Claire Bannister image consultant and personal stylist for Upminster, Brentwood & Shenfield

House of Colour Consultant based in Upminster, covering Brentwood, Upminster, Shenfield, Romford, Rainham and South Ockendon

Please note that I am currently fully booked to clear my backlog due to the pandemic but Kelly Caira still has some openings for Summer 2021.  Please click on: or contact her on



 Prior to my Colour & Style consultations, I possessed that wardrobe in desperate need of inspiration.  I always felt frumpy, lacked self-esteem and, despite having a successful career, hid behind my larger than life personality and constantly wore black!  

I was delighted (and a little scared) to discover that I am a Spring and look fabulous in bright spring like colours I also learnt through my Style consultation that I need to feel glamourous in my clothes - that they need drape and to celebrate my curves...something I had hidden in baggy clothes all my life! I know that my style suits my body but also my personality ...pretty liberating for me!

I have left a successful Corporate career in Financial Services, London to join House of Colour as a Consultant because I firmly believe the way we feel about ourselves has a massive impact on our careers and also how people perceive you.  I now run the highest performing team in House of Colour and I am delighted also to be the Head of Training for this wonderful company – which literally runs through my veins!

I am so proud to be part of this company as I know our system is the best in the world…based on science and the most thorough.

My team pride themselves on providing an amazing experience for our's all about the client and helping them unlock their confidence to dress the inner 'them' externally.   

Below are details on our styling services - the core services are Style & Colour.  You need both but it does not matter which order you do them in. We also extensively personal shop for clients as well as complete Wardrobe Edits and Capsule wardrobe creation.

Please check out my ‘partner in crime’ Kelly Caira who runs her business from her studio in Hutton, Brentwood.

Personal Style Class – 4 hours

This is a game changer.

We will help you understand how to create a wardrobe that allows you to look your best every day. Using Carl Jung’s basic body archetypes, you will discover how your body architecture helps dictate what style of clothing will naturally look better on you. We will also take YOUR personality into account because authenticity is part of creating a wardrobe that reflects confidence, trustworthiness, authority and beauty for YOU.  We document this in your personalised workbook 


We offer these classes virtually and in person.


Price is £330 or £285  per person if you can bring a friend or family member.


Personal Colour Session – 2 hours

Learning your best colours to suit your skin tone is life changing – it can be so transformational – it was for me!  Your skin will look clearer, radiant, younger and you will finally understand how to build a wardrobe of colour that all mixes and matches. You will leave with your personalised book and a leather colour wallet which will be your future shopping tool.

The 1:1 price is £230 but we are currently offering a 'Bring a Bubble Buddy' scheme where you can bring a family member or friend and the price reduces to £185 per person.

I am currently fully booked but please book with Kelly Caira 



Make up and Skincare - £90 – 1.5 hours.

Kelly Caira runs a hands on workshop where we discover the perfect personalise make up looks for you and encompassing both a daytime and evening look.  These are done during the week and are a real fun and easy way to spend 1.5 hours!  The price for this is £75 per person and are done virtually

Wardrobe Edits £70 per hour.

​Following an initial consultation, we head over to your house and review your current pieces – taking into consideration current trends, investment pieces and identifying your obvious key gaps.  We generate a brief for you to help you understand how to move your look forward and what to shop for.




I want to thank you for a wonderful few hours of discovery spent at your house the other day. You made me feel very welcome and put me at my ease.

The introduction to colour was very informative and then the adventure began... I was amazed to discover that I am a completely different season to what I had imagined and it was so thrilling to discover which colours suited me best and how to wear them.

Thank you for the lovely lunch and for being such good company. Thanks to your knowledge and professionalism, I feel equipped to transform my wardrobe and be the real me. Everyone should do this!


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