Vicki Pool image consultant and personal stylist for Warwick/Leamington/Kenilworth

Everyone has their own unique reasons for wanting a personal colour or style consultation.  For some it starts as a bit of fun, intrigued to know their season.  For others it is a lot deeper, wanting to know how to express on the outside the way they feel on the inside, to gain confidence and boost self-esteem.  Then there are all those who start their journey with House of Colour for the multitude of reasons in between – saving money, a career boost, a new chapter in their life.  Whatever your motivation, I can help.

My own colour and style journey began after the gift of a colour consultation for my birthday.  I was curious to know my season, but never dreamt at the time that this would develop into a real excitement for colour and style and the impact it can have on everyday life.  I know first-hand how frustrating and demoralising it can be to not know what really suits you, purchasing clothes that you hardly ever wear because they don’t feel quite right.  I am passionate that personal styling is for everyone – an innate sense of style is not something many of us are born with, and most of us need to be taught.  House of Colour uses a tried and tested method to unlock your colour and style which ensures it is accurate and that you can apply it to your everyday life.  Once you are my client I will be there to guide and support you in your journey for as long as you need me to because I care about you getting the most out of your investment and the long-term positive impact it can have. 

Personal Colour Consultations

Through colour analysis we can identify the palette of colours that compliment your skin tone making you look healthier, more vibrant and radiant.  Seasonal colour analysis discovers whether warm or cool colours flatter you most, and whether you need bright vibrant or soft muted tones.  You will find out which colours really make you ‘wow’ and will leave with a colour swatch wallet and a personalised booklet which will help you put into practice all you have discovered at your colour consultation.

This is a fun and fascinating way to spend time either as a personal treat or with friends.  Armed with the knowledge you will be able to pick clothes that coordinate together, which over time will give you a lot more outfits that mix and match and make shopping a lot more focused and easier. 

Prices are £240 for a 1:1 session or £165 each if you and a friend come together.

Personal Style Consultations

We all know the feeling when we wear something which is or isn’t quite right, but so often we can’t pinpoint why.  Unlocking your personal style can help you get to the bottom of this, making your clothes a true reflection of you.  Taking into account your body geometrics, your lifestyle and most importantly your personality we can discover your personal style profile so that what you wear on the outside feels truly ‘you’. 

The advantage of a style consultation in your own home is that we can use the opportunity to look at the clothes you already have in your wardrobe.  This is a great way to kick-start a sort-out and will enable you to see how you can use what you have to work with your own personal style.  

Prices are £340 for a 1:1 session, or share the class with a friend for £270 each

Personal Shopping

Does shopping for clothes, whether online or in the shops feel overwhelming?  Do you want an impartial, knowledgeable and trusted friend to help you find the items which make you look and feel great?  If you don't know where to start, are tight for time, or want some support in any aspect of chosing and purchasing items for your wardrobe, I can help.

I can join you for a shopping trip where we can look together, or I can spend time researching online and send you links to items you might like to order and try.  I am happy to work in whatever way suits you and your personal needs best.

Prices are based on £70 per hour.

Wardrobe Edit

If you have a wardrobe full of clothes and don’t know where to start in having a good old sort-out, I can help.  Together we can go through the items you have so you are left with manageable selection of clothes that you will wear, and identify the gaps so that you can shop smarter and make the most of your spending.  

Prices are based on an hourly rate of £70 per hour.

Make-Up Consultation

During this session I will advise you on the best colour make-up for your skin tone, and how to apply it in a way that suits your personality and lifestyle.  All the products I use are available to purchase so you can do this for yourself everyday. The consultation is approximately 2 hours long. 

Price is £100 for a 1:1 session which includes £20 to spend on House of Colour make-up.

Confident Accessorising

Accessories can make or break an outfit, and are often the items which enable you to express your style and personality.  I encourage you to bring along a selection of your accessories so we can look at them together.  You will learn about the importance of accessorising and how to add interest to your look. The class includes a personalised workbook to take away.

Price £70 for a shared class.

Corporate colour and styling 

I can work with your business to provide colour and style sessions at your workplace, providing your staff with the knowledge and tools they need to look and feel their best in their roles.  Whether it be a full colour analysis, a talk on aspects of colour and style, or something more bespoke, please contact me to discuss your requirements. 


I can help you dress in a way that makes you feel confidently stylish, and is truly ‘you’, in clothes that are comfortable, and suit your proportions and personality. 

So, if you feel like you have lots of clothes but nothing to wear, uninspired when you look inside your wardrobe and have generally lost your style mojo please get in touch and see how I can help.

If you can’t see what you are looking for on my Classes page, please get in touch as I am happy to discuss different options and tailor my services to your individual requirements.


52 Dickins Road, Warwick. CV34 5NS




I can't believe that just a few hours in your delightful company has made such a difference to my wardrobe choices. I have purchased a couple of key items which have had quite an impact on how I dress. I attended a friend's birthday party at the weekend and put some thought into coordinating and using some larger jewellery. I was thrilled when my son told me a looked lovely, not nice, but lovely!


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