• Styling Style Class
  • Location: online
  • Date/Time: 16 Jun 2020(Tue), 10.00 am
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Gender: Unisex
  • CLASS COST £125.00
  • PLACES 2

The New Style Sessions My new on-line style sessions are in the form of 3 x 2 hr sessions to suit you using either Zoom or Microsoft Teams (or FaceTime) if you prefer. You can take any of the sessions on their own, or you can split all three sessions over a number of days. Whatever suits you. Session 1 - WHO YOU ARE Discover how to dress your shape and express your personality through what you wear. You'll need a tape measure for this! We will use this to take measurements of your body to work out your proportions, which will help me to determine what style of clothing best suits your body shape. Next, we will do a personality quiz together to find out more about who you are on the inside. With information about your body shape and what makes you you, I can give you your unique clothing personality. This will give you your individual style. You'll have all the information you need to know what shapes, patterns and scale suit your body shape as well as information on what styles suit your personality best - (this is about understanding and identifying why we like what we like). Some clients describe this as immensely therapeutic as well as educational! Session 2 - WHAT YOU'VE GOT & WHAT YOU NEED             Once we know the style of clothes that suit you best, take me through your wardrobe and I can see what you've got that works. I can suggest new outfit ideas for you and we can begin to put together a shopping lists of items you need. I can put together a personalised Pinterest board for you to give you some more inspiration. Session 3 - WHY WE DO IT & HOW Unlike most other styling services, I look at your lifestyle and budget and determine the best way to put together a capsule wardrobe that works for you. Never again will you waste money on that ill-advised "bargain." All these three sessions are enormously good fun and interactive. If you'd like to find out more and book, contact me. Book all 3 for £235. Book Session 1 for just £125 and follow up with session 2 & 3 if you would like for £60 per hr. Wardrobe Reviews With more time on your hands, now is the perfect me to review and detox your wardrobe(s). Personally, I review my own wardrobe each season. Nothing in my wardrobe is unworn or unloved and everything works together, which I love. If a garment doesn't fit, or make me feel fabulous, or it's getting a bit old and tired, it's on the exit plan!! Have you got clothes taking up valuable space your keeping for the 'what if' occasion? How long does the wardrobe review take? Well, that depends on how many clothes you own. The objective of the review is to: *   Review your clothes for colour and style accuracy.* Shop in your wardrobe, creating more outfits from what you already own.*   Identify gaps.*   Help you grade clothes from 0 to 10. Some clothes have simply had their day, let them go to someone else to enjoy them. As an introductory offer, I am offering 2.5hrs of support for £100, this is a £25 discount on the normal price. I will set you a little bit of prep work beforehand, to ensure we maximize our time together. This is a fun, cathartic and surprisingly liberating experience. As your stylist, who knows your colour (and style), I am the best placed person to help you reach your wardrobe end goal. 

This event has been and gone I'm afraid, why not go to the website for more!