Sharon Sweeney image consultant and personal stylist for Dundee

Welcome to my web page and thank you for reading the information below.  I am an Image Consultant who works with people looking to develop their colour or style.  In particular, I enjoy working with members of the LGBTQIA+ community.  Our processes do not tell you what to do, we develop a framework for you that suits your natural colours and your body's architecture.

My journey with House of Colour began twelve years ago when I saw a presentation given by a consultant at a professional development session.  I was so inspired by the transformation of colour that I booked myself in for the whole colour, style and make up sessions.

When I had my colours analysed, I was delighted by  the Autumn season and realised that, on the whole, I was mostly on point with my colours.  When buying new clothes I had a greater confidence in buying not only what suited me, but knowing that everything would mix and match with my exisiting clothes.  To be fair, the local charity shop received a large donation at that time.

My mantra is that we were given a rainbow and it would be rude not to use it!! Still, we don't want to wear all of our colours at once.

The style training was extremely interesting and I have had a good journey working with my clothing personality - I am a natural gamine.

Being quite natural, I was never a fan of a 'full face' so was a reluctant participant in the make up class.  However, seeing the difference the 90 second make up could make, I converted to wearing the right shades of make up and the right ones.  So much so, if I don't wear my blusher, people think that I am ill.

In my new journey with the House of Colour, I am excited to work with you on your journey with style and colour.  Given the impact of Covid-19, now is the time to remember that you are worth investing in yourself and now is the time to do such a thing by starting with your style.

Please call, email or DM me via social media - I look forward to working with you


It was great working with Sharon, she helped me understand what styles suit me and why.

With the benefit of Sharon's insight I'm definitely making better clothes choices now - ones that I like and make me feel comfortable.

Ann S

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