• Wardrobe Workout
  • Location: Private Facebook Group
  • Date/Time: 19 Apr(Mon) - 02 May 2021, 0800
  • Duration: Two Weeks
  • Gender: Unisex
  • CLASS COST £25.00
  • PLACES 20

Small Private Facebook Group

Join myself and Sarah Evans (HOC Northampton) to guide you through this wardrobe detox.

You will be invited to join a small Private Facebook Group where each day you will be able to access daily challenges and activities to perform within your wardrobe.

You can complete the tasks your own time and if you wish you can share your achievements with other members of the group.

Half way through we will challenge you to find a new outfits from your wardrobe!

Each day one of the professional stylists will pop on with a live or video to give you extra tips to help the daily activities and to make you look at te clothes you have in a different way!

Completing the tasks will guide you through the basics of a professional wardrobe cleanse and help you create a wardrobe full of colourful clothes that will fit you and bring you joy!

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