• Wardrobe Cleanse Refresh for Spring!
  • Location: Online via Private Facebook Group
  • Date/Time: 20 Feb(Sat) - 06 Mar 2021, 30 minutes daily mini activities when it suits you
  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • Gender: Female
  • CLASS COST £25.00
  • PLACES 20

Does your wardrobe need a bit of a lift?  Is it bursting with pieces that you don’t wear, never wear or aren’t right anymore?  Join me on a £25 - 2 week guided Wardrobe Cleanse to refresh your Wardrobe ready for Spring.  

You will be provided with an electronic Workbook to guide you through the cleanse and each day I will post a 30 minute mini activity in a Private Facebook group where you can join in with the group if you would like to and share ideas. I will also be jumping on with some Facebook lives during the weeks to check in, motivate and answer any questions that might spring up during the weeks. Come and join in the fun of cleansing your wardrobe to make it work for you! 

Whether you have had a House of Colour experience or have never had your Colour or Style done this can be a brilliantly eye opening experience and most clients have gone on transform their wardrobes, find a treasure trove of items to sell that they never wear and also sent valuable pieces to worthwhile charities. Book now or get in touch with me at erin.christy@houseofcolour.co.uk or 07368315196 to book.

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