• Know your wow Colours and Styles
  • Location: Lavendon, Nr Olney
  • Date/Time: 08 Oct 2018(Mon), 7 pm
  • Duration: 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours
  • Gender: Female
  • PLACES 12

The Colour, Personal Style and Make-up course is designed so you can confidently build an amazing wardrobe that works for you and your lifestyle. Imagine opening your wardrobe doors and everything is coordinated and works as a unit. So you have many more outfits from fewer clothes, you will look and feel amazing and spend less, no more expensive mistakes!  When you enjoy wearing what you have there's no more rushing to the shops on whims or keeping buying similar things time and time again ! It really is easy when you know how. 

If you are interested in finding out more about Colour Analysis, Personal Style and Makeup sessions then this Introduction to Colour and Style evening is the best place to start. It's fun and informal with no pressure at all, just an evening to guide you through how each of the sessions works and answer any questions you have.

Once clients know their wow colours and flattering styles amazing things happen. The biggest is usually increased confidence, others are looking younger, receiving lots of compliments and even getting promoted just from wearing their best colours and styles.

If you would like to join me to find out more then please book your spaces via the website, if you prefer to email me or call me on (01234) 711848 please do I will be happy to talk through my services at any time.

I really hope to meet you soon and inspire you to learn more.

Kind regards,



This event has been and gone I'm afraid, why not go to the website for more!