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Why get a Colour Consultation? Coco Chanel says that the best color is the one that looks good on YOU! But how do you know which colors are your best? You come for a House of Colour Consultation. We'll go through the scientific process of finding out your base and your season, and then we'll personalize it further by picking out your WOW colors - the ones that really fit you the very best. You'll go home with your wallet of best colors, perfect for weeding out your closet (because you know you have clothes in there that you never wear), and to use as a great tool for future shopping trips. This is an investment in you, which will pay for itself many times over in correct clothing and color choices.

My Story: I have had three different color consultations over the past 30 years. My first appointment resulted in the person identifying me as a Summer. But that never seemed right. My second appointment years later, resulted in the person identifying me as an Autumn. Those colors never seemed right, either. I was thrilled to find House of Colour and their well-trained consultants last year. I knew they'd finally be able to solve this mystery and tell me what I should be wearing. And guess what? It wasn't Summer colors and it wasn't Autumn colors. I am a Winter and for the first time I have colors that finally look right for me!

Going through the House of Colour experience made me interested in learning more about the science behind it all, and soon I had signed up and completed an intensive training course in colour. I am surrounded by color every day, as I have a yarn and fabric shop full of beautiful choices. I'm happy to be able to help clients discover their very best options through colour consultations, whether they're picking yarn for a sweater, fabric for clothes and decor, or heading out to the store for ready-made items that are just right for them.

What's next for you? Call or email and we'll set up an appointment for you (either by yourself, or with a group of friends, which is also fun!) You will learn a lot, you'll have a great time, and you'll be so glad you did this for yourself. I look forward to meeting you!