• Wake-Up Your Make-Up Workshop Refresh & revive your make-up!
  • Location: On-line via Zoom
  • Date/Time: 19 Feb 2021(Fri), 10.30
  • Duration: 75 mins
  • Gender: Unisex
  • CLASS COST £15.00
  • PLACES 8

Feel free to watch me apply my seasonal makeup or join me and apply yours too. You can either use your own make up or order the necessary House of Colour make -up you need.

Do you always tend to wear the same safe make-up colours you have worn for years? Maybe you don't wear make-up at all as you don't like too much or you don't have enough time to apply it each morning? Or maybe you are in need of a few tricks and tips to help you with your make-up look?

If so then a 'Wake-Up-Your-Make-Up workshop is exactly what you need and you can do it in the comfort of your own home online!

During this workshop I will demonstrate how to apply three key make-up looks. You can follow me by apply your own make-up or simply watch me and take notes. The looks I will cover are all very natural  and are designed to help you with the right colours to suit your skin colour.


I will start apply the best, natural skincare using Tropic skincare. Remember the best make-up requires the best conditioned skin. Think of an amazing dress you may ear - you need the best underwear underneath it!

After skincare I will start the 1st of three looks - a '90 second' make-up look demonstation. This will consist of a applying a great foundation, blusher and lipstick and a quick coat of mascara.

The next is about apply a day-time look without having to take off your '90 Second' make-up look. It's all about building up your make-up look in our time straped world! I will demonstrate applying some light eye makeup to create a great shape eye, giving you tips and tricks along the way.

Finally, we will take the daytime look up to an evening look, again without removing your day time look. We will look to build on the daytime look for evening.

While we are applying these looks we will be looking at top tips and tricks for how to apply your make-up and give it longevity.

This is a lovely fun workshop which will give you confidence with your make-up.

Judi x

This event has been and gone I'm afraid, why not go to the website for more!