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My Story

Becoming a House of Colour Stylist was one of the best ​decisions I could have made.  I am passionate about helping others look and feel great, from the inside out!  Discovering how to best wear your colours (and your neutrals) can unlock you and your wardrobe into an exciting, stress-free, wonderful place.  Knowing how to dress to suit you, your lifestyle and budget can take the pressure out of shopping, stop you worrying about what you should wear for different occasions, as well as unlock who you are.

I work from my home in Ashley Heath, giving my clients a relaxed and comfortable environment.  I can of course come to you, and love helping clients declutter their wardrobes so that they can discover they have more looks than they realised.

House of Colour took me from looking frumpy to feeling fab!  Colour Analysis was my lightbulb moment! For years I had been wearing pink, fuchsia and black - so I did wear some colour, but it was all wrong for me.  I still felt frumpy.  At 40 I knew I needed to do something - I wasn't sure what I was supposed to look like, but what?  The House of Colour Journey was my WHAT!  The change was incredible.  I went from looking dull and 'old before my time' to feeling glamourous, but without the effort.  My confidence grew immediately after colour, no more pink but fabulous vibrant Autumn colours - orange is my new pink!

The next Step was Personal Style - I had always dressed in a fairly classic way (working in a formal corporate environment, it was just the norm).  I felt very ordinary but I wanted to be more than that.  Personal Style helped me be true to myself and a Romantic Natural (a Highwayman) evolved.  What a revelation.  It has always been there, a slightly over the top look, but it was kept for my time on the stage!  Yes I was very into Amateur Dramatics and had many lead parts!

So the time has come for you to invest in yourself.  Let me take you on the most amazing journey of self discovery.  Let me help you become more confident from the outside - in.  We spend thousands of pounds on our clothes each year but what are you saying with what you wear?  Let's bring out the inner pirate, gypsy, princess or tiger.  We are all unique and I can help you bring that out.  Learn what that suits your body shape, lifestyle and pocket.  You will never look back - you will save money and time when you shop and know that you always look fabulous for any occasion.

I loved my experience so much that I become a Stylist with House of Colour and I am passionate about helping others look and feel great in the clothes they wear.  I am delighted to be a STAR CONSULTANT for the eighth year running.  All thanks to the fabulous support of my wonderful clients.

At House of Colour we empower through Colour and Style - so take that first step for you.  Book yourself in for a Colour Analysis session or why not go for it and book your Journey ....  It's all about you.  I look forward to meeting you soon......

Click on the links to find out more about the classes available - you can join in as a small group or come on a 1-2-1 basis.   Go on, don't wait too long.....................


As you can imagine I love talking about Colour and Style and can provide a number of interactive and fun presentations for your group or club.  I have spoken to WI Groups, Networking Groups and many more, as well as Business Groups and Team Development sessions.  So if you have a group of people who are keen to gain confidence in how they look, become less invisible or just want to know more about the power of Colour and Style, please contact me.  01425 478868.


If you would like to know more about becoming a Colour and Personal Stylist in the Bournemouth, Lymington, Christchurch or Ringwood area, I am looking to create a team of inspiring women (and men!).  If you love people, like helping others and want to run your own business with the support of amazing women, then this is perfect for you!  You can run your business from your own home, around hours that suit you.  Give me a call for more details.  Becoming a House of Colour Personal Stylist was one of the best things I ever did.

Can't see a date that suits you?   Please give me a call as I do have Friday and Saturday classes available.


"Having my colours done was brilliant - I feel quite liberated. My husband especially seems really pleased that I am buzzing with it and LOVES the bold lipsticks, like me. I am definitely interested in your Style class for December. Thank you!" Mandy G.

"My three days with you (Colour, Make-Up and Image) were an absolute gift. You patiently coaxed and encouraged me to leave that safe, dark and drab place where I had been hiding for half of my life to come out and play in the sun.Okay, yes it was a bit scary to start with but full of adventure. I embraced your ideas and you should see me now! My confidence has soared and I feel like a beautiful sunflower reaching to the sun - a little taller and a lot brighter.I came away with so much more than a few handy tips and suggestions on what to wear and what not to wear!" Heidi, Hants

"My journey with Sandra and House of Colour has been life changing, I have gained confidence and love my new look. Sandra has helped me look younger, feel happier and is there at the end of the phone when I need some reassurance. The make-up is wonderful and gives me a youthful, natural glow. I get regular complements and all my friends have noticed a real difference in me. I wish I'd done it sooner" Louise, Bournemouth"

"Many thanks for your time and skill in educating me in my personal colour combinations - most of which I seem, over the years, to have gravitated to naturally very perceptively validating these colours for me so I can continue to have confidence in my buying tastes. I have always loathed and avoided ordinary clothes for personal casual use, buying that type only for work to fit other people's perceptions of what professional looks like........ so I look a bit more comfortable for their sakes - but not for mine. Now I will wear what I like - as long as it's appropriate and not out of place or offensive.I also love the notion of being a "Highwayman"......images of sitting on my chestnut stallion, rapier in hand, neckerchief pulled around my face, and a smartly casual dark blue tricorn hat (with silver trim) perched jauntily on my head; pistol pointing at the occupants in the stagecoach......I say "hand over your valuables and ONLY your Romantic Natural clean clothes, in suede, silk and cottons. Only those cool expensive clothes, in shades of blue & cornflower, smoked grape and primrose, silver and metal.........oh and of course all your money and jewellery". George, Bournemouth.

"Amazing morning - thank you, Sandra!" Christine, Lymington

"Had a wonderful session with Sandra on Thursday and came away buzzing with new ideas for clothes and particularly the colours that will suit me best. I would really recommend it as a fun thing to do especially with someone you know well. Can't wait to get shopping to try out the tips!" Nuala, Bournemouth

"I had my colours done with the lovely, welcoming Sandra early this year and I can honestly say 'It was a transforming experience' to someone who wore allot of black and dark tones really changed me by knowing my season as 'Jewel Winter'. I was able to transform my entire wardrobe to bright ascent colors and it has really inspired me. I can highly recommend the House of colour make-up. I used to wear alot of bronzer and fake tan to find out the yellow tones made me look 'dirty' and with the correct advise given I feel my appearance looks allot brighter. Thank you so much Sandra, your talents are truly life changing and I will be back to have my 'style' done as well! Thanks Kelly x"  Bournemouth

"I have had my life changing colours done and am looking forward to enjoying Sandra Attrill's passion and enthusiasm again. Great inspiration and extremely knowledgeable."  Cerrie, Lymington

"Having your colours done is an absolute 'must' and combining it with Sandra's brilliant style session too will change how you shop and what you wear forever!"  Alison, Verwood