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About Me

Hi, I'm Sam Simcoe, and I am the House of Colour stylist in Tulsa. I am a native Tulsan, having spent my first eighteen years of life here in Green Country. I am a proud Monte Cassino and Bishop Kelley High School alumna. After attending college in San Diego, and living in Austin, Texas for several years, I am thrilled to be back in T-Town near my friends and family. I am also so happy to bring the magic, joy and long-time expertise of London's House of Colour to the area.

My Journey with House of Colour

When I had my Color and Style Analyses done by my House of Colour consultant on Martha's Vineyard, it was a total game changer for me. Once I found out I was a "Winter" and a "Natural Romantic", everything became so much simpler - choosing my clothing, my makeup, how to wear my hair...everything. I had a newfound confidence in my choices, and quit trying to make things work for me that do not suit me, and have learned how to be my most authentic, powerful self and reflect that in my appearance. That in itself was incredible in simplifying my every day process of putting myself together. The money I have saved while shopping by walking past clothing and makeup that do not flatter my face, body or honor who I am on the inside is remarkable. Ever since my sessions, I have been working to bring these services to Tulsa. I am now booking appointments through May 2016, and will return in the fall to resume in the studio after a summer away.

What is a Colour Analysis session?

You have a unique skin tone, eye and hair color. In this inspiring and revealing session, we will discover the colors that make you look your best! You’ll actually see the difference instantly between your "wrong" colors and your "right" ones. You will learn the genius of our Ninety Second Makeup method with colors chosen specifically for YOUR unique skin tone, in YOUR seasonal palette for a radiant, natural, and lifted look that brightens your face. Together we will identify your personal best hues of your season, your “star colors” that do you every favor when you wear them. No color will be excluded, it's all about finding the right tone for you (everyone gets a blue! and a red! etc).

You’ll leave the session with a pocket-size leather swatch wallet in your season, a palette of your best colors you can tote around. This will prove to be an invaluable tool in moving forward and making choices, in addition to learning the method how to use your seasonal range of colors to create beautiful color combinations in your closet.

Sessions are FUN, done in small groups, refreshments are served, and everyone leaves having seen a transformation take place for themselves and for others in the group. The energy and excitement are truly contagious.

You say you're not in Tulsa?

I welcome clients into my beautiful home studio in Tulsa right off historic Brookside, but also love to take my color magic show on the road to do pop-up studios! Contact me to book an appointment for a fun, money-saving, and life-changing experience. You will thank yourself endlessly!


"I had an INCREDIBLE experience at House of Color. Start to finish it was an easy, wonderful consultation. Sam was able to book out a Saturday morning for me when I was in town visiting, and is not only professional but passionate about what she does that the excitement is just contagious! Her studio is so relaxing to be in and she walks you through the process clearly and answers any and every questions along the way."



"This experience has made me feel as if I have had a face lift! Sam is very knowledgable and empowering. She has given me a new zest and excitement for being who I am meant to be."



"What a fun & enlightening experience! Sam's passion & knowledge will open your eyes to a whole new perception of color that you can apply far beyond your wardrobe. Learning about the history & science behind color analysis was fascinating & truly helps you to not only understand but appreciate, that we are all individually pre-disposed to a certain family of colors...I'm looking forward to taking some of the guesswork out of future shopping trips now that I know which part of the color spectrum is meant for me! This is truly a treat!"



"Thank you so much HOCT! I felt like I was at a magic show as the drapes came off and my face either sparkled or drooped, got heavy or light, became a face to command respect and listen to or one to ignore and forget. You don't understand how powerful your season and wow colors are unti you see Sam work her magic right in front of you. She is professional, enthusiastic and made the whole morning fun. What a treat, thank you Sam. That was a game changer. Now to go shopping!"


"The process was easy, fun, and Sam is a delight on par with a brunch mimosa. As part of the process, I got a handbook that explains how to apply my personal color palette, ranked in order, in shopping for everything from suits to casual wear to accessories, as well as a leather wallet filled with my own personalized swatches to aid in finding my colors when I'm out wandering alone in the vast wilderness of personal style."



"All in all, Sam is like a hostess at a fabulously fun dinner party where the main course is helping you look your best."



"Sam helped my mom find her season of colors (Winter), what colors bring out her inherent vibrancy, 'queenly'ness, and freshness, and she showed us which colors had the opposite effect...My mom left feeling affirmed, beautiful, surprised, honored, and taken care of. I highly recommend this service to ANYONE and I just love Sam Simcoe's passion, knowledge, and servitude."


"For years I have worn dark colors that won't draw attraction. After my color session with Sam, I made a few changes (black to white), and makeup changes she recommended (yes, even lipstick). What I have learned is how others sense you, it isn't about how you look or what you wear but more about your essence. I have gotten several out of the blue compliments of how pretty (yes pretty) I look. My gray hair is always a big hit. I really think it is the essence.... Thank you sweet wonderful Sam."



"This is a game changer! As a person who loves all color it was so amazing to watch the colors transform my face and skin. This will save me tons of money by purchasing make up, clothes, and accessories that look great with my skin tone. I highly recommend this for anyone... Male or female! This would be the perfect thing to do before college, getting married, mother of the bride, etc...I had a blast. Sam is awesome, highly knowledgeable, and entertaining!! So fun!"



"I have begun going through my closet and make-up to weed out “strangers," and will certainly make purchases in the future using my wallet and knowledge of my best makeup colors. My strategy when making clothing and make-up purchases has always been quality over quantity. While this approach ensures some lovely things reside in my closet, it also means purchase mistakes are costly. And I have certainly made some."



"To be honest, I was quite skeptical about the House of Color process...I figured it would be somewhat silly, at least for a guy. I quickly became a believer. Sam walked me through the entire process, step by step, explaining not just what colors looked best on me, but why. She answered all of my questions honestly and in a totally professional manner."



Watching the transformation is way more dramatic than I would have imagined. I'm so glad we found my season and power double star colors! Thank you so much for opening my eyes to the new things that complement me."



"I had so much fun. The change in how your face looks when you are in the right color is amazing. Sam is such a kind, positive, supportive person with a heart of gold. She spent lots of time, has a lovely setting, and really knows her craft. She has spent lots of extra time learning about color."



“I have to tell you I was a bit skeptical of the whole thing until I saw with my own eyes how colors can transform how you look. I can't wait to take my wallet into my tattoo artist so that I can wear my permanent Wow colors!”



"Thank you so much, Sam, for making my color consult such an educational, entertaining and impactful experience. I would highly recommend this service to both men and women interested in maximizing their time, money and potential."


"What a wonderful experience! This is life changing! Thanks for helping me find my best self visually!"


"This was awesome! I loved learning about the colors - and shocked by and SO excited to implement the results!"


"While I love color and wear it often, I am a beginner at makeup - often just wearing a bright lipstick and mascara. She taught me how easy and more put together I can look and led me to the right shades of lipsticks to make my eyes pop!"


"This has been so eye opening and affirming! THANK YOU!"


"After our session, I tried on a dusty pink silk top in my closet I have always wanted to love, but each time I put it on, I wonder why I never felt my best. I took it off and tried on a light pink top in my correct color palette and was amazed at the difference I immediately experienced in my face - rather than looking tired and drawn, I appeared flush and energetic."