Claire Bannister image consultant and personal stylist for Brentwood/Upminster/Romford/Rainham/South Ockendon

Do you feel uninspired by the clothes in your wardrobe or only wear a third of them?


 Prior to my Colour & Style consultations, I possessed that wardrobe in desperate need of inspiration.  I always felt frumpy, lacked self-esteem and, despite having a successful career, hid behind my larger than life personality and constantly wore black!  I was delighted (and a little scared) to discover that I am a Blue Spring and look fabulous in bold spring like colours and I now love them. As a Natural Romantic I know what every garment I buy needs to have to make me feel amazing and not like I am wearing someone else’s clothes!

I now have a wardrobe of clothes in the right colours for my skin tone, which all mix and match perfectly.  I never waste money on clothes that don’t suit me and I get more compliments than I have ever had.

I have left a successful Corporate career in Financial Services, London to join House of Colour as a Consultant because I firmly believe the way we feel about ourselves has a massive impact on our careers and how people perceive us. With this background I very clearly understand how dressing correctly for work and pleasure impacts on the impression people make of you.  

I believe I am one of the luckiest people in the world because my career now is so rewarding, especially seeing first-hand the positive impact of what I do has on my clients. I 'shine the light of my clients potential though Colour & Style'.  The Potential is there, they sometimes have just lost or forgotten it!

Below are detailed my services but if you have any questions please do pick up the phone and I'll be happy to explain - Tel 0782 5698695. I do Colour & Style Consultations and Make up classes which can be bought separately or together for a saving of £30.

Personal Colour Analysis Classes

By using a series of precision dyed drapes, we will analyse your skin undertone to see whether you are yellow or blue based and then we will further analyse you to see what season you sit in. We cannot tell by looking at you...that's the magic!  When you actually see what happens to your face in the wrong colours, you will be amazed!

We then complete the look by showing you how wearing the right make up, especially lipstick, can help you to look younger and less tired (even when you are!).  I want everyone to find their perfect lipstick!  Following that we rate each of your 36 colours in terms of what colours are your WOW colours and which colours maybe better as trousers/skirts etc....everyone should know their WOW colours. This is our USP.

You leave with your personalised booklet, a leather wallet with your 36 swatches in, and lots of information to help you to sort that wardrobe of clothes enabling you to start looking and feeling fabulous!  It is like a training course but lots of fun.

1:1 classes are £200 (£220 for weekends) and class bookings £145 (£155 weekends) and classes are limited to 3 ladies.  I often do a group of more ladies if they are friends and want to do the experience together. Light lunch and refreshments are provided.  


Colour Classes are held various days of the week 9.30-2.30 and some Saturdays.  Please contact me for more details as I can do other days with prior arrangement or check out my events page.


Personal Style Classes

When my clients join me for a Personal Style Class they get the complete picture!  Here I will analyse your bone structure and your proportions so you can dress your body right but also your individual personality – you have to dress for YOU. Knowing your Clothing Personality steers you in terms of what style of garments, how you wear them, what to accessorise them with and the material they are made of.

"A Clothing Personality is a style that suits you and helps you look amazing forever, whatever fashion is doing". 

Classes are £199 per person for 2-3 people and includes your personalised workbook and notes, with lunch provided.  Classes at the weekend are £245 and are scheduled on request.


Make up and Skincare

This is a hands on workshop where we discover the perfect natural skincare products and we practise simple and effective make up techniques encompassing both a daytime and evening look.  These are done during the week and are a real fun and easy way to spend 2.5 hours!  The price for this is £60.

 Please check out my facebook page  or my Linked in page for more information

You can book The Complete Journey  at a cost of £375, which includes all three courses described above, with a saving of £30.  Most people book this.


Other Services

No time to flip through fashion magazines?  No worries. I can give you a personalised Fashion Edit to help you keep on trend appropriately!

Fashion Trend Edit- Receive your personalised Fashion Edit with links and input from the House of Colour Fashion Report - links for you for key pieces to your wardrobe! Price is £30 and includes 1/2 hour of my Internet shopping service.

Wardrobe & Fashion Edit- Send me pictures of the key pieces in your wardrobe and have an hours session with me where I present your Fashion Edit report  (with Internet Links for you to shop!) and provide you with Styling advice on how to wear them. Price is £75

Fabulous Fashion Edit- Let me review your wardrobe in the comfort of your own home for an hour, then head to Lakeside or Westfield for two hours Personal Shopping to find those key trends and gaps in your wardrobe. You will receive your Fashion Edit by email after the day summarizing all we've learnt.  Prices from £180 


 Personalised Shopping- 'It's like a lesson and revamp all in one!'
My popular Personal Shopping service is proving a huge success - Save time, money and be successful at shopping. I say no to clothes with tags on in the wardrobe!


Minimum two hours week day shopping @ £70 per hour: 3 hours - £200 (am or pm) and a full day  - £340 shopping (5 hours) 


Claire Bannister -  Tel: 0782 569 8695.  71 Springfield Gardens, Upminster, Essex, RM14 3ER.  


I want to thank you for a wonderful few hours of discovery spent at your house the other day. You made me feel very welcome and put me at my ease.

The introduction to colour was very informative and then the adventure began... I was amazed to discover that I am a completely different season to what I had imagined and it was so thrilling to discover which colours suited me best and how to wear them.

Thank you for the lovely lunch and for being such good company. Thanks to your knowledge and professionalism, I feel equipped to transform my wardrobe and be the real me. Everyone should do this!


I just wanted to let you know how brilliant Claire Bannister is as a House of Colour Consultant, based here in Upminster. Before we went there, my two friends and I thought it would be a mediocre day without much benefit, but we just wanted to see what it was like. Couldn't be more wrong!! It was a brilliant day, staged at a professional level, although with warmth and friendliness and although there were 4 of us in attendance, we each received individual attention within the group and we all thought we had a thoroughly wonderful day.  It was informative and interesting and Claire Bannister is a brilliant representative for your Company, Thank you


It was a couple of months ago that I went along to an evening that Claire had arranged through a mutual friend to introduce us to House of Colour.
Claire made such a great first impression.  She presented House of Colour in such a way that I totally understood what she was talking about and it all just made perfect sense.  Me and my best friend couldn’t wait to sign up for our personal journeys.

I thoroughly enjoyed the make-up session.  It was so much fun.  There were five of us in total.  All lovely ladies and Claire opens her home up to us and makes us all feel so welcome and relaxed but at the same time she remains professional which really impressed me about her.  I must say I am in love with the make-up I have purchased and how long it lasts during the day.  Before I was forever re-applying it.
The style day for me was the best of all.  It was just me, my best friend and Claire.  Again an informal number of people but Claire still remained professional and I felt that she totally understood me.  I was so happy when she told me I was a natural classic, which is what I thought I was.  Which just goes to show how well Claire explains everything.  I have really started to understand what looks good on me and that is all credit to Claire.

During this last couple of months my friends and family have seen such a change in me.  Shopping has become fun again.  I get so many complementary comments from women as well as men, it has really boosted my confidence.  No more tracksuit bottoms on the school run anymore.

She has made a massive difference to me and I can’t thank her enough.