December 2021

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It started in lockdown

Tackling years of stuff to sort out

One step at a time, in fact one room at a time.

Drawers that had not been opened for years, and shelves that revealed purchases from over 12 years ago that still had the labels on - there was no memory of buying them!!

10 black jaeger skirts were liberated - these were pre Colour Analysis

An hysterical find in Sheepskin mittens...

This was all before actually touching a wardrobe!

They say "start with the small stuff first"

Belts that never got worn

Scarves that were stockpiled

To find a pair of walking boots was laughable and was clearly before knowing her Personality and unique style

The way to the first wardrobe was coming closer - the request was to prioritise her top 30 items

The answer came back "Impossible, I’ll do one wardrobe & ok 30" but didnt quite manage it - did liberate a lot but still back to 60 

The liberation had started, and is continuing

I was described as a WIZARD

More revelations in future blogs