary has transformed my image, my wardrobe and my career. She allows the real me to be seen by colleagues, clients and friends. The two days in her "chair" were a revelation and a delight. My confidence levels rocketed and my ambition to become a more technical member of my organisation was realised. The icing on the cake? I actually enjoy shopping now!"


Teresa - Sawtry: "I attended a Colour Workshop with Mary and was blown away by the detail that was involved. As well as it being a thoroughly enjoyable and fun day, Mary's knowledge of her subject was incredible. A huge element of trust is involved with something like this and anyone wanted to have their colours done should choose their consultant wisely. I would definitely recommend Mary even if you don't live locally to her, as she is sensitive, professional but also fun. It was great to be a part of other people's journeys as well as beginning my own. I have since gone through my wardrobe and got rid of 2 bin bags of clothes. My aim now is to look as good as I possibly can, all of the time. Can't wait to attend the image day also, although this may mean some more clothes need to go!! "


Rosalind - St Ives: "I have just had a Wake up your make-up, with Mary, and I can't tell you how impressed I was: she was FABULOUS!!! She really listened, she really got it, she took lots of time and care choosing the colours, she exhibited huge skill in her fine judgments between different options, and I am so delighted with what she has come up with. I can't recommend her highly enough for this!"


Yasmin - Huntingdon: "Mary's classes have been more useful to me than I ever imagined. I now enjoy browsing my wardrobe and instead of feeling panic and worry about what I am going to wear, I am excited and eager to see what delights await me when I open the doors. I have always had colour confidence but being more aware of my own body shape means I now shop for different styles. And, shopping trips are more fun, even if I come home with nothing! Thank you Mary - I am a new woman"



Mary has transformed my image, my wardrobe and my career. She allows the real me to be seen by colleagues, clients and friends. The two days in her "chair" were a revelation and a delight. My confidence levels rocketed and my ambition to become a more technical member of my organisation was realised. The icing on the cake? I actually enjoy shopping now!


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