• Casuals in Colour How do you do casual?
  • Location: 14 Corner Brook
  • Date/Time: 20 Apr 2018(Fri), 19.30-21.00
  • Duration: 1.5
  • Gender: Female
  • CLASS COST £0.00
  • PLACES 12

Two points to address here why is it we spend lots of time getting ready for a special occaasion yet  we do not on our day to day dressing? What if I was to say with a little guidance and effort you can look amazing every single day , a look that is both effortless yet will make you smile all day long !! Which brings me to my second point - why is it that we struggle to do "casual" ? and that can mean a different look to different people but on occasion it can be a look bordering on scruffy because we feel safe and comfortable!! It is easy to think about casual clothes as being second best stuff you make do with. However just imagine if everything in your wardrobe was your favourite and it made you feel your best everyday? During this event I will discuss the importance of colour and style classes and from there present a number of tips which will up your game in looking fabulous when doing casual.

This event is aimed at existing or new customers as there will be shared learning, new learning and opportunities to look at new make up colours to add that impact as well as there will be jewellery and scarves and other accessories to purchase provided from a local boutique. Colour and Style bookings will receive a 10% discount at the event. 

This event has been and gone I'm afraid, why not go to the website for more!