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Gosh, you look well! You look fantastic!

When someone says this – instead of “What a fantastic top!” or “What a fabulous colour!” – you know you’re wearing the right colours, the right style. The focus is on you, because your clothes make you look your very best.

I will show you how to achieve the look that’s right for you in every situation – at work, at home, at the school gates, at a party, at weekends, on special occasions, every day – no matter what your lifestyle is and within your budget.

What happens?

I run colour, image and make-up classes from my home in Camrose. Each session works best in small groups but whether you come along with friends, or join in with others you don’t know, matters not. You’ll have fun watching each other blossom and glow, amazed at the differences you see.

My approach is warm, sympathetic, understanding and I am passionate about what I do. You won’t be humiliated or reduced to tears; you’ll discover how wonderful you could look and how much easier it will be to shop for clothes. It will be a memorable occasion and a life-changing experience.

Imagine then opening your wardrobe every day and thinking: Wow! You’ll know you can wear everything in it and not look at it in despair. It will work for you – colours, shapes, styles … all will match your skin tone, eye colour, body shape, personality and lifestyle. It won’t just suit you, it will be you.

Who should book?

Stay at home mums and wives: Just because you spend all day focusing on others – and whether you live in the country, village or town – doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to pay attention to yourself and your self-esteem.

Working girls: Making the right impact and having the right image are essential if you are to stay ahead of the game. Wearing the right clothes at work will ensure you come across as confident, assured and a credit to the business.

Men at work, at play: Whether you are negotiating a deal over a handshake or on the golf course, the way you look could clinch the deal. And away from work, know that you have got your own colours and individual style right for you.

Holiday makers: If you want a break from buckets and spades, or teenage bickering, why not treat yourself to time off doing something just for you that will make a difference to your life, for the rest of your life?

Pamper … Girls’ days in … spend the day together, each of you having your colours done.

Everyone else … before shopping for:

  • Weddings;

  • Christenings;

  • Big O birthdays;

  • Wedding anniversaries;

  • Family celebrations;

  • Hen parties, girls’ nights out ..


About Me

When I had my colours and image done by a House of Colour consultant in Guildford, Surrey it was such a life-changing experience that I knew then that I wanted to make a career of it. I loved it. I now live it, I breathe it, and I’m enthusiastic about it. And it works. It saves you money, gives you confidence, makes you happy and makes you look well. I enjoy feeling that I bring out the best in myself – and I’m thrilled that I can now do it for you, too.

Moving to Wales was a yearning since childhood – we spent every holiday in Wales – so it was inevitable that I would make the move to Pembrokeshire with my own family. The move coincided with a change of career – and the chance to realise my long-standing ambition.

My look is not necessarily your look; my style is not your style. Everyone has their own unique combination of colours and an image that work best for them; I’ll show you how it works for you and you’ll go home knowing exactly which colours to wear and how to wear them – to make you look and feel fantastic. 

I wanted to let you know what a fabulous person your Pembrokeshire consultat Helen is.  She has transformed the confidence and thus lifestyles of me, my husband, both our daughters and our son-in-law!  Her determination to 'get' people just right is brilliant and we all owe her a huge debt of thanks.  She is professional, enthusiastic and very kind and we all adore her!

Dr Emily Lovegrove

Going to Helen at House of Colour was a great experience and really was life-changing.  I feel more positive and self-confident every morning because I know the clothes I am wearing suit me.  I can't recomment it highly enough.


I wanted to say a big thank you for the help and supprt you gave me during my colour and style days.  I really enjoyed the whole experience and am amazed at how much easier I now find it to put outfits together.  Shopping is far more enjoyable as I don't feel pressured to buy something I know isn't quite right.  It is amazing that, as the workbook says, you do feel empowered!


Thank you for opening up a whole new world to me. I was surprised to discover colours and styles that I had never imagined would suit me. With your professional guidance I have learnt to enjoy dressing for all occasions and the impact that it can create. Your understanding and patience has given me a journey of self-discovery that has been amazing. 

Margaret Pike