Debbie Crooks image consultant and personal stylist for Hereford

Do you open your wardrobe doors each morning and immediately sigh because you have a wardrobe bursting with clothes, but “nothing to wear”?

  •       When getting ready for an evening out, does your bedroom chair become buried in a heap of rejected outfits?
  •       Do you go out shopping for something new but come back empty-handed, having wasted a precious afternoon traipsing all over town, the right thing has eluded you?
  •       Do you put the same 3 or 4 outfits on, day in day out?
  •        Have you lost heart in knowing what looks good on you?
  •      Has your body or lifestyle changed, and you no longer feel happy with the clothes you’re in?
  •       Are you wearing black?
  • Before working as a House of Colour Consultant, I had a long career as an Insurance professional and more recently working as an accounts assistant. I spent my working life wearing grey and black, my unofficial “office uniform”. I loved colour, but over the years, I had become less confident about what to wear and didn’t have time for the luxury of clothes shopping. I had raised my family, worked hard in my career, married, divorced, became a single parent, and then married again. I’d certainly had an eventful life and should have felt empowered by all of this change and proud to have met all these challenges head-on, but I was just exhausted! Like many other women, I spent so much of my time looking after everyone else and pleasing others that I had forgotten, how to look after myself and lost touch with who I was! I lacked confidence and I was too tired to give myself the proper self-care that I and my family deserved. I would open my wardrobe each morning and just stare at my unloved mix of clothes that, I felt, no longer belonged to me! Eventually, my exhaustion led to a host of other problems, illness, weight gain, and inevitably depression. I withdrew further from the world and lived my life wearing black, because I believed, mistakenly, like many women that it made me look slimmer but also, much more alarmingly, I felt a need to be “invisible” not wanting to be noticed in the world.

    ·       I will give you the knowledge and guidance to build your own capsule wardrobe of beautiful clothes          that you love to wear and that will go with every other item in your wardrobe.

    ·       I will support you in developing your own personal style, true to your personality.

    ·       I will help you to shop for your clothing in a way that makes both economical & ecological sense.

    ·       I will show you how wearing the right colours can highlight your beautiful complexion and fabulous            eyes. And how you can put outfits together combining colours in the right colour palette for you.

    ·       I will always be there to provide you with whatever support, advice, or assistance you need on your          wardrobe & your personal style, as and when you need me.

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    Had an amazing few hours with Deb, she really opened my eyes to the colours that work for me (I'm an Autumn) She is professional, knowledgeable and really explains the science behind how it all works. I will definitely be recommending her. Can't wait to return to her at a later date to find out my style x

    Elaine Grove

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