Dot Saunders image consultant and personal stylist for Isle of Man

After 11 wonderful years with House of Colour I am planning to retire later this year. I hope that another consultant will be able to take over the business and continue to support my lovely clients, but in the meantime please do get in touch if you need any help.


Failt erriu dys yn ynnyd-eggey Thie Daah, Mannin.

Welcome to the web page of House of Colour Isle of Man.


Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear?

Do you look at stylish people and wonder how they do it?

Do you feel as though you have lost your way with your wardrobe?

Do your clothes reflect the real you?


House of Colour transformed my life and it can transform yours too.


Due to current lockdown restrictions no face to face consultations are available however the following servces are available via video call.

  • Developing Style – our usual full day consultation broken down into two or three shorter sessions to fit flexibly into your busy life. This is an eye-opening experience with results that last a lifetime. Clients have really appreciated the flexibility this online version offers.
  • Wardrobe review – we will assess your wardrobe together and clear out what you don’t need to help simplify your life and refresh your style. 
  • Accessorising - Learn how, where and when to accessorise.
  • Make-up tutorial - Review and update your make-up look.
  • Scarf Styling - Explore new ways of tying your scarves.


Face to Face Sessions

These will resume once the current estrictions are lifted.

  •   Colour Analysis Consultations
  •   Colour Re-rate and review - for those who have already been analysed 
  •   Advanced Colour
  •   Advanced Style
  •   Advanced Makeup


I am also offering the following complimentary services:

  • Virtual introductory sessions. Find out what it’s all about. You can book a place for yourself or arrange for a group of friends to do this together. 
  • Virtual Drop-in sessions. I will be running my usual drop-in sessions via the internet. The only difference is that you will have to let me know you are dropping in so that I can send you a link to join the session - and you will need to provide your own tea and biscuits!​


Hi, I am Dot Saunders, your House of Colour personal stylist, image consultant and colour analyst in the Isle of Man. With 26 years of House of Colour experience and 10 years as a consultant you are in safe hands! 

I first discovered House of Colour in the early 1990s and I can truly say that it changed my life. Not long after completing my colour and image classes I achieved a significant promotion in my career. I genuinely believe that House of Colour was a key factor in that promotion. It gave me the confidence and self assurance to walk into an interview knowing that I could be successful - and I was!

I am delighted that I am now in a position to offer the House of Colour three step experience to others.


What can House of Colour do for you?

Always Look Great - Discover your best colours shapes and styles to make you look healthier, younger and slimmer (and then wait for the compliments!).

Feel Confident - Knowing that you are wearing the best colours and styles for you gives you a huge boost in self confidence. Walk into that new or stressful situation feeling able to take on the world.

Enhance your Career - Get that 'first impression' right to improve your chances of promotion and your potential earnings. It really worked for me!

Enjoy Shopping - Learn how to develop a capsule wardrobe and shop with confidence.

Save Money - Most of us have a few (or more) expensive mistakes in our wardrobes. Avoid these by knowing the right colours and shapes to buy.

Save Time - No more wasted time in the changing rooms trying on colours and styles that don't suit you. Go straight for the ones that do!

Have Fun - Consultations are great fun whether you come alone or with a friend. A real treat - you're worth it!

House of Colour offers a step by step journey through an incredible empowering and life enriching experience.


Cick on 'Class Dates' above for availability. If you can't find a suitable date please contact me as other dates may be available.


For Women

Step 1 Colour Analysis Exclusive 1:1 price £230, group price £165 - Discover the best colours to enhance your unique skin tone and eye colour. Learn how to choose the right colours for you. See a 'new you' in new make up and colours. Look healthier, younger and fresher, and feel a new sense of excitement and confidence. Consultations last half a day, depending on numbers. Includes workbook and a leather wallet containing your colour swatches.

Step 2 Developing Style Exclusive 1:1 price £330, group price £220 - Discover the best clothing shapes to enhance your own assets. Find out your clothing personality and how to dress to impress in your unique style. Learn how to create a capsule wardrobe. Face to face consultations are for a full day, on line consultations last 6 hours in total over two or three sessions.

Step 3 Make-up and Skincare Exclusive 1:1 price £100, group price £65 - Learn how to take professional care of your skin, the tricks of flawless complexion and apply make-up for all occasions. Consultations last three to four hours.

Steps 1, 2 and 3 Exclusive 1:1 price £625, group price £400

Step 1A Advanced Colour  Exclusive 1:1 price £180, group price £130

Step 2A  Advanced Style Exclusive 1:1 price £180, group price £130 

Step 3A Advanced Make-up Exclusive 1:1 price £100, group price £90 - Up-date your make-up. Try new products and colours and learn how to apply them for a whole new look. 

Confident Accessorising  Exclusive 1:1 price £100, group price £80 - Learn how to use accessories to best effect.

Scarf Styling Class Exclusive 1:1 price £40, group price £30

Colour Re-rate £ Exclusive 1:1 price £100, group price £80 - Revisit your colours to refresh your look. 

Personal Stylist Sessions, Shopping Trips, Wardrobe Reviews £75 per hour. Tailored to your individual needs. Contact me to discuss your requirements.


For Men

Step 1 Colour Analysis Exclusive 1:1 price £230, group price £165 - Discover the colours that work for you. Creating a wardrobe of clothes in your right colours will save you time and money when shopping and dressing. Consultations last half to three quarters of a day, depending on numbers. Includes workbook and a leather wallet containing your colour swatches.

Step 2 Developing Style for Men Exclusive 1:1 price £330, group price £220 - Discover the styles that work with who you are and what you do.

Step 3 Shopping £75 per hour

Steps 1 and 2 in one day  Exclusive 1:1 price £550, group price £480 - Colour and Style in one session.


For Children

Kid's Colour £70 A shorter Colour Analysis consultation. Wallet available at an additional charge of £54.


Do you need a speaker for your group? 

I am available to speak about all things Colour and Style. Contact me for further information.



Thank you so much for a lovely day on Wednesday - I feel inspired to experiment and hope to be back soon for the personal style class. My friend and I  just need to co-ordinate dates. I have worn the make-up and feel really happy with it - thank you.



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