Helen White image consultant and personal stylist for Balham/Battersea/Clapham/West Dulwich

Bringing Colour & Style to Balham, Battersea, Clapham, Streatham Hill & W Dulwich!  

Let the House of Colour experience change your wardrobe and your life as it did for me and will do for you. Sandy wrote: "I can't tell you how many comments I get about how well I am looking, what have I done to my hair, am I in love even! Whatever you did you have clearly worked your magic so a big thank you again."

Whether as a private individual, or an ambassador for your organisation, colour and style analysis gives you the confidence to express who you really are and manage your wardrobe efficiently.  "Our job is to help you create your 'Martini' wardrobe", says Helen, "no matter where you're going, who you're seeing, what you're doing you will always have pieces in your wardrobe you absolutely love and feel appropriate in". 

Helen runs classes at her Studio in SW2 and was first introduced to colour and style analysis in 1990 and is passionate about the life-changingbenefits it can bring. In 1995 Helen joined House of Colour achieving their Professional Excellence Certificate in 1997. In 1999 she co-founded a new corporate division of the company,Public i, now incorporated in HoC In Business. Her many corporate clients include Swarovski, IBM Global Business Services, Barclays Bank, American Express, BT, Urban Practitioners, Norton Rose, Anderman Ceramics and Winterthur Life. Helen has appeared on GMTV and done various other television work as well as being featured in and contributing to many newspaper and magazine articles. Do drop in to one of Helen's Open Days to find our more, or call for further details.  

Here's a sample of the services Helen offers from her studio in Streatham Hill, SW2:

If you don't see a date or class that works for you on our bookings page, please contact me direct to arrange an alternative:  helen.white@houseofcolour.co.uk and mobile 07799 811657

Colour Analysis for Men & Women in groups £150 or Individual 1:1 £200. In single gender groups of up to four, discover the colours that will compliment your natural skin, hair and eye colouring to enable you to start developing a wardrobe that will work for you on any and every occassion. This half-day class includes a demonstration of appropriate make-up for women, advice on hair if you chose to colour and metals for your accessories. You get to take away a wallet with a sample of all your colours and a personalised rating book. In the individual, 1:1 class we have more time to focus on you, develop your make-up look and play with some clothes and accessories.

Women's Personal Style £210 or Individual 1:1 £310 In groups of up to six, learn the shapes and styles that will enhance your body shape and reflect your personality. Discover the language of clothes, the secrets to successful accessorising, how and where to shop and how to create a capsule wardrobe that will work for you whatever your needs enabling you to look and feel confident and stylish.

Executive Fast Track programme £575.  For those needing to create presence and impact in the workplace or would prefer one-to-one coaching. Helen's background in property and experience in the City's financial, legal and insurance markets is unparalleled and complimented by work in the West End's retail sector, gives her 30 years of knowledge and expertise.  Camilla's experience in costume and fashion means she has particular skills in personal styling. This bespoke day is tailored to your specific needs and includes Colour Analysis, Make-up and Personal Style.

Men's Full Programme £355, just Colour £150. We're all in the public eye and in business, people buy people first, so creating an impact and developing good first impression management skills is invaluable. Men will often claim scepticism at learning these skills, but in Helen's experience over the last 20 years, they absolutely love it once they get into it they all say it's of the best courses they've ever done. Joerg Thews comments: "I originally attended the course run by Helen not expecting such drastic impact. The session proved to be both extremely insightful and highly enjoyable. Thanks to Helen's advice and guidance I've developed much more confidence which subsequently had a great impact on my professional persona ... and on my career. I cannot recommend it highly enough." We do Couples Colour &Style Classes too if you wanted to do it together!

Style Essentials with shopping £445 For women in a hurry, this one-to-one condensed version of the Personal Style Class gives the basic essentials you need to get your wardrobe looking as if it belongs on you and not someone else, and then a trip into town for some shopping to put your new knowledge into practice.  Great fun and instant results!

Accessorising Class £70 Without a doubt, accessorising effectively will make a huge difference to your image and impact. This class gives you tips on what, where, when and most importantly how to accessorise. This inter-active 3 hr class is excellent value and highly recommended.

Wake-up your Make-up £35, plus Skincare £60 If you don't already have a proper skin care routine and would like to freshen up your make-up why not book in for some fun and pampering? Featuring the revolutionary new Essentially Yours beautiful natural oils skin care rangewith some great tips and techniques for a day and evening make-up application.

Couples Class £995  A great learning experience for couples to share and learn more about each other and their wardrobe. This exciting class provides you both with Colour Analysis, Personal Style and Make-up (with skin care if required) in an exclusive and relaxed environment. Discover how to dress for work and social situations and be the best dressed couple in town!  You could also break this class into two shorter sections with Colour Analysis and Make-up at £400 taking approximately 2.5 hours, and Personal Style, Presence& Image at £495 over five hours. Fiona wrote:"Both John and I are loving our new colours! However I think John's new style has been the biggest transformation and he has made major investments in his wardrobe, all of which are just great, including a new sports jacket and my favourite, a soft tan suede jacket - he looks so lovely in it."

Shopping Trips £75 per hour  One of our favourites - we both thoroughly enjoy helping to put a fabulous wardrobe together with you. You'll be amazed at what we can achieve in just two hours, or if you prefer a more leisurely pace, half a day, £225.  

Personal Stylist £395 per day or £75 per hour  If you are time poor and want instant results this may be the best solution for you. We will create a bespoke class for your needs which may include, for example, image essentials with full wardrobe review, shopping trip, decluttering, accessories focus - whatever your wadrobe, and lifestyle, needs.

Advanced Colour - winning combinations & Advanced Style - a deeper understanding £110 each with special 3 for 2 offer:  book both and get Advanced Make-up free! The opacity of the skin changes every 4-5 years, so it's a good idea to get yourself re-rated and great opportunity to look at new combinations and try some new make-up looks. Equally, styles come in and out of fashion with such regularity that keeping on top of which ones are going to look good with your clothing personality can be really useful. These top-up services are really popular. Become an "expert" and learn how to hone your wardrobe by up-dating your colour and image skills. We look at necklines, patterns, fabrics, colour combinations, lipsticks, scarves and accessories.Call for more information.

The Power of Personal Impact  We do a lot of work in businesses where personal presence and impact can be essential in closing a deal. All our corporate programmes are bespoke and we would be happy to discuss your company's training issues and needs.  We also offer talks and presentations for a wide variety of audiences from client entertaining events to local book clubs.

Student & Graduate Courses £195  It's never too young to learn personal presentation skills and for those about to enter the job market and having to work to tight budgets, first impression management, creating a capsule wardrobe and budgeting skills are essential. This course also includes full colour analysis, make-up for girls and dressing for impact.

Kids Colour £60 Co-ordinate the whole family and give your children/nieces/nephews/godchildren a colourful education. Mini colour analysis with colour wallet as optional extra. Ideal for 12 year-olds or under.

Colourful Make-up Parties £30 per person Let's face it, girls of any age love to play with make-up! A great way to give teenagers a fun-filled make-up lesson with their friends, or a girly evening to celebrate a birthday or special occasion. And party bags too!

The Benefits

  • Look good, feel GREAT and totally empowered
  • Enhance your career and job prospects
  • Streamline the wardrobe, eliminate waste and enjoy successful shopping trips

Helen & Camilla offer coaching and personal styling individually or in groups in colour, style, make-up advice and wardrobe development with on-going support for Battersea, Balham, Clapham, Streatham Hill, West Dulwich and beyond!  Do call, drop us a line or visit on one of our Open Days to find out more!

Colour Analysis: I'm sure I felt taller and "glowing" as I was on my way to work today - don't know if it was my confidence or the colours (probably a mixture of both) but I seemed to be catching people's eyes as I went! Thanks for a really fun morning.

Holly C, aged 23

FastTrack Colour & Style: 

“I really wanted to thank you for all your help on the day we spent together.  It was fantastic and I am feeling so much better about my clothes now.  I cannot tell you how many compliments I have had on the way I look, and my husband (usually immune to what I wear!) has been really complimentary and sings your praises!”   

Julia K, 68

FastTrack Colour & Style: “I love the new outfits I have - wow, I'm really set up for the weddings, the week in China and beyond. But best of all I'm so pleased with the education I gained and the confidence that I can look good ... actually ... amazing is a better word. I was astonished and pleased with the detail and depth we went into.”  

Jude, 62, Isle of Wight

Men's Programme:  As to the wardrobe, good progress continues to be made. I carry around the swatch in my bag and do not buy anything unless it matches. I still get drawn to the winter colours (force of habit I guess) but am increasingly recognising spring colours. You would be particularly pleased with the two t-shirts and tops I bought in Capri recently – gorgeous greens and blues straight from the swatch both all with stunning detail around the collars. I’d attach a photo if I could find a website for them! I have also now got a stunning 1952’s Cuervo y Sobrinos watch complete with gold face and brown strap.   Definitely loving the way these new items suit me. The ties are evolving too, as are my work shirts – here is one example which I hope you approve of! [xx}   If you don’t I better get back to the sales!”  

James H, 42

Colour Analysis:  “Thanks for such a great session yesterday.  It was so, so useful and great fun and has really inspired me to improve my wardrobe. It's also given me the confidence to buy some colours that I've always loved but wasn't really sure I could pull it off.  I will also be giving all the make-up a go, I loved it and it really showed me I could wear make -up without it looking like I'd painted my face!  I will definitely be booking the personal style session, perhaps a Christmas present!!” 

Emma B, 36

FastTrack Colour & Style: Did my presentations yesterday and today.  Wore the lime jacket which looked amazing over a dark green Armani dress I had bought.  I think the whole look made quite an impression. I definitely felt empowered and strong and in control. Can't thank you enough.  Wow!  Just goes to show what you can achieve with focus! My CEO didn't say a word but his face said it all!  I nailed it. I love love love the hair.  Thank you again.  

Penny L, 48

Colour Analysis:  Coming to see you has been one of the best things I have done.... I have been sticking to my colours and wearing my lipstick and it has made a huge difference in my confidence and general well being! 

Becky, 28

Colour Analysis:  Having such fun!  Have had some lovely compliments; today I wore a warm peach/coral jumper which I would never have picked up before and three people told me how well I looked!


Men's Programme: 18 months post-session I’ve replaced about two-thirds of my wardrobe.   Just yesterday I was on my way to a work meeting and formerly would have worn a blue or grey suit, white shirt, and boring tie. This time, I was wearing brown trousers and tan shoes, an ecru linen jacket, and green silk knitted tie with gold spots. Never in my life would I have worn such an outfit. It was exactly right for the meeting. More interestingly, I was chatted up by a complete stranger while having a coffee.   Then a new acquaintance commented  "Great tie. Very cool." 


All my clothes now go together. I open my wardrobe and have fun choosing what I am going to wear. I have always liked clothes, but now it all feels right, and decisions about what to wear are between combinations of things that I like that now all go together.    


Colour & Style
Thank you for weaving your magic - today I wore a new fitted olive green top, soft cream lace edged cardigan, pearl flower necklace (lots of detail and prettiness - h&m for £7), and belted fawn trousers.  Applied make up (including lipstick) and took my old work bag which is a tan mulberry that has been languishing in the back of the wardrobe.  I received 3 compliments and, most pleasingly, an acquaintance who hadn't initially recognised me did an actual double take when I spoke to her.  Hooray!  Thanks again, having ever so much fun.   Some way to go but more confidence to go there.”  

Christina, 36

Colour & Style: It's amazing the confidence colours give you!  I'm sure my whole posture and carriage are better as a result of knowing I look good - and I use my "dog walking lipstick" every day including dog walking! Sorting and getting rid of my non-me colours was very liberating and sorting my wardrobe into colours was illuminating. I'm still coming to terms with my romantic but it does explain my liking for 50's dresses and skirts and "hippy styles" but I had always thought "mutton dressed as lamb" longing for the carefree days of my youth!    Jeans will always be a part of my wardrobe but now I know what colour denim to look for and if all else fails Dylon gives some good results. 

Carol, 65

Colour & Style: I got the Deputy Director job!   My new wardrobe has proved an absolute hit!


​Colour Analysis for graduating trapeze & aerialists:  ​I hear you were a huge success!  One of the girls was telling me how they all thought it was going to be a lot of nonsense but that they are now all convinced about the need for the right colours.  She is going to buy her  mum a consultation for Christmas!  Well done!