• Location: Romsey
  • Date/Time: 20 Mar 2017(Mon), 4pm
  • Duration: 1, hours
  • Gender: Unisex
  • CLASS COST £20.00
  • PLACES 10

Please advise of any special requirements

Want to be remembered

Research shows that trust and respect is built first on your appearance.  It’s because as human beings we are visual first and foremost. You know that moment when you are introduced to someone and then immediately find you cannot remember their name?  That’s because your auditory sense is not as active as your visual at that point – 83% of our brains are doing visual. 

Every day we choose how we show up in the world and its beneficial to be informed about the visual message we are sending.  Of course society has moved to a place where we value skills and attitudes, however the visual sense is still influencing opinions subconsciously


Invisble to Impressive

You will learn and gain knowledge to be remembered for the right reasons

·         Want to be memorable for your Business?

·         Feel confident that people have listened and remembered your name?

·         Focus on reaching your best audience?


By the end of the workshop, you will:

1.       Shake off old patterns of behaviour

2.       Know your “headline” hook

3.       Identify your Top 10 clients

4.       Identify your ideal target audience

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