Lindsey Benda, Color Analyst, House of Colour-Dallas image consultant and personal stylist for Dallas/Texas

Lindsey is a lifelong resident of Dallas, TX.  Previously a second-grade teacher, Lindsey found the life-changing power of color as a new mom with young children.  She quickly became passionate about this most under-used tool in every wardrobe and is excited to offer the understanding and impact of color analysis to the Dallas area. 


It is common knowledge that what you wear can greatly impact how you feel.  Your favorite outfit gives you confidence and makes you feel attractive, while certain garments in your closet rarely see the light of day because something is just "off" when you try to wear them. Have you ever wondered WHY certain items in your wardrobe work for you, but others just never seem to communicate accurately who you are as a person? House of Colour is in the business of demystifying the art of looking and feeling your very best.  After completing our Colour and Style classes you will understand why certain outfits are confidence-boosters and why others should really be in someone else's closet.  Book today to begin your journey toward fashion and color authenticity!